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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 19 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 19

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 19: Entering Medicine Valley

Getting closer and closer to the time limit, the three of them finally made it to the 3,000-meter platform.

“Up!” Chu Ning shouted at Ye Shang.

“You first.” At this point, Ye Shang didn’t even have the strength to raise his hand.

Chu Ning grabbed a stone on the platform, twisted his body, and climbed up.

Tang Tian, ​​like Chu Ning, also climbed up the platform with an unsightly posture as he twisted his bottoms to enhance his grip on the platform.

Ye Shang grabbed the stone with his left hand to support his body, while his right hand grabbed the platform tightly. His left hand continued to support the body and he finally climbed the platform.

When his body reached the stone platform, Ye Shang felt relaxed and completely passed out.

As Ye Shang fainted, shockingly his body fell to the side and slid down the stone platform. Unfortunately, Tang Tian and Chu Ning, who were closest to him, were so tired they could not grasp him.

Ye Shang, who passed out, was like a bird with a broken wing, he slid down from the platform, which surprised everyone, fortunately, the member of enforcement team who was flying on a beast just below caught Ye Shang in mid air.

Meanwhile, the other enforcement team disciples also began assisting in sending the weary participants down the mountain.

Chu Lingxiao squatted in front of Ye Shang, fed him a medicinal herb, and then patted his back.

Ye Shang opened his eyes with a faint p***k of light and sat up by himself. .

“Don’t get up, let your body recover first.” Chu Lingxiao nodded at Ye Shang.

Chu Lingxiao then announced the results of the assessment. A total of 26 people passed, that is, 23 people who had previously boarded the 3,000-meter platform, as well as Ye Shang, Tang Tian, and Chu Ning.

“Brother Chu, didn’t you say that we would only accept those who reached 3,000 meters? He did not succeed.” Lu Jing pointed to Ye Shang and said to Chu Lingxiao, it wasn’t a secret that he didn’t get along well with Chu Lingxiao. If he got a chance to refute Chu Lingxiao, he wouldn’t let it go, even if it meant turning Ye Shang into a victim.

“Brother Lu, how can you say that Ye Shang didn’t reach the benchmark? The prints of the calluses on his bloody hand on the top of the stones on Dandling Cliff are more than enough to prove his triumph.” Glancing at Ye Shang, who was bandaged all over his arms by the disciples, Tang Qianqian said in an emotional tone.

“Well, these 26 people are the ones who passed the assessment this year. Lingxiao, Taixuan Peak hasn’t recruited anyone for more than a decade, I’ll take all of them.” Liu Yangyu stood up and thundered in a rather ruly voice.

“Third brother, that’s really unfair! You can’t take everyone, otherwise, what’s the point of us assessing them.” Hearing Liu Yangyu’s words, Yan Beiji was unwilling since the disciples who passed the assessment this time were really too good thus he didn’t want to let them go. In the past, the requirement of the third round of assessment was only 15 laps, and the fourth round was also only 2,500 meters.

The difficulty of the assessment was harsh this year, to identify the diamonds amongst the crowd of thousands who come to participate in the assessment. The seedlings of this year were so good, he voiced out his opinion and didn’t care even if it hurts Liu Yangyu’s feelings.

“Well, Martial Uncle, you should give us a few disciples.” Chu Lingxiao also demanded in a rather childish manner.

“Well then, each of you can pick one disciple, but you can’t choose the three of them.” Liu Yangyu’s flicked his sleeves and pulled Ye Shang, Tang Tian and Chu Ning behind him.

The behavior of Liu Yangyu left the representatives of other peaks dumbfounded, though the three of them didn’t have the highest cultivation base, their endurance and perseverance were far superior to others.

“Third Brother, I want 5.” Yan Beiji certainly wanted more than one.

“Three, or I’ll take them all.” Liu Yangyu looked at Yan Beiji, then flicked his sleeves, and pulled other 13 disciples who passed the assessment towards his back.

Seeing this, Yan Beiji was furious as he quickly picked three disciples and left with Qin Zen and disciples he had chosen.

Liu Yangyu also left the Danding Cliff with the remaining 13 people.

“Brother Chu, Third Uncle is so overbearing. He picked most of them.” Tang Qianqian said with some dissatisfaction.

“The disciples passing the assessment this year were really very good, and Taixuan Peak is already so strong as well!” Chu Lingxiao was feeling helpless and speechless as he failed to recruit his own nephew. However, he was also happy, since Chu Ning was picked by Liu Yangyu and it was an omnipresent fact that Taixuan Peak only chose those with outstanding talent and had often left the assessment empty-handed for many years, which clearly showed his nephew’s potential.

The apprenticeship cermony was over, and the name of Ye Shang was destined to be remembered.

The bloody handprints on Danding Cliff would tell people the enticing tale of a hunter rising from the shadows to accomplish his dreams.

Exposed to the sun and rain, the bloody handprints were hard to eradicate as they witnessed the rise of a teenager.

Several disciples, including Ye Shang, were taken to the main hall of Taixuan Peak.

“Master your back, are these the disciples who passed the assessment this year? Why are these three in such a bad shape?” A middle-aged man in the hall saw Liu Yangyu appearing, stood up from the chair, and sized them up.

“Gong Xuan, these are the third generation disciples of Taixuan Peak. You’ll personally teach these three, and assign the remaining ten to your ten junior brothers. No need to assign any to Mo Chen this time, I will explain it to him after the formal disciple acceptance cermoney.” After Liu Yangyu sat down, he waved at Gong Xuan.

“You all have now entered the Medicine Valley, and we will sort you according to your age.” Gong Xuan smiled and said to Ye Shang and others.

The oldest disciple was an 18-year-old woman named Nangong Dai, while the youngest was Ye Shang.

After that, Guang Xuan ranked them by seniority. Nangong Dai was the oldest female fellow apprentice, so he called her “Nangong One”; Tang Tian’s age was the seventh amongst them so he called him “Tang Seven”; Chu Ning’s age was the ninth so he called him “Chu Nine”; and Ye Shang was the youngest, so he called him “Little Thirteenth”

“In one year, if you fail to increase your cultivation base by 3 Levels, you’ll be sent to the servant area. Gong Xuan, tell your younger brothers that if they fail to meet it, their life will not be easy.” Liu Yangyu left the scene elegantly while reminding Gong Xuan the harsh reality.

“You three, wait here. The rest of you, come with me.” After listening to Liu Yangyu’s words, Gong Xuan left with ten people.

“What? So irresponsible!” Tang Tian said as he rubbed his shoulders.

Chu Ning threw up his hands in the air, indeed, Liu Yangyu did not pay much attention to them, but threw them at his disciples.

Half an hour later, Gong Xuan came back.

“This is a hand-written copy of basic cultivation method “Xuan Ding Scripture”. Each of you take one, and here is your cultivation resource for this month. Lets go to my residence.”

Giving them one cultivation manual and a bottle of medicinal herbs per person, he walked out of the hall.

The residence of Gong Xuan was in a small bamboo peak on the side of Taixuan Peak.

“This small bamboo house is my residence, but coincidentally there are other abandoned bamboo houses in the south, east, and west of this bamboo peak. After cleaning it up, you all can live there. Master has set a target for all of you, so you must improve your cultivation by 3 Levels during this one year. I don’t want to make it too difficult. Three months, um, just do your best to improve your cultivation base by one level every three months! If you fail, I will personally throw you into the beast forest.” Gong Xuan turned his face and smiled sarcastically.

Chu Ning and Tang Tian had ugly expressions on their face, since it seems Gong Xuan was way more strict compared to even Liu Yangyu.

Though they had no idea what kind of a place beast forest was, but everyone could definitely feel that it wasn’t a good place.

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