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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 25

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya/AngelicDemon

Chapter 25: Cultivating the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome

“Martial Uncle, I have already taken medicine for my injuries,” said Ye Shang in a firm voice.

“It’s a Vein Pill, which is especially good for the bone injuries.” Gong Xuan directly put the medicinal bottle into Ye Shang’s hands.

After giving Ye Shang the bottle, Gong Xuan continued to observe the white bird.

The white bird shook its head and stared at Gong Xuan.

“It’s similar to a green Peng, but definitely not the same.” Gong Xuan concluded in a curious tone as he assessed the bird from head to toe.

“I thought Martial Uncle would know about it. I saw it fighting against other monsters, after fighting together, it’s now willing to venture together with me.” Ye Shang said in an esthetic tone as he looked at the bird accompanying him.

“Good! A demon willing to be around you on its own is much better than a tamed one, and there will also be more room for its development. I’ll let master take a look at it someday.” Gong Xuan stared at Ye Shang with a strange look. So many people dream of having a flying mount, but Ye Shang only went out once and got a demon that volunteered on its own to stay together with him.

After a demon beast gets tamed by human beings, they would lose their ferocity, and there wouldn’t be much self-awareness left, which limited their growth. Hence, the white bird that volunteered to be with a human was much rarer than getting a tamed one.

“You have already reached Qi-Refining Stage Level 4 and fulfilled my first requirement, but you can’t slack down, got it? In addition, this white bird requires an amazing amount of food every day, so I will ask the servants to send food frequently.” Reminding Ye Shang not to be too harsh on himself, Gong Xuan left, but the way he looked at Ye Shang was still weird.

Gong Xuan left, Ye Shang changed his clothes, and then combed the feathers of the white bird.

“I want to give you a name. I hope someday you will be a king flying above the sky, so I’ll call you Tian Yu.”

The white bird chirped and recognized the name bestowed by Ye Shang for it.

Although his right arm was still a bit itchy, he still made a shelter in the yard before he could continue his insane cultivation regime.

Back in the bamboo house, Ye Shang took out the Sheng Ding Scripture and began to memorize it.

Though he had to return the Sheng Ding scripture to the Medicine Valley, he still had the right to cultivate and memorize it.

It took him 2 hours to thoroughly memorize it.

Putting away the Sheng Ding scripture, Ye Shang thought of another question. Feng Chen did not cultivate according to the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome because he already had high achievements from cultivating according to the Sheng Ding scripture, but Ye Shang stood in a completely different tide, he could practice both together since he was just a beginner with the Xuan Ding scripture.

After reading the analysis of the Sheng Ding Scripture and the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, Ye Shang felt that there was no conflict between them and these two could be cultivated at the same time.

Hence Ye Shang began to cultivate.

As a beginner in the Xuan Ding Scripture, he could already control his Qi independently according to the mentioned route, so he spent all his energy on cultivating the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

The cultivation method of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome was more complicated since it focused on opening your own acupoints, it involves absorbing the aura from the sky and the earth, and then circulating and merging it in the blood and bones to strengthen your body and internal energy.

The first layer of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome was called the Blood Quenching Realm, which was equivalent to the ordinary Qi-Refining stage, the second layer was the Body Strengthening Realm corresponding to the Soul-Condensation stage, the third layer was the Bone Forging Realm corresponding to the Core-Formation stage, the fourth layer was Soul Merging Realm corresponding to the Soul-Segregation stage, the fifth layer was the Tao Questioning Realm corresponding to the Void Fusion stage, the sixth layer was the Spirit Transmuting Realm corresponding to the Empyrean stage, and the seventh layer was the Physique Sublimating Realm corresponding to the Divine stage.

The highest stage of the Sheng Ding scripture was the Divine stage, but there were higher stages mentioned in the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

The eighth layer was the Everlasting Realm, the ninth layer was the Will Reincarnating Realm, and there was also a blank page behind the Reincarnation field.

It was also the reason that Ye Shang had an intuition that the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome was stronger than the Sheng Ding scripture since you could reach an even higher realm with it.

While cultivating, Ye Shang could feel the aura between the heavens and the earth entering his body through the acupuncture points, and he often felt as if a vehement aura was oozing throughout his bloodstream as the blood flowed through his veins.

His cultivation lasted a whole day, and he felt way better as he felt endless strength coursing through his body as well as the injury on his right arm was feeling much better.

When Ye Shang was freshening up, two young men in gray robes carrying a wild boar appeared out of the blue.

“Who are you?” asked Ye Shang in a surprised voice as he was not acquainted with these strange looking pals.

“We are the servants of the Taixuan Peak, Master Gong asked us to come here to feed a demon.” A servant said in a trembling voice. Only the official members of the Medicine Valley could call each other Martial Brother, Martial Sister or Martial Uncle, but the servants had to call every disciple Master.

“Okay, thank you. Keep half of it for me, and I will roast it,” Ye Shang realized that they were the servants sent by Gong Xuan.

Ye Shang, who was in a good mood, started a fire and began roasting half of the wild boar.

Recently, he kept taking only Bigu Pills, so he wanted to try some meat now.

Half of the wild boar was quickly consumed by Tian Yu, and Tian Yu came near Ye Shang and watched him roasting the rest of the boar, while the two servants helped him clean up the bamboo house.

After the wild boar was roasted, Ye Shang cut a piece for each of the two servants, then poured a bowl of wine and started eating.

Seeing Ye Shang ignoring it, Tian Yu suddenly picked up the meat from the hands of Ye Shang, stretched its neck twice, and swallowed it directly.

“You like the cooked one?” Ye Shang was stunned since he had never seen demons eating cooked meat.

Seeing that Tian Yu loved to eat the cooked meat, Ye Shang cut the cooked wild boar into pieces and fed it to Tian Yu.

In the end, Ye Shang only had two pieces, while Tian Yu ate more than half of his share of the wild boar as well.

“Thank you. I hope you would provide a hand in preparing more of this delicacy in the future. If you see me cultivating, just cook it and feed it to my Tian Yu here.”

Reminding the servants, Ye Shang gave them one of the gold tickets that he obtained from Qin Aoxuan.

“Master Ye is too polite, this is what we should do. We don’t dare to accept the gold ticket. If other masters come to know about it, we will be kicked out.” The two servants became anxious since the Medicine Valley treated the disciples so strictly, there is no need to mention the treatment of the servants.

“You two don’t need to be nervous, buy some wine for me, so it’s okay!” Ye Shang said with a smile, since Qin Aoxuan gave him a lot of gold tickets, he had no need to save them.

The two servants thanked and left as they knew that Ye Shang was generous with them since the wine would cost only a few silver tickets.

After playing for a while with Tian Yu, Ye Shang entered the bamboo house and continued to cultivate. He felt that the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome was very magical as its strengthening effect on the body was already very obvious.

He only cultivated it once and the injury on his right arm was almost healed, it was more effective than the medicinal herbs.

After two days of cultivation, his right arm was completely healed.

If others knew about it, they might become very shocked since healing a broken bone within three to four days was impossible.

But Ye Shang knew that it was all due to the effect of Vein Pills and the cultivation method of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

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