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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 33

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 33: Taming Space

“Thirteenth, I should officially introduce myself now. My name is Gong Xuan, also the first disciple of Master.” Gong Xuan looked at Ye Shang and officially introduced himself.

“Martial brother.” Ye Shang greeted Gong Xuan.

After that, Nangong and others came to greet Gong Xuan.

After Gong Xuan introduced himself, Liu Yangyu’s other disciples began to introduce themselves.

They were, the first disciple Gong Xuan, second disciple Wu Qi, third disciple Hua Nan, fourth disciple Huang An, fifth disciple Liu Peng, sixth disciple Qing Ji, seventh disciple Zhou Zheng, eighth disciple Shi Tianlin, ninth disciple Yang Lei, tenth disciple Tao Yuan and eleventh disciple Mo Chen.

The twelfth disciple had passed away and the thirteenth disciple was Ye Shang.

Among them, the sixth disciple Qing Ji and the ninth disciple Yang Lei were female, and they were his Martial Sisters.

“Ye Shang, this is your Martial Uncle, also my brother. We grew up together and later entered the Medicine Valley together. Now he is one of the enforcing elders of Taixuan Peak.” Liu Yangyu introduced Tie Tsang to Ye Shang.

“Martial Uncle.” Ye Shang bowed to Tie Tsang.

“Ha-ha! Your master did not give you a gift, but I’ll give you one. I know you have a flying demon and I will gift you a taming space.” A blue crystal appeared in the hands of Tie Tsang.

“Tie Tsang, this is too expensive. He is still young!” Liu Yangyu frowned.

“Nothing, it’s okay.” Tie Tsang squinted.

“Fine! Ye Shang, it’s a really good item. Many cultivators are tamers, but few have taming spaces. You can bring your tamed beast anywhere with it whenever you want.” Liu Yangyu said.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle.” Ye Shang took over the crystal as he didn’t refuse it.

“Bold, I like it!” Tie Tsang laughed and slapped on Ye Shang’s shoulder.

“Ye Shang, do you want to cultivate with me at Jingxin Cliff, or continue to stay with your Martial Brother?” Liu Yangyu looked at Ye Shang and asked.

“I have become accustomed to staying at my martial brother’s place. If I have problems concerning cultivation, I will ask Master.” Ye Shang thought about it and said.

“Good, feel free to ask any question.” Liu Yangyu nodded and left since he knew that his disciples and grand disciples wouldn’t feel free to chat if he stayed here.

Tie Tsang patted on Ye Shang’s shoulder and left.

“Thirteenth, you are too ferocious.” Hua Nan looked at Ye Shang and said with a smile.

“Yeah, we got accepted only by Master after cultivating for many years on Taixuan Peak. You have been here for just a bit longer than a month.” Yang Lei, the Ninth Martial Sister of Ye Shang, said with a smile.

“Ninth Martial Sister.” Ye Shang clasped his hands to Yang Lei.

“Thirteenth, you should not be so cautious. We’re like real brothers and sisters. If you have any problems, you can come find me.” Yang Lei looked at Ye Shang with a smile.

“Thirteenth, your ninth martial sister is the only one among us who cultivates the Heaven Obscuring Palm. She’s really good at it” Hua Nan said to Ye Shang.

Ye Shang was stunned since it was not easy to cultivate Heaven Obscuring Palm as a woman.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. I started cultivating it at the late Soul-Condensation Stage. You’re way stronger than me, and were even able to cultivate it at Qi-Refining Stage Level 5.” Yang Lei looked at Hua Nan and said.

After chatting for a while in the main hall, they went to the secluded forest where Qing Ji stayed to have a meal since it was pretty close.

After having a meal, everyone went away separately.

“Oh my God, everything happened so fast. Lil Thirteenth has been directly turned into Uncle Thirteenth.” On the way back to bamboo hill, Tang Tian was still muttering about this matter.

“How dare you call him Thirteenth? Want to get beaten up?” Gong Xuan turned his head and took a look at Tang Tian.

Tang Tian shrank his neck and dare not talk. At this point, he dare not refute since seniority was highly valued by the cultivators.

After leaving Gong Xuan and others, Ye Shang returned to his place.

In his residence, the two servants stared at Tian Yu very helplessly, and Tian Yu was on guard to prevent the servants from approaching.

When Ye Shang was present, Tian Yu behaved carefreely because it trusted him.

However, no one else was allowed to touch its food if Ye Shang wan’t around.

If it hadn’t seen these two servants previously, it might have directly attacked them.

“Master Ye, you finally came back. It didn’t let go of the food, so we couldn’t roast it.” The servant said with a wry face.

Seeing Ye Shang, Tian Yu loosened the takin (TL Note: A kind of animal) under the claws and flew towards him, rubbing Ye Shang with his head.

“It’s fine. You two can deal with the takin now!” Ye Shang reminded the servants and started cleaning the feathers of Tian Yu.

Since then, Liu Yangyu did not come, Gong Xuan came every few days, and Tie Tsang often came to drink tea with Ye Shang, asking about the progress of his cultivation and also helping him recognize the method of using the taming space.

However, Tie Tsang told Ye Shang that Tian Yu was a demon with a very high spirituality, and was not the same as normal beasts. If it was not necessary, he should not put it into the taming space since natural environment was better for Tian Yu to grow and improve.

Hearing Tie Tsang’s words, Ye Shang understood why as tamed beast had lost theirs spirituality and wildness, so there was no room for their development.

However, the potential of Tian Yu was huge and completely different from them.

With the reminder of Tie Tsang, Ye Shang still allowed Tian Yu go out to hunt for food.

After a month, the cultivation base of Ye Shang smoothly reached the Level 6 of Qi-Refining Stage, and the Blood Quenching Realm Level 4 for the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

After entering the Level 6 of Qi-Refining Stage, the Heaven Obscuring Palm technique was performed more smoothly.

Although he could still only attack once, the power increased, and the qi circulation was smoother.

His biggest improvement was Wind Chasing Spear Technique. He became very skilled in controlling the shock wave, making Tie Tsang admire him since very few people could add their own ideas modifying the combat skills.

The cultivation methods and combat methods were the inheritance that cultivators valued, though what Ye Shang did was not as difficult as creating his own, the difficulty was still pretty high.

One day, after his cultivation was completed, Gong Xuan came to meet him.

“Thirteenth, the Spirit Gathering will start tomorrow.” Gong Xuan said.

“Got it. Thank you for reminding me.” Ye Shang got Gong Xuan a glass of water and said.

“It’s not a big deal. Didn’t Master tell you to take a storage belt? I went to Taixuan Hall for some business today but I found out that you still haven’t taken it. Did you forget? Here, I brought it for you.” Gong Xuan handed a storage belt to Ye Shang.

Though it was called a storage belt, in fact, it wasn’t a belt, but a jewelry that could be fixed on the belt, four inches long and one inch wide.

What Gong Xuan brought Ye Shang was a silver one with a Pixiu pattern and looked very delicate, as if woven with silver.

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