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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Ranks of Disciples

“Sorry, I really forgot about it. Martial Brother, why don’t you also carry your storage belt?” Ye Shang looked towards the waist of Gong Xuan and did not find his storage belt.

“Well, I have this, a storage ring, this was the reward that I got after I completed a heaven-ranked sect mission. Thirteenth, your belt seems quite good for now, but it will be better if you change to a storage ring in the future.” Showing off his storage ring, Gong Xuan said to Ye Shang.

“Got it.” Ye Shang nodded as he didn’t want others to know that he already had a storage ring.

If his acquaintances knew about it, it would make them feel that he was showing off; if strangers knew about it, he would be in danger, hence Ye Shang still appreciated what Liu Yangyu reminded him about, ‘opportunity makes a thief’.

“You have to work harder. I heard that both Wangyun and Tianyue Peaks have outer disciples in Soul-Condensation stage. They are now waiting for the annual sect contest to start in order to be promoted to inner disciples.” Gong Xuan said.

“Martial Brother, do you mean all the inner disciples are at the Soul-Condensation stage?” Ye Shang thought about it and said.

“Well, the inner disciples are also divided into 3 ranks. Some of the outer disciples have low endowments. Even if they become inner disciples, they won’t be accepted as disciples per say. They are the low-ranked disciples. The middle-ranked disciples are the disciples accepted by enforcement team. The high-ranked disciples are those inner disciples accepted by the major peak leaders.” Gong Xuan said with a smile.

“Then am I among the high-ranked inner disciples?” Ye Shang said with a smile.

“You are not an inner disciple! The disciples of our peak are directly considered as elite disciples. Tang Tian and ​​Chu Ning are among the high-ranked inner disciples, ha-ha!” His first sentence stunned Ye Shang, but the second sentence made him laugh.

“Elite disciples, um, it feels good.” Ye Shang said happily.

“Lil Thirteenth, elite disciples are also graded.” Gong Xuan hesitated and said.

Hearing Gong Xuan’s introduction, Ye Shang now had more understanding of the ranking system of the Medicine Valley.

The disciples of the peak leaders were elite disciples. In addition, the disciples who entered the soul list and the core list would be regarded as elite disciples.

Elite disciples were also divided into 3 ranks, human, king and heaven.

The elite disciples at the Soul-Condensation stage were the most common ones, but the top 10 disciples on the core list were the king-ranked elite disciples.

In addition, there was also the heaven list, which was the leaderboard for the disciples at Soul Segregation stage. The top 10 disciples on the heaven list are the heaven-ranked elite disciples.

“What if one’s ranking changed? What if their rankings dropped the next time?” asked Ye Shang.

“If the rankings of the top 10 disciples on the core list drop out the top 10, they will become human-ranked elite disciples. If they drop out the core list, they will become ordinary elite disciples. If the rankings of the top 10 disciples on the heaven list drop out of the top 10, they will become king-ranked elite disciples. Only 10 people at the Soul Segregation stage can become heaven-ranked disciples. If they get promoted as the top 10 disciples on the heaven list, they will be heaven-ranked disciples forever.” Gong Xuan gave a detailed explanation.

“These are still far for me.” Ye Shang shook his head and said.

“True.. Come to my place tomorrow, I will send you, Tang Tian and Chu Ning together.” Gong Xuan got up and said.

Ye Shang sent Gong Xuan away and then continued to practice the Chasing Wind Technique.

After practicing for one night, Ye Shang came to the residence of Gong Xuan with Tian Yu.

“Martial Brother, I’ll be cultivating in the Spirit Gathering Formation for some time. Tian Yu doesn’t trust the servants. Can you can take care of it for me?”

“This guy is really a spiritual beast.” Gong Xuan wanted to reach out and touch Tian Yu, but Tian Yu directly dodged it away and stared at Gong Xuan.

“Tian Yu, I have to leave now. You will stay here for a while. Start trusting my martial brother.” Ye Shang reached out, touched Tian Yu’s neck, and said.

After Ye Shang’s explanation, It seems to have understood and didn’t dodge when Gong Xuan reached out and finally touched it.

“Master, oh…… Uncle Thirteenth is also here!” Tang Tian, ​​who arrived at Gong Xuan’s residence, greeted Gong Xuan, and nodded to Ye Shang helplessly.

After a while, Chu Ning also came. Like Tang Tian, ​​he was also reluctant to greet Ye Shang since he was younger than them, and was suddenly promoted.

They came to a place at the back of Taixuan Hall more than a dozen miles away.

It was an ancient forest, and there was an open space in the middle of it, while many stone platforms were established in the open space.

There were a few elders standing in front of the stone platforms, including Liu Yangyu, Wu Qi, Hua Nan and Yang Lei.

“Greeting elders.” Gong Xuan bowed to Liu Yangyu and others.

Ye Shang, Tang Tian and Chu Ning also bowed.

The Spirit Gathering Formation of the Taixuan Peak had not been opened for many years because the effect of this formation was not very obvious for the high-level cultivators, and the consumption of resources was quite large as it was only effective for training the newcomers.

“After a while, you all will board the stone platforms to cultivate. The time limit is one month. Whoever shows highest growth on their cultivation, we will reward that person with an essence gathering pill.” Liu Yangyu said.

Then Liu Yangyu informed the 13 people that the height of the stone platforms would display the effect of their cultivation.

The name of the stone platform was the Spirit Gathering Platform. Sitting on the platform to cultivate, the platform would provide energy to the cultivators continuously.

As the absorption of energy increased,  the stone platform would rise and the height of the platform would indicate how much energy was absorbed.

Hearing that, Gong Xuan stared at Chu Ning and Tang Tian. If they didn’t do well, then Gong Xuan would probably punish them.

“Work hard! There is no danger here. Be careful with breakthroughs. Go up!” Liu Yangyu reminded and waved towards them.

When they walked to the platforms, they sat down on the knees, while Liu Yangyu and others retreated, and then several other elders surrounded a shining stone around the spirit gathering platforms, which was called a spirit stone.

When Tie Tsang punched a large stone into the ground and white mist shrouded the area around the square,  the bodies of the cultivators were covered in a white mist.

Seeing this, Ye Shang started meditating.

This time he didn’t take the Condensation Elixir or Blood Elixir since Liu Yangyu’s explanation indicated that the energy here was sufficient.

With the circulation of the Sheng Ding Scripture and the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome’s method, the energy around Ye Shang was directly absorbed by him, so the white mist around him suddenly turned scarce, but it was replenished after a while.

Feeling the constant flow of energy into his body, Ye Shang was shocked to realize that the energy was very pure, even much better than the effect of the medicinal herbs.

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