Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 24

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya/AngelicDemon

Chapter 24: Flying out of the Canyon

On the shelves inside the storage ring, Ye Shang saw a lot of medicinal herbs, some of which were probably refined by Feng Chen, and some more he probably collected adventuring.

Ye Shang still had a hard time believing he wasn’t dreaming.

He had to return the Sheng Ding scripture to the Medicine Valley, but he decided to memorize it first. As for the other things, they belonged to Ye Shang now.

Stabilizing his mood, Ye Shang and the white bird came out of the cave since it was somewhat damp in the cave and he was not used to it.

The white bird followed him back to the platform, Ye Shang looked up to consider the problem of getting out of this murky cave.

Looking at the cliff, Ye Shang knew that it would be difficult to climb and there even was a terrible Earth Dragon Worm waiting to devour them up ahead.

Patting the white bird, Ye Shang, who intended to cultivate in order to heal his wounds, suddenly thought of an idea. However, as he hadn’t encountered such a variant species like the white bird before, executing his plan straight ahead was a gamble. Now, he had no choice. Thus, he began to look at the spiritual illustration book obtained.

Ye Shang rummaged through every detail inside the spiritual illustration but failed to find any records related or similar to the white bird.

The white bird was close to two kinds of birds, one was the Green Peng due to the resemblance in their claws, and the other was the Luan since the feathers and wings also had a close resemblance.

Unable to find something about this peculiar bird, Ye Shang put down the spiritual illustration and started cultivating on the platform, meanwhile the white bird stayed with him quietly.

In the next few days, Ye Shang stayed on the platform to cultivate and recover his injury since his right arm still hasn’t recovered yet.

The white bird was very quiet during these days as Ye Shang fed it a Bigu Pill and it stayed at Ye Shang’s side every day as it recovered from the injuries on its wing.

Although safe, Ye Shang was a little anxious since he couldn’t find any way out.

“White Bird, since you are now healed, can you fly up with me?” After finishing cultivation, Ye Shang looked at the white bird, which was tending to its feathers and asked in a humble voice.

Though Ye Shang asked casually, the white bird actually nodded, which surprised him since his random question actually solved the problem of getting out.

With a faint ray of hope, Ye Shang still had some doubts since the white bird looked very young and its feathers were tender, hence it was quite difficult for it to fly up with him.

After cultivating for another day and seeing the white bird’s wings completely healed, Ye Shang decided to leave.

Before leaving, Ye Shang broke a boulder with the black iron spear, sealed the cave, and nodded at the white bird, “Let’s go.”

Hearing Ye Shang’s words, the white bird stood up straight and spread its wings.

Its body was half a meter tall, and the wings were almost two meters wide.

“Well, let’s try. If I jump onto your back, I will probably affect your flight. So after you take off, I will grab your claws.” Ye Shang pointed to the claws of the white bird.

This was the conclusion that he came up with in these two days since the white bird wasn’t big, His weight would increase the pressure on the bird if he insisted on sitting on its back.

But if he only grasped the white bird’s claws, it would have less of an impact on the white bird.

As for the heavy black iron spear, Ye Shang did not intend to discard it as he planned to decide whether he should give it up after taking off.

If the white bird couldn’t afford to carry him and the black iron spear, he should give up the plan to bring it with him since the bird will find it hard to reach the cliff while carrying only him.

The white bird took off, flew off the platform, and then hovered over Ye Shang.

Seeing the white bird flying, Ye Shang leaped and his right hand grabbed the claws of the white bird.

With Ye Shang, the white bird left the platform.

The white bird left the platform and hovered over the canyon. Its ascent was very fast.

Feeling that the white bird did not feel much pressure, Ye Shang was relieved.

If the white bird could maintain this state, they had no problems flying up to the cliff. But if the white bird felt more pressure, he would throw away the black iron spear.

If possible, Ye Shang really did not want to throw away the black iron spear. 

Although it was just an ordinary iron spear, he had some special sentiments attached to it since it was a gift from Grandpa Gu.

The white bird was very fast. Even though they were circling around, Ye Shang could feel that they were ascending at a great speed.

As the white bird rose, Ye Shang saw the place where the Earth Dragon Worm went on a rampage and its two bright red tentacles were still clinging up the cliff.

Right now one of the tentacles were wrapped around a black tiger, the black tiger was still roaring, but it was probably doomed to be eaten up completely by the Earth Dragon Worm after its flesh and blood end up sucked by it.

Now only Ye Shang knew that he was worried for no reason as the white bird wasn’t even a bit tired while they were already halfway up.

After a while, Ye Shang’s vision widened since the white bird suddenly sped towards the cliff.

The white bird did not land directly, but flew forward for six or seven miles before landing, after all, the cliff was still being guarded by the Earth Dragon Worm.

The white bird landed under an old tree, and Ye Shang rubbed his sore right hand then looked at the white bird. “When I was originally chasing you, I wanted to tame you to become a flying mount. Now you have saved me, so we are friends. Are you willing to go with me, or you want to live by yourself?” Looking at the white bird, Ye Shang said as he knew it understood what he said.

After getting along for a few days, Ye Shang knew the white bird was quite unique and no longer treated the white bird like a demon.

The white bird turned to look at Ye Shang, and its sharp eyes were sizing him up without giving him an answer.

After waiting for a while, the white bird didn’t leave, and Ye Shang was very happy. “If you don’t want to leave, then follow me.”

He patted the wings of the white bird and led the way, while the white bird followed him.

Ordinary people might get lost in a dim-lit, tree-covered environment, but this wouldn’t happen to Ye Shang.

After two hours, Ye Shang and the white bird arrived at his bamboo house.

When Ye Shang came to the front of the bamboo house, he saw Gong Xuan walking anxiously back and forth in the courtyard.

Seeing Ye Shang coming back, Gong Xuan walked a few steps over and patted heavily on the shoulders of Ye Shang. “Lil Thirteenth, where have you been? Yesterday I came here but couldn’t find you, if I wasn’t able to find you today, I would have reported it to the master! Well, what kind of bird is this?”

Yelling at Ye Shang, Gong Xuan saw the white bird that came out of the woods behind Ye Shang.

“My new partner, I don’t know what kind of bird it is, though.” Ye Shang started sweating since Gong Xuan just patted on his injured right shoulder.

“Are you injured?” Noticing that Ye Shang didn’t look good, Gong Xuan sized him up and asked in a concerned voice.

“Something went wrong, and I broke my right arm.” Ye Shang nodded since he knew that he couldn’t lie and there was no need to hide it.

“Stupid, if you go out for actual combat, you must know how to run if you can’t win.” Gong Xuan stared at Ye Shang and took a bottle of medicinal herbs from his robe.

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