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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 18 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 18

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 18: Climbing to the Extreme (Part II)

 Not only Tang Tian but others were also shocked by Ye Shang.

The two teenagers who fell down were caught by the people of Medicine Valley riding on the flying beasts and were brought to Chu Lingxiao and others.

“I don’t accept the result.” A teenager walked to Chu Lingxiao and said in a repressed tone.

“Why?” Chu Lingxiao smiled and looked at the boy.

“He didn’t attack others, but instead targeted me.” The teenager looked at the figure of Ye Shang on the Danding Cliff.

“It’s wasn’t a sonic attack, instead a roar to cheer himself up. It cannot be considered an attack. What’s your name? If you can’t accept it, you can continue to climb. There is not much harm done, only an hour has passed, you still have the opportunity.” Chu Lingxiao smiled as he was very surprised by Ye Shang, since he had shocked his fellow competitors without even using a cultivation technique.

“This disciple is called, Chu Ning. Then I shall set off.” Chu Ning bowed to Chu Lingxiao, quickly ran to the side of Danding Cliff, and continued to climb.

“Another kid with a good attitude. Brother Chu, his surname is also Chu!” Yi Shui looked at Chu Lingxiao and said with a flattering smile.

“Ha-ha! He is the youngest son of my eldest brother. I met him a few years ago, but I just couldn’t remember his name.” Chu Lingxiao replied with a smile.

While they were conversing, Ye Shang stopped for a little while, before roaring again, and then began rushing towards the top.

“Damn, what is this kid doing?”

“What the hell?”

Another group of participants who put all of their energy tackling the pressure was shocked by Ye Shang, but luckily no one fell this time.

Chu Ning, who was at the bottom, laughed and shouted. “Go on! Scare them!”

By this point, Ye Shang had climbed an additional 50 meters after roaring as he was not far from reaching two kilometers, but the person at the top had already reached almost 2,300 meters and was in a way better state than Ye Shang.

After a pause, Ye Shang roared and rushed up again, but the distance he climbed was shorter than before.

“Brother Chu, how high do you think this kid can climb?” Yi Shui looked at Chu Lingxiao.

“2,300 to 2,500! His low cultivation base is limiting him too much.” Thinking about it, Chu Lingxiao said in a serious tone.

“Can he reach 2,500? If so he can, pass next year after another year of training.” Tang Qianqian, the only female representative from the peaks, uttered as she couldn’t help but awing at Ye Shang’s endurance.

“That is certain.” Chu Lingxiao nodded in aprehension.

“It won’t be 2,500. It’s more like 3,000.” Liu Yangyu said as he spoke for the very first time today.

“I don’t know where this strange kid came from. He certainly has made the apprentice ceremony a lot more interesting.” Yan Beiji agreed with Liu Yangyu’s words. Ye Shang didn’t seem like someone who would give up easily and the blood handprints staining the entire Dandling mountain clearly justified his enthusiasm.

The participants who rushed to 2,500 meters were looking for stone platforms to rest, while Ye Shang finally reached 2,300 meters in the meantime. After climbing every few steps, he had to stop and rest. As they went higher, the pressure also increased.

By the time Ye Shang climbed to 2,500 meters, the others were already at 2,600 meters. However, it took these people at Qi-Refining Level 7 or 8 more than an hour to climb the 100 meters from where Ye Shang was.

At 2,500 meters, Ye Shang squatted on the platform, took out a small buckskin bag he was carrying with him, and took a sip of some kind of liquid to hydrate and recover his strength.

Even on the resting platform, things weren’t much easier as the immense pressure continued coming down from the top of the mountain, and was affecting Ye Shang constantly.

After taking a break, Ye Shang stood up once again, took out the black iron spear behind him, and made two strokes on both of his arms. He then poured all the wine in the bag onto his arms.

“What is he doing?” Seeing the actions of Ye Shang, everyone watching the ceremony was shocked, Tang Qianqian even stood up.

“Well, this assessment is clearly way too cruel for him. His physical exertion is so great that his arms should already be completely. He wants to regain his senses using pain.” Yi Shui admired the firm determination of Ye Shang in an emotional tone.

While they were talking, Ye Shang roared again before climbing once more as he rushed more than 30 meters at once.

After stopping, he rested on the stone wall, then roared again, and continued climbing upwards, but the distance was getting shorter every time.

On the Danding Cliff, it sounded like there was a beast having a battle with something as every now and then a low-pitched roar would come, this showed how unyielding Ye Shang was.

When Ye Shang reached 2,600 meters, there were others who had already reached 2,700 meters, meanwhile more than a dozen people had given up halfway, and several of them just directly fell off the cliff.

“Ye Shang. Give up if you can’t do it, just come back next year.” Looking at Ye Shang, whose arms were covered with blood and hair soaked in sweat, Tang Tian, ​​who was dozens of meters ahead of Ye Shang, shouted concernedly.

Ye Shang, who was panting, shook his head in negation.

“There are very few people I admire, and you are certainly one of them.” After catching up, Chu Ning, who finally managed to catch up to Ye Shang, said.

“I unintentionally hurt you earlier, sorry.” Ye Shang apologized and continued to climb.

3 hours passed, the person at the top had reached 2,900 meters, while Ye Shang was not far from 2,800 meters. At this point, he had to spend all his strength just to climb every next step.

However, those at the 2,900-meter level were in a similar situation as Ye Shang, as every step felt like they were carrying a few tonnes of weight.

After 4 hours, there were more than a dozen people reaching 3,000 meters. They started to meditate and rest after making it that far. They didn’t continue to climb since they were already almost at their limits. Besides, perhaps less than 30 people would make it to 3,000 meters.

With the increasing intensity, the participants either began to give up or fell off one by one, so fewer and fewer people remained on the Danding Cliff.

After reaching 2,900 meters, Ye Shang saw Tang Tian.

“Good! Go! Let’s climb together.” Tang Tian was doing his best to persistent till now, since he had just entered the Qi-Refining Level 8, he had expended a lot of his energy climbing the 2,900 meters, his body was not far from collapsing.

“Ye Shang, don’t give up! Come on!” Chu Ning, who had arrived side by side with Ye Shang, shouted as well.

Time slipped away little by little, and the three of them were getting closer and closer to the 3,000-meter platform, but there were fewer and fewer participants. Except for the 23 people who had already reached the required mark, the others had either fallen off or given up. Those 23 people were either at Qi-Refining Level 8 or peak of Level 7.


“Don’t give up.”

With the jolting voice of a teenager on the 3,000-meter platform, the rest of the participants began to cheer for the three of them.


“Come on!”

They shouted louder, the three of them were also fortunate since the 3,000-meter platform was a special area on Danding Cliff as the pressure here was relatively weaker, otherwise they might have already fallen off by now.

Later, not only were participants who had already finished climbing the 3,000 meters cheering, the audience watching under the Danding Cliff also became esthetic.

Ye Shang exerted a small amount of Qi in his body and began itching closer to the 3,000-meter platform.

Closer to the time limit, Ye Shang, Tang Tian, and Chu Ning were getting closer and closer to the platform.

“Good, This is the kind of spirit we need in our Medicine Valley.” Chu Lingxiao also became a little excited.

The three of them were clearly the center of everyone’s attention. Tang Tian and Chu Ning were also at their limits. Tang Tian’s cultivation base was still somewhat low, while Chu Ning’s was higher, at the peak of Qi-Refining Level 8, but he had to climb over 1,000 meters extra compared to the others, which was why he was just as tired as the other two.

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