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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God - Chapter 3 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 3

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 3: To Gunan Town

Ye Shang immediately climbed up the tree and shouted at the cheetah.

It was a pity that the cheetah already had cold feet, it even couldn’t stand up, which shocked Ye Shang. It wasn’t an ordinary demon, otherwise, the cheetah wouldn’t become like this. This was suppression, either the ethnic suppression or the suppression from cultivation.

While Ye Shang was feeling shocked, the demon showed up and came under the tree.
With the help of fire, Ye Shang recognized that the demon was a black serpent with a bucket-sized body. But Ye Shang couldn’t confirm the length of the serpent since its tail was still hidden in the darkness.

While Ye Shang was seizing the black serpent up, it moved, opened its mouth wide, and bit the frightened cheetah. With the squirming of its mouth, all the bones of the cheetah were easily shattered, then it was swallowed directly into its belly.

It happened only in a blink of an eye. Coming out of his trance, Ye Shang hurriedly climbed up the tree since he was no match for this scary black serpent. If he didn’t climb higher, it would be easy to end up in the same grave beside the cheetah.

Just as Ye Shang climbed up the old pear tree, the black serpent body squirmed under the tree, rose up and bit toward Ye Shang.

Feeling the crisis, Ye Shang held a branch and hurriedly swung his body toward the top.

Ye Shang had just left the place, when the black serpent bit off the branch that Ye Shang had just grasped.

Listening to the cracking sound behind him, Ye Shang quickly climbed toward the top of the tree.

After climbing for several meters, Ye Shang turned to look down and there was no sound. Not far away from his feet, the black serpent leaned on the old tree and its two green eyes stared at Ye Shang.

“Damn!” After confirmed his safety, Ye Shang swore. The cheetah was still safe just a while before and now it had become its dinner.

Fight against the black serpent ?

Ye Shang didn’t dare to act recklessly since the black serpent was obviously a demon with wisdom, but not a low-level one. Even the black iron spear couldn’t penetrate the scales of the black serpent.

Fortunately, the body of the black serpent was thick, making it hard to climb trees. It had to rely on the support of the tail to leap up high and attack Ye Shang.

Unable to eat Ye Shang, the black serpent stayed for a while and left.

Confirming that the black serpent had left, Ye Shang finally slid down the tree. Looking at the deep ditch that the black serpent climbed on the ground, Ye Shang was scared. If it had not been for the fact that he ran fast, he would have become the dinner of the black serpent along with the cheetah.

The bags under the tree were still there, but the cheetah was indeed gone.

Resting on the tree with the bags for a night, Ye Shang continued his journey.

In the next two days, Ye Shang pushed on with his journey carefully, but there was no danger.

Looking at the town in the distance and the towering old cedar at the gate of the town, Ye Shang knew that he had finally reached his first destination. Here was Gunan town and the cedar was the symbol of Gunan. It was a bustling town compared to others nearby. Though it was far to go from Gunan Town to Medicine Valley, there were many caravans, so he wouldn’t have to travel alone.

Entering Gunan Town, Ye Shang found a tea house, asked for a pot of tea, and took out the dried meat to enjoy.

There were restaurants in the town, but Ye Shang wanted to save money, and he was also very satisfied with the cheap hot tea.

While Ye Shang was eating, three brave men and a woman with blonde hair entered the teahouse.

Ye Shang took a look at them and continued eating. With his hunting experience, he could feel that their murderous aura was similar to the demons.

“Big Bro, we collected too little medicinal herbs this time, and we couldn’t find the black serpent. I am afraid that we cannot complete the mission.” The blonde woman said.

“Well, it was Butler Zhao’s scheme. He said that it was full of green grasses here. Also we couldn’t find any trace of black serpents!” The man who was called ‘big brother’ by the woman sighed.

Hearing them mention the black serpents, Ye Shang raised his head.

“What are you looking at? I’ll dig your eyeballs out!” The woman glanced at Ye Shang and shouted.

“Fourth Sis don’t bother him.” The man took a look at Ye Shang and said.

“He looks clever, how about taking him back as a servant?” The woman looked at Ye Shang and muttered.

Ye Shang finished the tea and got up since he didn’t want to provoke them.

But sometimes even if you aren’t looking for trouble, trouble comes looking for you.

“Hey! Stop!” The woman stood up and pushed Ye Shang.

“Sorry, I need to go.” Ye Shang rubbed his shoulder and whispered.

Servant? Ye Shang had never thought about it, since he must live with dignity even if he was poor.

“Fourth Sis, don’t bother him. Sorry, little brother, where are you going?” The man stopped the angry woman.

“I am going to Chiyang City.” According to Daddy Gu, Chiyang City was the largest city on his way to Medicine Valley.

“Chiyang City? We will pass Chiyang City when we return, but we still got something to do.” The man said in surprise. After all, Chiyang City was thousands of miles away, so he was amazed that a child would travel so far.

“Damn it, if we found the black serpent, we would’ve left this crappy place.” The woman glanced at Ye Shang and went to drink tea.

After hearing what the woman said, Ye Shang started pondering since he knew where the black serpent was. After hunting the black serpent, they would go to Chiyang City. If he could follow them, it would be more convenient than following the caravans. After all, the caravans set off less frequently. They would also probably not go straight to Chiyang City, instead stop at many towns on their way. In addition, Ye Shang also considered the danger and whether they were reliable or not.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Ye Shang thinking, the man asked him.

“I know where the black serpent is, but you have to take me to Chiyang City.” After thinking about it, Ye Shang felt that there was nothing valuable with him, so he had no reason to be scared. The worst result was that they wouldn’t take him together, but if they kept their promises, he would save a lot of time.

“Do you know where the black serpent is? Well! As long as we can find it, we will take you safely to Chiyang City.” The man said with excitement.

“I know where it is.” Ye Shang nodded with certainty.

“There’s no wine here. Let’s go out to drink and then set off.” The man said with excitement.

“I have wine here, but I don’t know if you guys would like it.” Ye Shang said and took out the two bags of wine.

“Ha-ha! I’m not picky. Second Bro, Third Bro, and Fourth Sis, let’s drink and then set off.” The man patted on Ye Shang’s shoulder and said aloud.

The slap made Ye Shang stagger.

“Big Bro, slow down. He is still young.” The man called Second Bro, who had a knife scar on his forehead, said with a smile.

Ye Shang opened the leather bag and poured wine for everyone.

“Little Bro, my name is Yang Sen, this is my Second Bro Du Chong, Third Bro Zhang Xuanzong, and Fourth Sis Lin Qiao.” Yang Sen introduced everyone.

Du Chong and Zhang Xuanzong nodded to Ye Shang.

Lin Qiao hesitated a bit, then said. “I am sorry about what happened earlier.”

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