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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 20 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 20

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya/AngelicDemon

Chapter 20: Medicine Valley Manuals

“In addition, what kind of combat skills do you need?” Gong Xuan sat in the rocking chair in front of the bamboo house and asked his enthusiastic diciples.

“I want to master swordsmanship. By the way, why are we calling you Martial Elder Uncle?” Chu Ning inquired in an amusing tone.

“Nonsense, I am the great disciple of Master. No matter who will be your new master in the future, I will be older than him. Understand? What kind of combat skills do you need, Tang Seventh? Ye Shang?” Gong Xuan looked at Tang Seventh and Ye Shang.

“Saber methods.” Tang Seventh requested in his humble voice.

“Spear methods.” Ye Shang touched the black iron spear behind him and looked at his master with glittering eyes.

He has been using this black iron spear for more than two years. Because there was no high-end forging technology in Zhuyuan Village, the black iron spear of Ye Shang was rough with a bad texture.

“Okay, come to me tomorrow morning. This is the Bigu Pill, take one every three days. Go clean up your own place!” Gong Xuan once again gave them a bottle of medicinal herbs then waved goodbye.

Tang Tian and Chu Ning chose South and West, hence Ye Shang could only go to the east.

“Lil Thirteen, there are cliffs on the east side of this mountain. It’s very deep and there’s gas underneath, so stay away from it.” Seeing Ye Shang choose the east side, Gong Xuan advised him.

Gong Xuan was the great disciple of Taixuan Peak. Like Chu Lingxiao, Lu Jing and Tang Qianqian, he was the successor to the peak. He stayed here because of its peacefulness, meanwhile he also guarded the cliff which was previously guarded by four people, but since Gong Xuan was now at the zenith of his career, he alone was handed with the task of guarding the cliff.

Nodding to Gong Xuan, Ye Shang went to the east. After he walked several miles, he saw a bamboo house. Although it was not a run-down, it could be seen that it had been abandoned for a long time.

In the yard, he saw a broken hatchet. Picking it up, he started cleaning the yard and the trees around the bamboo fence. After that, he proceeded to clean the bamboo house.

An hour later, Ye Shang finished cleaning up his place, then he started to meditate, not because of the pressure from by Liu Yangyu and Gong Xuan but rather because Ye Shang had a great interest in cultivation.

He cultivated for one night and went to Gong Xuan when it was dawn.

In front of the bamboo building, Gong Xuan leisurely sat in the rock chair. “Lil Thirteenth, you are here very early and you seems to be in good shape. How is the injury?”

“Almost healed.” Ye Shang nodded with relief in his tone.

“Your body is quite strong. How come those two bastards are late?” After getting up and checking the injury of Ye Shang, Gong Xuan scolded.

Soon, Tang Tian and Chu Ning came over while blushing as they stood at the side of Ye Shang.

“Come earlier next time. These are the skill books you need. Bring them back after half a month.” Gong Xuan gave them three books.

“Martial Elder Uncle, is there any movement technique manual?” Tang Tian asked in an inquisitive tone.

“The new disciples only gets the chance to choose just one free manual. If you want more, then go earn some sect merit points!” Gong Xuan looked at Tang Tian with a creaking grin.

“So, there is also no weapon manual?” Chu Ning asked.

“Of course not.” Gong Xuan said while staring at Chu Ning.

“Martial Elder Uncle, how do we earn sect merit points?” Ye Shang asked in a serious tone.

“Well, after entering Soul-Condensation stage, you will be qualified to go to the Danding Peak meritorious hall to pick up sect tasks. In addition, if you can occupy a place in the rankings of the sect disciples, you’ll earn merit points every month.” Gong Xuan said in a tutor-like voice.

“Got it. I am going to cultivate now.” With the classics that Gong Xuan gave, Ye Shang didn’t waste any time returning to the bamboo house.

“Aren’t you two going to cultivate as well, before that I will tell you about the beast forest!” Gong Xuan introduced the beast forest to Chu Ning and Tang Tian.

The beast forest was a desolate place not too far from the Taixuan Peak. Because of its bad situation, the Medicine Valley didn’t occupy it. It was thousands of miles wide, and there were many poisonous snakes and insects, while the most poisonous insect was called Bloodthirsty Ant. Though their level wasn’t high, most of them usually were at the peak of Rank 1, the problem was there population was huge. Even demons at Rank 3 or 4 would often become bones after being attacked by Bloodthirsty Ants.

“There are also Black-Tailed Scorpions. The Black-Tailed Scorpions aren’t high in rank as well, but their huge number could also pose a threat to high level demons. The difference is that they are only interested in the brain and bone marrow of the demons or humans. They will drill in from their mouth, then come out from the eyes and nose. Hey! I haven’t finished yet, why are you running away?” Gong Xuan rushed to Chu Ning and Tang Tian, ​​who were vomiting while running away.

Chu Ning and Tang Tian did not stop but increased their running speed. The beast forest was too ferocious and it would be their doomsday if they could not meet the requirements and got thrown into the beast forest by Gong Xuan.

After returning to the bamboo house, Ye Shang could not wait to read the Xuan Ding Scripture.

The first thing that came to his sight was the introduction.

The Xuan Ding Scripture was the basic cultivation method of lower-level disciples of Medicine Valley, used by those at Qi-Refining and Soul-Condensation stages. According to the method, the disciples could only use it to cultivate upto Soul-condensation peak.

Above it was Ling Ding Scripture that only the inner disciples had access to. The Ling Ding Scripture was for those at Core-formation and Soul-Segregation Stages, and with it, the disciples could cultivate upto the peak of Soul-Segregation Stage.

Corresponding to Void-Fusion and Empyrean Stage was the Tian Ding Scripture, which was considered key to the foundation of Medicine Valley, only accessible to the core disciples and elders.

The Tian Ding Scripture wasn’t the highest. The most advanced was the Sheng Ding Scripture, which allowed culviators to reach upto the legendary Divine Stage.

The Sheng Ding Scripture was the last cultivation method of the Medicine Valley. Xuan Ding, Ling Ding and Tian Ding were the first three chapters of it.

However, unfortunately Sheng Ding Scripture had been lost, and was also mentioned in the opening chapter of the Xuan Ding Scripture.

Seeing this, Ye Shang shook his head. The Sheng Ding Scripture had been lost for so many years, who knows where the Scripture was kept latent for so many years.

After reading the introduction, Ye Shang went through the text. The essence of the Xuan Ding Scripture was to think of your body as a furnace and circulating the Qi through the complicated route mentioned in it.

After remembering the basic instructions, Ye Shang started circulating the Qi in his Dantian in accordance with the route. It took 4 hours for Ye Shang to identify the route, and complete whole round.

The route was complicated, but the circulating speed of his Qi was extremely fast. This was way better the Qi gathering methods Ye Shang was before.

Ye Shang didn’t stop after completing the round instead continued to cultivate till the afternoon.

Stretching his body, Ye Shang noticed that his cultivation had shown significant growth, so it would perhaps take only a few days for him to reach the Qi-Refining level 4.

Taking a bath in a creek not far from the bamboo house, Ye Shang took a Bigu Pill and continued to cultivate in the bamboo house.

What he hadn’t noticed, however, was a black shadow lurking outside the bamboo house.

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