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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 27 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 27

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya/AngelicDemon

Chapter 27: Not Pedantic

After taking a look, Ye Shang became helpless, though there were medicinal herbs in the ring, there were no lower tier medical items. The lowest one was the third-tier Condensation Pill. However, a while later Ye Shang finally managed to find a kind of medicinal elixir which was more suitable for him, that was Blood Elixir, which was used for strengthening the body.

After thinking about it, Ye Shang took out a Condensation Pill, crushed it, and swallowed half of it then began to cultivate since he wanted to try and see if he could use it.

As he consumed the pill a large amount of energy oozed from his body, but the medicinal properties of Condensation Pills were several times stronger than that of Soul Elixirs, so Ye Shang had to circulate the method of Sheng Ding Scripture and the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome immediately to absorb the energy of the Condensation Pill at full speed.

The medicinal strength of the pill had quite the impact on Ye Shang’s body as he had totally underestimated its strength. As a disciple with only first stage cultivation base, dosing on the third tier medical item was way too crazy.

Although his inner organs were impacted and a few drops of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, Ye Shang still withstood the impact of the Condensation Pill.

After 4 hours, Ye Shang managed to turn the half of the consumed Condensation Pill into energy and Qi.

Opening his eyes and wiping off the blood off his mouth, Ye Shang looked at the remaining half of the condensate elixir and felt a little scared since he just took half of it and he knew quite well that it might have injured his Dantian if he had taken the full dose of it.

Taking a stroll in the yard, Ye Shang tried to relax his mind. He then returned back to the bamboo house and tried the Blood Elixir this time.

After circulating the method from Sheng Ding Scripture and the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome at the same time, Ye Shang realized that the Blood Elixir wasn’t as strong as the Condensation Pill.

As time passed by, he found out that the Blood Elixir didn’t help much in the cultivating the Sheng Ding Scripture. However, it was a great aid to the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome’s technique as it focused on heaven and earth aura that Ye Shang absorbed while stabilizing its flow in his body.

After cultivating for a night with the Blood Elixir’s effect completely wore off, but the improvement was very obvious as Ye Shang had reached the bottleneck of the Second Level of Blood Quenching Realm.

Stretching his body, Ye Shang left the bamboo house and took a shower behind the house.

Standing inside the icy stream, Ye Shang thought that he should experiment and use the Condensate Pill and Blood Elixir at the same time so that he could blend the process of the Sheng Ding Scripture and the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome to perhaps come up with a groundbreaking technique.

After bathing, when Ye Shang returned to the bamboo house, he saw Liu Yangyu.

Liu Yangyu, who donned a black robe, was standing in the yard and was blocking the attacks of Tian Yu.

“Tian Yu, stop!” Ye Shang shouted anxiously as he was worried that Liu Yangyu might hurt Tian Yu.

Tian Yu heard the sound of Ye Shang, hovered around and returned beside Ye Shang.

“Impressive, it’s a descendant of Green Pengs and Luans, its strength will be soar once it grows up.” Looking at Tian Yu, Liu Yangyu told Ye Shang its origins.

“Greetings, Peak Leader!” Ye Shang bowed and greeted Liu Yangyu gracefully.

“Qi-Refining Level 5, it seems that you have worked hard. Your body looks stronger now, have you cultivated some other method?” Looking at Ye Shang, Liu Yangyu frowned as he could see the condition of Ye Shang’s body with a single glance.

“Yes, I also cultivated some body strengthening methods.” Ye Shang nodded in apprehension.

“Very good. Although Qi is the foundation of the cultivators, but the strength of the body is also quite important. I heard Gong Xuan say that you are at the beginner level of the Chasing Wind Spear Technique. Show me how far you have reached.” Liu Yangyu sat in a bamboo chair and ordered Ye Shang to display his skills.

Ye Shang nodded to Liu Yangyu, pulled out the black iron spear behind, and then flicked his arms to release the Chasing Wind Spear Technique.

With the increase of his body strength, the strength of his arms reached 2,000 pounds, making the rapid characteristics of the Chasing Wind Spear Technique quite prominent, and the black iron spear kept whistling through the air.

Whenever he stabbed the spear forward, the tip of the spear trembled and whistled.

“You’re only at Level 5 of Qi-Refining stage, but you still managed to master the main points of the Chasing Wind Spear Technique with your body strength, which is very rare. The methods are dead, but we are alive. I remember there was once a spear master who was famous for using a spear technique called Breaking Star, and its power was shockingly strong. The Breaking Star relied on shock waves.” Liu Yangyu said as he punched a bamboo in the yard.

The punch seemed to happen very slowly and seemed to carry little power behind it. However, as soon as the fist came in contact with the bamboo, the part he touched turned to powder instantly.

“Thank you for your pointers.” Ye Shang was shocked since he felt what he just saw was amazing.

“All the combat skills are created by the cultivators. You have to continue to explore yourself. You can feel and try the shock wave, but you have to figure out if it is suitable for the Chasing Wind Spear Technique.” Liu Yangyu nodded and said.

Ye Shang looked down and thought about whether he should hand over the Sheng Ding Scripture to Liu Yangyu.

After thinking for a while, Ye Shang raised his head, put his hand into his robe, and took out the Sheng Ding Scripture from the storage ring. Then he took out and handed the Sheng Ding Scripture to Liu Yangyu.

The reason why he did this was to hide the storage ring.

“What is this?” Liu Yangyu took over the Sheng Ding Scripture and inquired in a startled voice.

When he saw the cover of the Sheng Ding Scripture, Liu Yangyu was shocked as he immediately stood up from the chair. He flipped through the pages as his fingers were trembling, and he couldn’t help but read it for a quarter of an hour without any movement.

“This is the Sheng Ding Scripture, the original version of the Sheng Ding Scripture. What are you doing with it?” Liu Yangyu was very excited since this was the core inheritance of the Medicine Valley, and the rise of the Medicine Valley was just a matter of time with the help of Sheng Ding Scripture.

Hearing Liu Yangyu’s words, Ye Shang thought that he was right to hand over the Sheng Ding Scripture to Liu Yangyu since he did not ask where he obtained it from, but asked what to do with it, which shows that Liu Yangyu did not covet the benefits that the Medicine Valley would give to those who returned such a valuable item.

“It’s up to you, peak leader.” Ye Shang handed the problem to Liu Yangyu.

“You’re a smart person since you thought of handing over the Sheng Ding Scripture to the sect. But it is not appropriate to let others know that you are the one to return it to sect, since your status is currently too low here, meaning you can’t reap any benefits from it. You can leave it at my place temporarily for now and later return it to the sect officially after becoming a core disciple.” Thinking for a while, Liu Yangyu made a decision.

“It’s all up to you, peak leader.” Ye Shang found it hard to believe that Liu Yangyu really cared this much about him.

“Have you copied it? Although you have to hand it over to the sect, you have the right to cultivate it.” Liu Yangyu looked at Ye Shang and asked with a broad smile.

“No, but I’ve memorized it.” Ye Shang nodded and answered honestly.

“Well, loyal but not pedantic. You are doing the right thing, but this is not safe. I will make a copy for you two days later, but you must remember not to leak it and don’t disclose it to anyone.” Liu Yangyu had a straight face since it was a very important matter.

“Understood.” Ye Shang nodded.

“Okay, good. By the way, I almost forgot the purpose of this trip. Your spear is a bit dull. Do you want a new weapon? There are some better ones available in Taixuan Hall.” Liu Yangyu looked at the black iron spear in Ye Shang’s hands and asked.

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