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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God - Chapter 2 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 2

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 2: Encountering Demons

“Father……” Ye Shang had been eager to see the world outside, but when Daddy Gu suddenly agreed, he didn’t know what to say.

“Well, since you are going out, then I will tell you in detail about the world outside.” Daddy Gu turned and walked back to the bamboo house.

Ye Shang knew that Daddy Gu had left the village when he was young and he later returned to Zhuyuan Village due to his injuries.

With the narration of Daddy Gu, Ye Shang came to know more about the world outside.

Zhuyuan Village was located in the sphere of influence of the sect, Medicine Valley. Some densely populated towns were governed by their disciples.

The mountain gate of Medicine Valley was in Danding Mountain and their sphere of influence was also 100,000 miles around it.

Discussing about the world outside, the two went to rest when it was almost sunrise. But just right after Daddy Gu wen to rest, Ye Shang got up since he wanted to reserve some food for Daddy Gu before leaving. Most people in Zhuyuan Village were hunters, they mainly ate prey for food.

In the afternoon, carrying the black iron spear with the prey hanging on both ends, Ye Shang returned to the village. This time, Ye Shang didn’t share the prey with other villagers but went straight back to his house, which made the villagers very puzzled. Ye Shang had been hunting for more than a year. Every time, he only kept the food which was enough for him and Daddy Gu and distributed the rest to others.

This behavior of Ye Shang made the villagers confused. Several people followed him to the bamboo house. They didn’t covet the prey but were worried about what happened to Ye Shang. The neighbors treated each other as families.

“Boy, how come you got so many preys?” Looking at the villagers who followed, Daddy Gu glanced at Ye Shang.

“Father, you misunderstood, we came over to see if you had any problem. Did you get hurt, Ye Shang?” Aunt Lin, who treated Ye Shang very well, stared Ye Shang up and down.

“No!” Ye Shang blushed since he was a little embarrassed when he returned with the prey, without sharing it with everyone.

“Well, I am going to send Ye Shang out. He did this for me. Boy, will I starve to death without you?” Daddy Gu stared at Ye Shang.

“Ye Shang, you want to head out?” Aunt Lin and Uncle Niu looked at Ye Shang disappointedly.

“Well, I am going out.” The sound of Ye Shang was a bit low. He knew that everyone in Zhuyuan Village cared a lot about him.

“Alright, you are the best child in our village, you should head out and explore the world.” Uncle Niu patted Ye Shang’s shoulder and said.

“I haven’t finished the Magua for you. It will be done tomorrow.” Lin Aunt looked at him unwillingly.

After chatting for a while, Ye Shang sent away Aunt Lin and then hung prey under the eaves.

After that, Ye Shang started practicing boxing in the bamboo house, which was his habit.

Daddy Gu had been to the world outside. Since he had offended a very powerful enemy, both of them got injured seriously. He killed this opponent, but also damaged his Dantian, which resulted in the loss of his Cultivation Base. However, he still had a great physique, so he taught Ye Shang the boxing method.

It was the cultivation of the boxing method that enabled Ye Shang to have good strength.
In the next few days, Ye Shang went out hunting early every day and the front and back of the bamboo house were covered with prey.

Daddy Gu knew that Ye Shang did this for him, so he didn’t say anything. The villagers knew that Ye Shang was going to leave, so they sent him a lot of things.

Aunt Lin sent clothes, Uncle Niu sent two leather bags of wine and a cheetah. Though Ye Shang was young, he had a high alcohol tolerance, and everyone in the village knew it.

The cheetah was a mount that Uncle bred personally, which was the only mount in the village.

Ye Shang refused to accept it at first, but he then still took it after seeing Uncle Niu look unhappy as if he wanted to swear.

After he almost did all the preparation, Ye Shang was also about to set off.

Ye Shang didn’t prepare much, just a little dried meat and two leather bags of wine from Uncle Niu.

“You must be careful, and you should come back if you don’t like it outside.” After helping Ye Shang tie things to the cheetah, Daddy Gu took out a small leather bag. “There’s a little silver, take it.”

“Father, I don’t need it. If I get hungry, I have dried meat and can hunt. If I get thirsty, I can drink spring water.” Ye Shang stuffed the small leather bag with silver into Daddy Gu’s hand.

“Keep it, just keep it.” Daddy Gu stared at him and screamed at him.

Ye Shang nodded and wrapped the bag around his waist. He knew that Daddy Gu would shout only when he was excited.

“Go! Go!” Daddy Gu waved his hand and turned into the bamboo house.

Standing in the yard and looking at the bamboo house for a moment, Ye Shang left, since he knew that Daddy Gu was unwilling to see him leaving.

Patting the cheetah, he left the bamboo house. Leaving the place where he lived for more than a decade, Ye Shang was a little sad.

After running a few hundred meters, Ye Shang turned to look at the bamboo house. In the blurred morning light, Ye Shang saw a figure in front of the bamboo house.

Biting his teeth, Ye Shang turned around and continued to move forward. He knew that the figure was Daddy Gu, who had taken care of him for more than a decade.

Out of the village, Ye Shang sat on the back of the cheetah and continued his journey.

There weren’t many roads on the barren mountains, so he set off after distinguishing the direction.

The nearest town was Gunan Town, where Ye Shang had been with other hunters half a year ago. Since they carried the goods last time, it took about a week to reach there.

People in Zhuyuan Village never went to Gunan Town unless they had to exchange their daily necessities. It was far and there were even beasts and demons on the way, not to mention the heart-stricken robbers.

Some robbers only robbed the goods, but some would kill everyone and keep the goods.

After running dozens of miles, the sky became bright. He had no time to browse the scenery in the forest. Ye Shang patted the neck of the cheetah to order the cheetah to run faster.

Fortunately, he was familiar with this cheetah, hence it could understand what he meant.

When the sky became dark, Ye Shang was already 300 miles away from where he set off. At this speed, it would be possible to arrive at Gunan Town within 3 days. At night, Ye Shang didn’t dare to push on with his journey since there were too many poisonous insects and snakes in the mountains.

At the moment, two fat rabbits were hung on the black iron spear on the shoulder of Ye Shang, which he hunted on the way.

If it wasn’t necessary, Ye Shang didn’t want to eat the dried meat since it didn’t taste better than the fresh prey, moreover, he was still far from Medicine Valley. Who knew what would happen on the way?

Before it turned dark, Ye Shang had found a place to rest. Under an old pear tree, Ye Shang unloaded the bags from the cheetah. After feeding the cheetah a rabbit, he cooked the other one for himself.

The cheetah lay down to rest after eating the rabbit. Ye Shang leaned on the tree and ate the rabbit while worrying about the fact that Daddy Gu wasn’t used to life without him.

A gust of wind blew over, Ye Shang sneezed and felt a bit weird. There was a special smell in the wind, which was a bit stinking. At the moment, the cheetah started trembling.


As an experienced hunter, Ye Shang stood up and looked around, which stunned him right away. It looked like there were 2 big lanterns around 8 meters away.

However, with his hunting experience, Ye Shang knew they weren’t big lanterns, but the eyes of a beast.

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