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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 32 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 32

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 32: Amazing Pride


“I just told you that you are not allowed to kill each other. As for the provocation of disciples from other peak, you can fight back and kill them if necessary.” The sturdy man in front of Zhe Zhuang said seriously.

Hearing his words, everyone was stunned.

No wonder Taixuan Peak was strong, it had such unique ideology.

“Well, we must focus on the interests of the sect when we have conflicts with other peaks.” Liu Yangyu nodded and said.

Then it was the start of the apprentice ceremony.

Starting from Nangong Dai, she first bowed to the statue of the founder of the Great Hall, and then took a cup of tea from the servants and sent it to Hua Nan, the third disciple of Liu Yangyu.

Hua Nan drank the tea, handed a long sword to Nangong as a gift, and then gave Nangong a piece of cyan jade, which was the identity plate of a third-generation disciple of Taixuan Peak.

Then Ning Cheng also bowed to the statue of the founder, and gave Liu Yangyu’s seventh disciple Zhou Zheng a cup of tea.

Then Zhou Zheng gave Ning Cheng a sword as a gift and gave the same cyan jade plate.

The 12 people who came with Ye Shang finished the process and their masters also gave them gifts.

“Master, their apprenticeship ceremony is over.” After Su Feng finished the process, Gong Xuan walked a few steps toward Liu Yangyu and said.

At the time, Nangong Dai, Ning Cheng and Zhe Zhuang all looked at Ye Shang since they didn’t understand why no one accepted Ye Shang even though he had showed great perseverance and even raised 2 level in his cultivation stage in just a month.

“Well, your masters will lead you, but you still have to cultivate on your own. I have just set three rules for you, and now I will give you one more rule. Never harm the reputation of Taixuan Peak even if you were to die.” Liu Yangyu said seriously.

“Understood.” Everyone bowed including Ye Shang.


The ceremony was over, so the third-generation disciples began to chat with their Masters.

One day as a teacher, whole life as a father. According to this concept, everyone in the hall were the closest they will have in Medicine Valley.

“Thirteenth, don’t worry, you are the youngest. When you get older, Master Elder Uncle will accept you as a disciple.” Nangong Dai, standing behind Liu Yangyu’s third disciples, Hua Nan, saw Ye Shang silent, thus she encouraged him.

The performance of Ye Shang in the assessment earned the respect of others, hence Nangong couldn’t bear to see Ye Shang being depressed.

“Thank you.” Ye Shang nodded to Nangong.

“That’s right, you are the best.” Zhe Zhuang also encouraged.

“I also think so, Thirteenth, you are the best.” Tang Tian, ​​standing next to Ye Shang, also said.


Gong Xuan turned back and slapped the back of Tang Tian’s head. “Don’t bother, mind your business.”

“Master, I am telling the truth. You have better vision than me, you should not give up on Thirteenth.” Tang Tian said.

“Big Brother, if you don’t announce it now, then I will take the lead.” Tie Tsang, who didn’t talk much, said with a smile.

“Well, apprenticeship ceremony is over. Then I want to announce that I have decided to accept another disciple, my last disciple. Ye Shang, are you willing to accept me as your master?” Liu Yangyu stood up and said to Ye Shang.

Liu Yangyu’s words  stunned everyone since originally everyone was very sympathetic to Ye Shang, and they couldn’t imagine that Liu Yangyu would personally want to accept him as his last disciple.

“Please do not have pity on me. Since right now no one believes I am worthy enough, I will work hard until I change everyone’s minds.” Ye Shang bowed to Liu Yangyu, showing his own pride as he didn’t want others’ mercy and pity.


What Ye Shang said stunned Liu Yangyu and the hall became quiet since no one had expected that he would give such an answer.

At the same time, they all understood how proud he was under his calm face.

“Good! Ye Shang, it’s not because of pity that I accept you as a disciple. I have been watching you for many days, and I know that you’re cultivating Chasing Wind Spear Technique and Heaven Obscuring Palm. I really feel that you are suitable for inheriting my position. The facts have proved that I’m right. The cultivation base, foundation and even potential can be changed, but the inner strength is brought by one’s nature. Pride is also one aspect of a strong person.” Liu Yangyu was very excited since what Ye Shang said had touched him.

“Lil Thirteenth, what are you waiting for?” Gong Xuan reached out and pushed Ye Shang to the front of the servants who were holding the tea.

Hesitating for a while, Ye Shang picked up a cup of tea in the tray and went straight to Liu Yangyu without bowing to the statue.

Then he kneeled down on one knee. “I don’t have good talent, but I will work hard and not disappoint you Master.”

“Good! You are my thirteenth disciple, and will be the final one.” Liu Yangyu took the tea and drank it.

“I’m not going to give you a gift, I have some words for you to remember. Neither be pleased by external gains nor saddened by one’s personal losses. Your own strength is the real power.” Liu Yangyu said after helping Ye Shang up.

Liu Yangyu originally had 12 disciples, but his twelfth disciple died.

The 12th disciple was besieged by a small sect when he went out to cultivate and finally fought until death.

Liu Yangyu annihilated the sect after he came to know of the news.

Hence, Ye Shang was still the thirteenth disciple.


“Tang Tian, ​​you can’t call him Thirteenth in the future, you must call him Uncle Thirteenth.” Gong Xuan turned back and gave Tang Tian a slap since Tang Tian despised him several times with his looks for the matter of Ye Shang.

“Uncle Thirteenth…… Seriously?” Tang Tian stuttered. The changed way too suddenly and he was still finding it unbelievable.

“Of course! He is the thirteenth disciple of your grandmaster, also my younger martial brother.” Gong Xuan glanced at Tang Tian.

“Uncle Thirteenth!” Tang Tian shouted, which made Chu Ning laugh.

“And you.” Gong Xuan also slapped on Chu Ning’s head.

Chu Ning could only step forward and greet him.

“Thirteenth, this is your identity plate. In addition, all of you can go to the Taixuan Resource Hall to receive a storage belt later.” Liu Yangyu handed a jade plate representing the identity of the Medicine Valley disciple to Ye Shang, and also gave them their privilege.

Ye Shang’s identity plate was black, which was different from Tang Tian and others since he was now a second-generation disciple.

When accepting the masters, all others kneeled down on both knees and bowed to the statue of the founder, but Ye Shang did neither of these. However, Liu Yangyu was satisfied since he learned how unique this kid was.

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