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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 28 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 28

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya/AngelicDemon

Chapter 28: Heaven Obscuring Palm

Stroking the black iron spear, Ye Shang was very confused since he really didn’t want to replace his black iron spear, but he had to give it up sooner or later because it might not withstand the increase in his strength and cultivation base.

“You must treat the weapon in your hand seriously since it will be your most loyal partner. Well, you can give me the spear, and I’ll find someone to help you re-forge it into a better one. What other demands do you have? You have contributed a lot to the sect, though you have yet to hand in the Sheng Ding Scripture, but I can still probably satisfying most of your demands.” Liu Yangyu looked at Ye Shang as he appreciated what he did.

“Temporarily I do not have any.” Ye Shang shook his head and said.

“You don’t have to practice any other combat skills. When you reach Soul-Condensation Stage, you can practice my Heaven Obscuring Palm. Gong Xuan and others doesn’t have enough physical strength, but you should be able to accomplish it.” Liu Yangyu said in a firm tone.

“Thank you, then I think I should also hand this sacred book over to you, peak leader.” Ye Shang took out the original manual of the Heaven Obscuring Palm from his arms and handed it over to Liu Yangyu.

Seeing the manual of Heaven Obscuring Palm, Liu Yangyu looked excited and his hands were trembling as held it.

“Thank God! Just when I had reached a bottleneck, I can’t believe that I got this manual. Ye Shang, I owe you a huge favor.” Liu Yangyu looked at Ye Shang very seriously.

“You’re welcome.” Ye Shang was very calm since he had memorized the Sheng Ding Scripture and the manual of Heaven Obscuring Palm. He had to return the Sheng Ding Scripture to the Medicine Valley, and he gave the manual of Heaven Obscuring Palm to Liu Yangyu to display his integrity as Liu Yangyu had treated him kindly.

“Good, work hard.” Liu Yangyu slapped the shoulder of Ye Shang and collected the books.

As Liu Yangyu retracted the Manuals, Ye Shang discovered that Liu Yangyu also had a storage ring.

As Liu Yangyu left, Ye Shang walked him to the door of the yard.

“By the way, It is not wise to show wealth in front of others, use it as your advantage and keeping it silent could prove a lot more beneficial.” Liu Yangyu gave a comment on Ye Shang being in a vulnerable state as he now knew some vital details.

Liu Yangyu left, and Ye Shang began to cultivate after taking medicinal herbs.

Liu Yangyu, who arrived at the residence of Gong Xuan, called Gong Xuan to serve him some wine.

“Master, you look so happy. Is it because of Lil Thirteenth?” Gong Xuan took out a jar of wine and got a bowl for Liu Yangyu.

“True. It’s hard to cultivate a Second-Rank combat skill with a Level 5 cultivation in Qi-Refining stage. His demon beast is also very extraordinary. Tell the enforcing elders in the hall to safeguard Ye Shang’s life.” Liu Yangyu reminded Gong Xuan after taking a sip of the wine.

“Isn’t that a bit too much?” Gong Xuan said with some surprise.

“Not at all. You’ll know why later.” Liu Yangyu said in a grave tone.

“I will arrange it.” After hearing to Liu Yangyu’s words, Gong Xuan no longer asked the details, but he did not expect Liu Yangyu would value Ye Shang so much.

Gong Xuan was the eldest disciple of Taixuan Peak so everything on Taixuan Peak was at his disposal except the Taixuan Enforcement Hall, where they only obeyed the orders of the peak leader.

“Those three have good talents. You should accept Tang Tian and Chu Ning as your disciples.” Liu Yangyu said as he discussed the future of these young pals.

“Master, how about Lil Thirteenth?” After hearing Liu Yangyu’s words, Gong Xuan was anxious since Ye Shang had the best potential and he didn’t want Ye Shang to be assigned to one of his younger martial brother or sister.

“Well, he can practice the Heaven Obscuring Palm, can you teach him?” Liu Yangyu asked Gong Xuan while smirking at Gong Xuan.

“Ah?!! Then I am going to have one more younger martial brother.” After Hearing Liu Yangyu’s words, Gong Xuan finally understood how much Liu Yangyu valued Ye Shang.

“Just let Ye Shang cultivate freely on his own. With his caliber, he should be allowed the freedom to soar through the sky.” Once again, Liu Yangyu reminded him of Ye Shang’s potential and left.

After Liu Yangyu left, Ye Shang began cultivating after taking a Blood Elixir. He did not cultivate the Sheng Ding Scripture but instead focused on Myriad Dao Treasured Tome to reach the peak of the Blood Quenching Realm Level 2 as he was hoping to breakthrough today.

With the efficiency of the Blood Elixir, the blood in his body flowed rapidly and the energy in the blood entered the muscles every time after reaching their limit.

Ye Shang controlled the energy flowing in the muscles and he could often feel a large amount of energy surging through the back of his neck.

With a muffled sound, the muscles on his neck trembled as they seemed to have reached the limit with a vehement flow of the energy, this rare scenario was often termed as ‘The Dragon Neck’ in the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, and it was the sign of entering the Blood Quenching Realm Level 3.

Ye Shang was overjoyed since he finally managed to enter Blood Quenching Realm Level 3, meaning he was one step further in raising his strength.

After cultivating for an hour, Ye Shang got out of the bamboo house since he felt a sudden urge to practice the Chasing Wind Spear Method, but there was no spear in his hand, so he could only practice boxing.

Going towards the pine tree outside the courtyard, Ye Shang punched on the tree.


This pine tree snapped off

Retrieving his fist, Ye Shang exhaled and felt that his punch had a force of at least 3,000 pounds.

As he punched and kicked on the tree, the tree was completely decimated, even the stump was kicked off.

Ye Shang thought that even though Heaven Obscuring Palm was a Second-Rank combat skill, he might be able to try it since his strength was already quite high. After all, the Chasing Wind Spear Technique was also a Second-Rank combat skill, but he was faring quite well with it.

Therefore he tried to recall the cultivation method of Heaven Obscuring Palm.

The first layer of the Heaven Obscuring Palm was termed Repressing Hands. The main point of this layer was to infuse the Qi in Dantian into both of the hands while forming a cyclone. In this way, the pressure generated by the punch would be great, and the attack power would be much more enhanced.

The difficulty and key to this cultivation technique, however, was that the person who cultivates this method must have an exceptional amount of strength, otherwise, their hands and arms would fail to withstand the large amount of Qi and wouldn’t form any kind of mentioned cyclone.

Sitting cross-legged in the yard, Ye Shang was circulating the Qi in his Dantian and was pouring it into his arms.

As Ye Shang began cultivating the Qi in his Dantian, he infused the Qi into his arms followed by his hands.

Since the key to the cultivation in the manual was the strength of the arms and hands, if the arms and hands couldn’t bear the in Qi from the Dantian, it would be easy for the hands and arms to suffer injuries, but Ye Shang didn’t feel any kind of pressure in his hands even after infusing the Qi into his hands, which wasn’t mentioned in the manual, as far as the case of the newbies trying their hands out with this techniques were concerned.

Guiding the Qi back to Dantian, Ye Shang stood up and started walking back and forth in the yard thinking about it. After a while, Ye Shang concluded that the biggest bottleneck others practicing the Heaven Obscuring Palm faced was lacking body strength, but his problem was that the Qi in his Dantian wasn’t enough.

Ye Shang thought about it and decided to try with one hand first since his Qi wasn’t enough for both hands.

Ye Shang then sat down, raised his left hand in front of his chest and reached out, as this was a process of Qi accumulation.

Ye Shang decided to practice the spear method with his right hand and cultivate the Heaven Obscuring Palm with his left hand.

When all his Qi had entered his left hand, the Qi in his left hand rotated quickly almost instantly as if a torment of a cyclone was breaking through the ocean.

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