Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Myriad Dao Treasured Tome

At the same time, Ye Shang understood that the cultivation base of the predecessor who built the cave must have reached an unfathomable point.

Turning around, he saw the white bird was quietly following his side and flapping its wings from time to time, therefore he knew that there was no danger inside this cave.

The instincts of the demons was generally stronger than human beings. Now that the white bird was so quiet, it showed that there was no powerful monster in the vicinity that posed any threat to it inside this cave.

Carrying the black iron spear, Ye Shang walked stealthily since he was aware there might be traps, which the demons would fail to perceive.

As he advanced several feet, a stone room with a square base of about three feet appeared in front of him.

Stone tables and stone chairs were placed inside of this spooky room. However, as Ye Shang ventured deeper into the cave, he was taken aback by the incredulous sight that lay in front of him.

A corpse lay on the seat, by the table. The robe on the corpse were already weathered.

Even though Ye Shang had seen bones of humans and beasts before, these peculiar appearance of the bones almost made him a little fretful.

Relaxing his mind, Ye Shang went to the table and carefully sized up the corpse.

The bones of the corpse was somewhat different from those he had seen in the past since it was full of luster and there was not even a trace of damage left on it.

Sizing the corpse up, Ye Shang could confirm that the man must have been very tall when he was alive, definitely more than 6 feet. Even though he was dead, his corpse still aroused an uncanny aura of domination.

As Ye Shang approached the deceased, the little bit of airflow he brought up surged towards the weathered robe on the corpse and it immediately turned into ashes, hence the corpse lay completely bare in front of him.

Ye Shang bowed towards the corpse and apologised. Though he didn’t believe in ghosts and gods, his sudden intrusion meant nothing but was disturbing his eternal slumber.

Getting up, Ye Shang found some characters on the table in front of the corpse.

The characters were written with fingers since it looked somewhat scribbled, but they were deeply engraved on the stone table.

While stooping to one side, Ye Shang bowed and blew away the dust on the table since the weathered robe left some dust on the table.

At a closer look, Ye Shang found probably the last words left by the corpse, as well as some details about his life.

His name was Feng Chen and he was an elder stationed in Taichuan! 

Is the deep bottomless canyon in front of me, Taichuan? Ye Shang murmured as he peeped through the dead remains.

Then the following record explained the cause of the death of Feng Chen. Because of the outbreak of the infernal energy in Taichuan, He went on an investigation and encountered the Infernal Demon King.

After killing the Infernal Demon King, he was also contaminated by the infernal energy and eventually died.

Feng Chen’s last words mentioned that he hoped someone could return the Sheng Ding Scripture to Medicine Valley. When he was stationed in Taichuan, he took the Sheng Ding Scripture and was hoping to enter the Legendary Sanctuary, but he failed. He thus hoped that someone could return the Sheng Ding Scripture to Medicine Valley, while keeping the rest of his belongings.

Sheng Ding Scripture? reading these engrossing words, Ye Shang was extremely shocked.

Isn’t it the top scripture of the sect?

Looking around, Ye Shang couldn’t find Sheng Ding Scripture.

“Did someone come before me and took away the Sheng Ding Scripture?” Ye Shang crooned as he looked at the record in disappointment.

However, Ye Shang felt that was unlikely to happen since the robe on the corpse had just weathered when he came in.

Sizing the corpse up again, Ye Shang noticed a silver ring on the ring finger of the corpse.

Storage Ring! Is it a storage ring?

Ye Shang had heard Grandpa Gu say that in the outside world, high-end cultivators used storage rings to store things.

Thinking of this, Ye Shang bowed before pulling the ring off with some glitter in his vigilant eyes.

Holding the ring and examining it, he couldn’t find anything special.

Ye Shang bit his finger and dripped a drop of blood on the ring since many treasures required blood to recognize its master.

As the blood dripped on the ring, it was quickly absorbed by the ring.

At that time, Ye Shang felt a connection while looking at the ring.

It really was a storage ring, as Ye Shang thought about it, a special space appeared in his mind.

This special space was three meters wide, and shelves were placed on both sides of the space, there was even a wooden table in the middle, where books were neatly stacked.

Hitting upon an idea, Ye Shang quickly took out all of the books.

The first one was the Sheng Ding Scripture, as suggested by the ancient characters written on its cover.

“This was the top scripture of the sect, the Sheng Ding Scripture!” A jubilant smile surfaced on Ye Shang’s face as he looked at the precious treasure.

Ye Shang was a little excited as he immediately started reading.

The first chapter was Xuan Ding Scripture and he found that it was exactly the same as the Xuan Ding Scripture given by Gong Xuan, which ensured that it was the real Sheng Ding Scripture.

Putting the book down, he had a look at the second book.

On the second book were written some jagged words that read Heaven Obscuring Palm. After carefully studying it, he discovered that Stunning Hands, the famous martial art of the Taixuan Peak leader, was only a part of Heaven Obscuring Palm technique. Since this book was written by Feng Chen himself, he didn’t have to return it to the Medicine Valley.

The third book was much older than the previous two books, and was entitled as Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

Ye Shang opened it and saw an additional piece of animal skin inside, there was a handwritten script on the animal skin.

As Ye Shang plunged into its details he came to know about the origin of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

Feng Chen had obtained the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome scripture in Taichuan and wrote down some of his thoughts on the animal skin. Myriad Dao Treasured Tome was different from Sheng Ding Scripture.

The essence of Sheng Ding Scripture was to take your own body as a furnace and circulate the qi in a furnace-shaped route, while Myriad Dao Treasured Tome suggested that the sky and the earth were a furnace and insisted on forging one’s body into its own spiritual treasure.

Feng Chen considered Myriad Dao Treasured Tome to be much stronger than the Sheng Ding scripture. However, unfortunately he had already studied the Sheng Ding scripture for a long time, so he wanted to find a breakthrough using the Sheng Ding scripture, but eventually died because of infernal energy.

Putting aside Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, Ye Shang opened another book, and it was a spiritual illustration with various herbs, poisonous grass, minerals, monsters and spirits found around the world.

The last one was a handwritten book, which was an alchemy handbook. It was a collection of all the alchemy books Feng Chen encountered in his life, Ye Shang considered that Feng Chen must have definitely been an expert in the alchemy field.

Ye Shang closed his eyes before calming his mind, then put the books back into the storage ring and continued to explore the rest of the space inside the storage ring.

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