Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Under the Cliff

Ye Shang knew that the skin of some monster beasts were very hard, and cleaving would be useless as it might end up ripping the skin only.

Understanding about the hardness of the skin, his next attack by the black iron spear finally made a wound appeared on the red tentacle.

The injured tentacle, however, did not release the white bird, but the other intact tentacle loosened the white bird and whipped at Ye Shang, getting a hold of his feet and before pulling him forward as well.

The two tentacles gripping Ye Shang and the white bird pulled forward, almost squeezing them together.

Ye Shang clenched the black iron spear with his right hand and stroked the red tentacle that entangled the white bird. At that moment, Ye Shang felt jittery in handling the red tentacle wrapped around his feet since he and the white bird were squeezed together, and there was no room for easing his hands to move around, he needed to liberate either one of them or both.

As Ye Shang continued to swing the black iron spear, the tentacle that constricted the white bird was finally almost cut off in the middle.

Like Ye Shang, the white bird was also struggling to free itself, so it could only bow its head and attack the red tentacle on Ye Shang’s feet.

Seeing the behavior of the white bird, Ye Shang was shocked since the white bird was showing its intellectual level, since it could easily make out that while Ye Shang meant no harm, the tentacle certainly posed the greater threat.

It understood that it was necessary to work together against this enemy of theirs.

Pulled by the red tentacles, they were dragged like a rag doll out of the woods to a place without any trees. As they slid faster, the red tentacle wrapped around the white bird’s claws was almost cut off by the continuous attacks from black iron spear.

However, as cunning as this monstrosity was, it decisively released the white bird to avoid being completely cut off by Ye Shang.

The white bird released from the bondage didn’t leave but continued to attack the red tentacle at Ye Shang’s feet with its sharp beak.

At that moment, Ye Shang’s expression changed he saw the red tentacle suddenly elongating, and the thickest part of it became as thick as a human head.

The red tentacle shook, drew a circle in the air, and wound around Ye Shang two more times. Moreover, as Ye Shang’s desperately tried to hold his fainting breath, he suddenly lost the grip of his spear as his arms were grabbed by that tentacle. One of the red tentacles continued to drag him towards the front, and the other was still attacking the white bird.

The white bird, however, shrewishly evaded the red tentacle while continuously trying to free Ye Shang of its death grip.


While Ye Shang was thinking about how to struggle out of it, a steep cliff appeared, which stunned Ye Shang.

He looked at the white bird that was still fighting and shouted, “I know you can understand my words, Leave! Hurry!”

Without reacting in anyway to what Ye Shang said, the white bird screamed before plunging its beak into the red tentacle wrapped around him.

Closer to the cliff, Ye Shang became insidiously calm since he concluded that perhaps he deserved it, since he chased after the white bird, but there was no reason for it to face the consequences with him.

He thus extended his left hand that wasn’t bound at the white bird and pushed it away with all his strength, “Go!”

The white bird was pushed aside by Ye Shang, but as it didn’t escape it was also grabbed by the other red tentacle and they were simultaneously pulled down the cliff.

As they were falling, Ye Shang discovered that the red tentacles were actually an Earth Dragon Worm!

The Earth Dragon Worms were also usually called Ghost Line, which was a very common monster beast not even qualified to be a demon.

Ordinary Earth Dragon Worms didn’t have much combat power and lived on the carrions of the animal bodies, so they rarely engaged in active attacks.

The biggest earthworm he had ever seen was only as thick as a thumb and was around only 5 feet long.

But this Earth Dragon Worm was too large, and its length could no longer be estimated, as the thickest part of its body was now already as thick as a human’s waist. 

When they were falling, Ye Shang also suddenly understood why only two of the tentacles were running berserk since the rest of its tentacles were anchored on a cliff.

He saw an old tree on the cliff, and the body of the Earth Dragon Worm was actually stuck in the roots of the tree.

The Earth Dragon Worms were slothful creatures. They could rest for a scarily long time after a full meal. Possibly it might have been stuck here since its birth and could never have had a chance to get out of the entangled roots.

Ye Shang and the white bird were still falling down the cliff, and with the transcending height, their speed kept increasing at an abnormal pace. 


A dull thump erupted; that was the sound of the tentacle being stretched taut. Ye Shang and the white bird then sprang into the air from the pulling force of the tentacle, before plummeting once again.

The severely wounded Earth Dragon Worm’s tentacle had already been stretched violently once before, and it was no longer able to hold on as the two of them descended. Thus, Ye Shang and the white bird struggled free from the tentacle, and continued their free fall.


Ye Shang felt that his bones had been shattered since seething chills of pain were running down his entire body.

He looked up at the sky, on the cliff, the two red tentacles were still shaking.

Ye Shang knew that he didn’t die because the tentacles were long enough.

Shaking his body, he found that he broke his right arm with some minor bruises all over his body.

The white bird stood beside him and was in an exceptionally better state than him. When the  Earth Dragon Worm loosened it, it intellectually flapped its wings thereby reducing the impulse from its harsh landing.

Sitting up, Ye Shang tried to find the medicinal herbs in his pocket.

After touching the bottles, Ye Shang found that his Bigu Pills and Core Elixir were still fine. Even though the bottle of the Vein Pills were broken, the medicine was still intact.

After taking a Vein Pill, he fed the white bird some herbs to help in waning the healing time of its injured wings.

Ye Shang looked around the surrounding environment and found that he was now on a platform which was two or three meters wide.

Ye Shang stretched out and looked down at the platform, but he couldn’t see the bottom since it was quite misty.

Turning around, Ye Shang looked towards the other direction of the platform and found an unusual place.

There were traces of humans left on the cliff.

Looking closely, Ye Shang found a stone gate under the cover of the vines, which should be called a hole, and there were clear handwritten characters on both sides of the stone gate.

On the left side was ‘Awake’, and on the right side was ‘Enlightenment’.

Looking at the hole covered by the vines, Ye Shang went in with the black iron spear.

Usually, Ye Shang wouldn’t do it recklessly, however, he had no choice since it was too dangerous out there.

The platform was small. If any monster rushed out from the hole, he would be forced to jump off the platform, thus he’d better fight inside the hole.

Originally, Ye Shang thought that the cave was dark and damp and was filled with snakes and bugs, but he found out that it was a clear passage, except for a little moss at the entrance.

The cave was very clean and jewels with a half-inch of diameter inlaid on its ceiling.

Turning his head toward the stone wall, he saw some knife marks.

Looking closely, he found a knife mark at a distance of two or three feet.  Thus it could be said that these walls were created after a long toil of cleaving the stone for at least five or six times. 

Holding the black iron spear, Ye Shang tapped against the wall. With the crisp sounds created by the stone, he could tell how hard the stone wall was, as there wasn’t any stone powder dropping and no marks were left on the wall.

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