Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Qi-Refining Level 4

Seeing Ye Shang cultivating in sheer silence, the figure exuding the strange shadow left and went over to the bamboo house where Gong Xuan was resting.

“Master.” As soon as the figure arrived at the front of the bamboo house, Gong Xuan quickly walked out to exchange some pleasantries.

“Well, these three boys are good. Treat them strictly. Call some servants to come over tomorrow to clean this area and build more of these bamboo houses. Keep the servants here, these three chaps are still quite young, and they should be taken care of,” Liu Yangyu nodded to Gong Xuan and reminded him in an astute voice.

“Roger that.” Gong Xuan nodded in apprehension.

After preaching his words of wisdom, Liu Yangyu left.

After cultivating for one night, Ye Shang freshened up, practiced a punching routine a bit, then returned to the bamboo house, and finally opened the combat skill book given by Gong Xuan.

‘Wind Chasing Spear Technique’ was a set of spear methods.  As Ye Shang rummaged through the pages of the book while standing in the eerily quiet yard, he began to plunge into the details regarding the spear methods given in the book.

As Ye Shang silently flipped the pages, he was overwhelmed by his feelings of gratefulness towards Grandpa Gu. Although Zhuyuan Village was a hunting village, he didn’t forget to teach Ye Shang about the languages, thus Ye Shang could read the manuals easily, even recognizing some ancient characters.

Taking out the black iron spear, Ye Shang began practicing the Wind Chasing Spear Technique in the yard.

After practicing for a while, Ye Shang sighed because he couldn’t get the hang of this daunting technique.

There were 2 key points about Wind Chasing, fast and fierce.

However, even after an hour of trying, no matter the speed or strength he displayed, Ye Shang couldn’t find the right rhythm.

Sighing in agony blended with exhaustion, Ye Shang sat down and thought about how to excel in both of these facets of ‘Wind Chasing Spear’ technique in the yard. And eventually, as an ‘eon’ passed, he came to the conclusion that his weak cultivation base was the most likely reason behind why he was facing the difficulties.

He thus stood up and exhaled, and went instead to cultivate, as his plan was to improve his foundation first to raise his base Qi, since higher cultivation base would certainly help in practicing the combat skills.

For the next two days, Ye Shang fully focused hard on cultivation. Gong Xuan had often come over to lay down some pointers. Moreover, he felt he was finally beginning to comprehend the Wind Chasing Spear Technique after exchanging points with his master.

Wind Chasing Spear Technique was a Second-Rank combat technique, useful by those at Soul-Condensation stage. But this was the most appropriate combat skills Gong Xuan could provide because there wasn’t any First-Rank spear techniques in the library.

Ye Shang finally felt a little more confident since he now knew that it wasn’t his fault that he was having a hard time learning the Wind Chasing Spear technique.

Gong Xuan left after some reminders. Being an eminent teacher, he naturally knew how to teach others well. If he taught everything step by step, his disciples would turn into a copy of him, hence he would only teach them when needed.

On Ye Shang’s fifth day in Taixuan Peak, Ye Shang leapt with joy as he finally reached the Qi-Refining Level 4. It was thus evident that he improved incredibly fast in these two months after leaving Zhuyuan Village.

As his strength improved, Ye Shang began practicing Wind Chasing Spear Technique again, though he couldn’t reach the realm mentioned in the spear technique, he still felt himself improving.

However, as Ye Shang continued to be lost in cultivation, Gong Xuan came over on a fortunate day and said, “This is your robe. If I don’t bring it to you, you won’t even bother come pick it up.”

Looking at the robe that Gong Xuan put on the bamboo table, Ye Shang took it and walked toward the house. Halfway through his shaky room, he stopped and stood still. “Martial Uncle, didn’t only the inner disciples wear white robes? New members are supposed to start as an outer disciple, right?”

“Normally speaking, the new disciples should be outer disciples, except in Taixuan Peak. As long as you officially enter the Taixuan Peak, you are part of the inner disciples.” Gong Xuan said while smirking in a proud tone since the privilege of being Liu Yangyu’s disciple was recognized throughout the Medicine Valley.

There were only servants, inner disciples, elite disciples and core disciples in Taixuan Peak, there was no concept of outer disciples.

“I see.” Ye Shang nodded happily since he originally thought he had to go through the standard procedure, as an outer disciple.

“Thirteenth, you should not cultivate too hard. No need to try to advance too quickly when practicing Wind Chasing Spear Technique. You can have a cup of tea and relax at my place some time,” Gong Xuan who saw sweat all over Ye Shang’s head, reminded him since he didn’t want to give him too much pressure, after all, he was still a child.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle.” Ye Shang nodded.

“Well, then I’m leaving to see what those two bastards are upto. Unlike you, they are adding lines on my forehead,” said Gong Xuan as he waved at Ye Shang while leaving for Tang Tian’s and Chu Ning’s place.

Arriving at Tang Tian and Chu Ning’s places, Gong Xuan’s pleasant mood ran downhill, as he saw Tang Tian wasn’t practicing at all, he directly chided him.

Tang Tian, however, was just quite unfortunate since, he just stopped to take a breath and was caught by Gong Xuan in that very moment. However, as he was being compared to Ye Shang, he couldn’t help but keep mum to his master’s rebukings..

Chu Ning, who was boiling water to brew tea, was in an even worse condition. Gong Xuan warned him that he would be sent to the beast forest if he didn’t advance in his cultivation base within 3 months.

In the next few days, Ye Shang as usual focused hard on cultivation. When he came out from the bamboo house to take a shower, surprisingly he saw a white bird with a height of a person falling down in the front of the bamboo house and it’s wings were stained with blood.

“What bird is this? Still quite young,”Ye Shang uttered in a stunned manner as he assessed the peculiar bird.

Looking at the feathers and beak of the white bird, Ye Shang judged that this was a wounded, young demon beast, with a lot of room for growth. Moreover, as he saw its sharp beak and claws, Ye Shang concluded that this bird might turn into quite the demon as it grows up.

If he could tame it, it would probably be a top notch flying mount.

Hitting upon the very same idea, Ye Shang slowly approached the white bird.

When he was about seven feet away from the white bird, the white bird became more vigilant and guarded, which in turn dispelled every doubt in Ye Shang’s mind. This bird was probably a unique kind. When he used to hunt, there were very few monster beasts with such a keen senses.

Seeing Ye Shang approach, the white bird began to retreat and forcing Ye Shang to chase since he didn’t want to let go of such a beast.

Ye Shang ran very fast, but the white bird wasn’t slow either. Although it couldn’t fuly because it’s wings were injured, it was still much faster than the average monster beast as it was way faster than the black lion he encountered before.

Since Ye Shang had reached Qi-Refining Level 4, he was able to keep up with it, thus he wasn’t afraid of losing the bird. Moreover, even if we took endurance into consideration, Ye Shang could run through the wilderness for many hours without even breaking a sweat, and he didn’t believe that this white bird could still run for several hours in its current wounded condition.

As they were getting farther and farther away from bamboo peak, they had already run more than a 100 miles in an hour.

The white bird didn’t stop bleeding, but it didn’t stop running either. Ye Shang would feel much if it stopped and confronted him!

Just when Ye Shang was a little annoyed, the white bird stopped and started screaming.

“Why don’t you run?” Ye Shang muttered as he caught up with the white bird.

After catching up, Ye Shang was shocked as he came to know why the white bird didn’t run, but made such a scream.

The white bird’s claws were entangled by two red tentacles the width of a human arm, and it was being pulled towards the front.

Ye Shang stepped forward and waved the black iron spear in his hand to cleave toward the red tentacles.


With a muffled sound, Ye Shang was knocked back.

He failed to cut off the red tentacles, and the thud from the recoil was so strong that he couldn’t even stand steadily.

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