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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 31 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 31

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 31: Taixuan Rules

Even if it was a very thick old tree, though Ye Shang couldn’t snap it off, the shock wave would chip out a big hole in the wood, turning that into dust.

Tie Tsang, who watched Ye Shang cultivating in secret, even wanted to take him as his disciple since he witnessed Ye Shang changing the Chasing Wind Spear Technique and improving it little by little.

Ye Shang’s Chasing Wind Spear Technique could even be compared with a Third-Rank combat skill.

His cultivation base also improved very fast as he almost reached the Qi-Refining Stage Level 6 and Blood Quenching Realm Level 4.

On the same day, Gong Xuan came and asked him to participate in the apprentice ceremony of Nangong First, Tang Tian and Chu Ning.

Originally, he didn’t want to go since he was a bit upset when he heard the news, but thinking of his good friends Chu Ning and Tang Tian, he changed his mind.

After finishing cultivation, Ye Shang took a shower, changed into a clean robe and carried the reincarnation spear, heading towards the residence of Gong Xuan.

Inside the residence of Gong Xuan, Ye Shang, Chu Ning and Tang Tian  were dressed very neatly.

Ye Shang could not sense the cultivation of the two, but they seemed to be in good shape.

“Thirteenth, here you are. I was about to go to your place to call you.” Chu Ning punched on the shoulder of Ye Shang.

“How can I not participate in your apprenticeship ceremony!” said Ye Shang with a smile.

“Thirteenth, isn’t it yours as well?” Tang Tian was confused and said.

“Well, Martial Uncle thinks that I should work harder.” Ye Shang said, but he still looked upset.

Gong Xuan became speechless since he couldn’t tell them the truth.

“Martial Uncle, Ye Shang works very hard. When he came, he was only at the Qi-Refining Stage Level 3.”

“Now he has reached the peak of the Qi-Refining Stage Level 5. Isn’t he good enough already?” Tang Tian voiced out loudly as he knew that Ye Shang worked very hard and he couldn’t accept the fact.

“Thank you, Tang Tian, but ​​I think there will be other opportunities in the future if I keep working hard.” Ye Shang nodded to Tang Tian.

“I know, I just feel sorry for you.” Tang Tian turned and wiped his eyes.

At the same time, Chu Ning also looked at Gong Xuan with a weird look.

“What? It seems like I am the bad guy. I don’t want to take the blame. It’s not that I don’t accept Thirteenth, but my superiors don’t let me accept him as a disciple, got it? Don’t look at me with that look.” Being stared at by Tang Tian and Chu Ning with such strange looks, Gong Xuan could not help but reveal the truth.

“Superiors? Can they influence your decision?” Tang Tian looked at Gong Xuan and kept requesting.

“Stop asking anymore. You will know it sooner or later. Let’s go to the hall.” Afterwards Gong Xuan regretted it since he didn’t have to explain it to them.

When they arrived at the main hall, there were many people in front of the main hall, most of whom were middle-aged, and some were servants.

Entering the main hall, Ye Shang saw Liu Yangyu sitting on the big chair in the middle and drinking tea.

There were many people standing in two rows in the main hall, including Nangong Dai who ranked one, Ning Cheng who ranked two, and the remaining ten people who came with Ye Shang.

They were all standing behind the two rows of people and in front of them were the ones who instructed them, and the disciples of Liu Yangyu.

However, Ye Shang noticed that there were several chairs vacant. Five chairs were placed on both sides of Liu Yangyu and an old man was sitting on the left side, while the other chairs weren’t occupied.

Gong Xuan walked to the front of Liu Yangyu, bowed to him, and stood on the first position on the left, while Ye Shang, Chu Ning and Tang Tian stood behind him.

“Well, let’s start. Gong Xuan, you tell them about the situation of Taixuan Peak.” Liu Yangyu raised his chin against Gong Xuan.

Gong Xuan stood up and began to introduce Taixuan Peak.

Including the peak leader, there were currently three generations of disciples. There were 11 in the first generation, including peak leader, one deputy peak leader and nine elders.

There were 37 disciples in the second generation, all of whom were disciples of the peak leader, deputy peak leader and the elders.

Liu Yangyu had 11 disciples and Gong Xuan was the most senior disciple. Today, 10 disciples were present, and Mo Chen, the eleventh disciple didn’t come as Gong Xuan revealed that Mo Chen was out to cultivating.

The middle-aged people outside the hall were the second-generation disciples. Today, they couldn’t directly accept disciples, so they could only watch the ceremony from outside.

In the recent years, Taixuan Peak had not received new disciples, so there was no third-generation disciple.

At this moment, Liu Yangyu interrupted Gong Xuan and announced that Taixuan Peak would start recruiting newcomers like other peaks.

“Big Brother, didn’t you say that we should only accept the most outstanding ones? Earlier you said that we should just develop the current disciples.” said Tie Tsang, who was sitting on the side of Liu Yangyu.

“Tie Tsang, it was my point of view, but it turns out that I was wrong. We need more people. The more disciples we accept, the stronger we become. Next time, my disciples and I won’t recruit anyone, so you can recruit more people.” Liu Yangyu said to Tie Tsang

Everyone watching the ceremony laughed since second-generation disciples from other peaks were very powerful and had lots of disciples, but the second-generation disciples were the smallest in number here on Taixuan Peak.

When Liu Yangyu announced that Taixuan Peak will begin accepting new disciples, they would not be the smallest in number anymore.

“Big brother, we should have done like this before. We have the fewest people.” Tie Tsang said.

“It’s not too late, even if we don’t accept any of the third-generation disciples, which peak dares to look down upon us?” Liu Yangyu looked confident since everyone in Medicine Valley knew that the disciples of Taixuan Peak were very strong.

Then Gong Xuan began to declare the sect rules.

Rule 1: The disciples are not allowed to kill each other.

Rule 2: You must not do evil deeds.

Rule 3: Never betray the sect and never rebel against your masters.

Ye Shang and others thought that it was going to be lengthy, but who knew that there were only 3 rules?

“Yes, we only have these 3 rules. If anyone violates these 3 rules, we will punish them ourselves.” Liu Yangyu said indifferently.

“Peak leader, someone injured Ye Shang during the assessment last time, how should we deal with such a thing? We can’t kill each other, but are we just going to bear with it?” asked Zhe Zhuang, who ranked 5 and looked very tall and strong.

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