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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 30 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 30

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Translator: xjshengchen
Editor: Arya/AngelicDemon

Chapter 30: The Change in the Spear Method 

Liu Yangyu threw the long spear toward Ye Shang with a smile on his face.

After reaching out to catch it, the spear sunk in his hands and he had to exert force to hold the spear tight.

Heavy! Very heavy!

Ye Shang felt that the spear weighed at least 1,000 pounds, but he was not disappointed.

Although it was a bit difficult for him to handle it now, he understood it was only a matter of time for him to control the spear with the increase in his cultivation of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

“Heavy, right? The spear weighs 1,200 pounds. I found Elder Chen in the meritorious hall and had him add a little more material to recast it.” Liu Yangyu said.

Hearing Liu Yangyu’s words, Gong Xuan smiled wryly.

A little amount of material?

He was very clear about how much material Liu Yangyu had taken to build the spear as even he was forced to contribute a piece of black gold ore.

“It’s fine. Although it is a bit difficult to handle now, I will adapt slowly.” Ye Shang waved the long spear and said.

“Good.” Liu Yangyu nodded.

“Peak leader, does this spear have a name?” asked Ye Shang, who liked it very much.

“No, we just finished re-casting it today. You are its master, so you should name it.” Liu Yangyu looked at Ye Shang, who kept touching the long spear happily.

“The recasted black iron spear is equivalent to having a new life, so I’ll call it Reincarnation.” Ye Shang held the long spear with his right hand and said.

“Reincarnation? Good name! It seems to be destined, do you know what material the spear was made of? Reincarnation stone. The reincarnation stone is very rare and it is rated highly as a refining material for artifact in the old manuals. We don’t know why, but it was very hard, so we used it.” Liu Yangyu said.

Ye Shang bowed to Liu Yangyu since he understood that Liu Yangyu had paid a lot for the long spear.

“By the way, a few days later, Tang Tian and Chu Ning will become the disciples of Gong Xuan. What do you think about it?” Crooning for a while, Liu Yangyu said.

After hearing the news, Ye Shang shook his head as he was stunned. “Martial Uncle didn’t accept me, meaning that I am not good enough. I will work even harder.”

Gong Xuan was shocked.

Enhancing 2 levels in a month and comprehending the beginner stage of the Second-Rank combat skill Chasing Wind Spear Technique with the first stage of cultivation base, is this not good enough?

He really wanted to tell him the truth.

“Very good, work harder!” Liu Yangyu nodded to Ye Shang and then left with Gong Xuan.

“Master, Ye Shang works very hard. I’m afraid that he will work even crazier after hearing your words.” After leaving the bamboo house, Gong Xuan said.

“When he is still young, he has to bear more pressure, so that he will become more capable in the future. Come here, Tie Tsang.” Liu Yangyu turned to look at the woods.

“Big brother!” The old man in the green robe walked out of the woods and nodded to Liu Yangyu.

“Martial Uncle, did the enforcing hall arrange for you to come?” Gong Xuan greeted the old man.

“It’s rare for your master to order us, so I came here to observe. The kid works really hard. There is one more thing you may not know. He has already comprehended the beginner stage of the Heaven Obscuring Palm.” Tie Tsang said.

He and Liu Yangyu were brothers and he also had a high status in Taixuan Peak.

“What? He’s really at the beginner stage of the Heaven Obscuring Palm already?” Not only Gong Xuan, even Liu Yangyu was also very shocked.

“Yes, I saw him smash a bamboo with Heaven Obscuring Palm.” Tie Tsang nodded.

“Ha-ha! This time, we found a treasure. In recent years, we didn’t attend the Newcommer’s Contest of the sect. This time, we must get a good place.” Liu Yangyu was very excited.

“Gong Xuan, such a wonderful disciple, why didn’t you accept him?” Tie Tsang heard that Gong Xuan refused to accept Ye Shang as his disciple.

“Martial Uncle, I want to, but I can’t since Master has already reserved him. Otherwise, how could he cultivate the Heaven Obscuring Palm technique?” Gong Xuan suddenly felt very helpless.

Tie Tsang laughed after getting stunned since he was shocked by Liu Yangyu’s decision, but he also felt that this was normal since who wouldn’t want to have a good disciple?

“Tie Tsang, please take care of him. He went out and broke his arm before. He really needs good care.” Liu Yangyu reminded Tie Tsang.

“Big brother, I’ve been in secluded cultivation for 20 years but I still can’t breakthrough the bottleneck. I’m happy to come out and have a little stroll.” Tie Tsang smiled and said.

Ye Shang stayed in front of the bamboo house and gently wiped the reincarnation spear with a rag, since he liked it a lot, he just didn’t want to put it down.

Wiping the reincarnation spear over and over, he started practicing the Chasing Wind Spear Method.

The reincarnation spear was very heavy, but he had reached the Level 3 of Blood Quenching Realm, making his arm strength even more powerful, thus he could barely manage the Chasing Wind’s fast and agile movements.

After practicing for a round, Ye Shang recalled the words Liu Yangyu told him regarding the famous person’s spear method the other day.

At first, Ye Shang considered the spiral force as he tried to let his Qi rotate as fast as possible before the Qi was infused into the reincarnation spear.

After practicing for an hour, Ye Shang wasn’t satisfied with the result since the strength from the rotation was not obvious after entering the reincarnation spear. At most, it added the effectiveness of a penetrative force to the reincarnation spear, but the reincarnation spear was already sharp enough.

Then Ye Shang studied the shock wave. The Heaven Obscuring Palm focused on turning the Qi into a cyclone in his hands and apply the shock waves produced when attacking the target, which would make the target oscillate violently, so the resulted power was amazing.

According to the cultivation mode of Heaven Obscuring Palm, Ye Shang practiced for more than 2 hours, but the result was still not acceptable since he couldn’t form a cyclone on the spear.

When the Qi left his body and was infused into the weapon, it would quickly disperse.

Ye Shang was puzzled and eventually felt that if he wanted the shock wave effect, he didn’t have to form a cyclone in his hands as he could just make an impact with waves of Qi, which could also form a shock wave effect.

Then Ye Shang began practicing in this direction as he controlled the Qi and transmitted it into the spear when attacking.

As he cultivated, Ye Shang felt this method was feasible.

Although it wouldn’t be as strong as when he infused all the Qi at once, he would have an advantage if there were shock waves when confronted with the opponent’s weapons.

During the following days, Ye Shang cultivated the Sheng Ding Scripture and the Myriad Dao Treasured Dao Tome at night, and practiced the Heaven Obscuring Palm and the Chasing Wind Spear Technique during the daytime.

After a few days of cultivation, Ye Shang’s Chasing Wind Spear Technique had evolved. The first part of the spear attack acquired a strong force as he could complete it with his internal energy and make the shock wave attack with the Qi inside his Dantian.

For now Ye Shang could only achieve 9 shock waves, mainly because the Qi wasn’t enough in his Dantian, and the Qi consumption couldn’t keep up after using it consecutively 9 times.

Tie Tsang, who was responsible for protecting the safety of Ye Shang, had to change places again and again because Ye Shang was unwilling to destroy the area in front and behind of the bamboo house, thus he cultivated the spear technique in the woods.

The destructive power of his Heaven Obscuring Palm wasn’t that great, and it took time to restore the Qi in his Dantian every time he used it.

However, the destructive power of the Chasing Wind Spear Technique was amazing. When a tree as thick as a human head was hit by the reincarnation spear, it would directly snap off due to the shock wave.

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