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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 35

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 35: Crazy Speed

Thousand miles west of the Danding Peak, a peak named Tianyue Peak soared towards the clouds, which was one of the 12 peaks of the Medicine Valley.

In the attic at the top of a small mountain peak in the northern part of Tianyue Peak, Qin Zhan was reminding Qin Hai. “This time, Master has applied for a place in the Spirit Gathering Formation. You have to treasure the opportunity. If you can break through to the Soul-Condensation stage, you might be accepted by the Master and become a third-generation disciple of Tianyue Peak.”

Originally, Qin Hai was at the Level 8 of Qi-Refining Stage, and now he had reached Level 9 after cultivating with the help of medicinal herbs given by Qin Zhan.

Qin Zhan’s master, Luo Daoyuan had already told Qin Zhan that Qin Hai could be accepted as his disciple as long as he reached the Soul-Condensation stage this year.

The representative of Tianyue Peak in the apprenticeship ceremony was Luo Daoyuan, and he liked Qin Hai’s unscrupulous means and enthusiasm.

“Ye Shang, I must kill you. If Qin Zen didn’t stop me, I would have killed him on the way here.” Qin Hai not only hated Ye Shang, he also hated Qin Zen a bit.

“Third Uncle is the disciple of the Arctic Peak Leader, and he is valued by the six elders of the main peak. Therefore, they can dominate Chiyang City. We can create a branch of Qin Family with some effort. We don’t have to live in their shadows.” Said Qin Zhan indifferently.

“Big brother, I understand.” Qin Hai nodded.

“You don’t understand that it’s your only chance now. If you can enter the Soul-Condensation Stage and become a disciple of the master, then you can participate in the newcomer’s contest this year. If you can get a good result in the newcomer’s contest, the higher-level elders of the Medicine Valley will value you, which is very useful for your future development.” Qin Zhan said.

“Big brother, do I have a chance to win in the contest if I’m at the Soul-Condensation Stage?” Qin Hai asked.

“Of course, the participants of the newcomer’s contests are the disciples who entered the sect in the same year. In addition, there are some outer disciples. The highest level of cultivation base of the outer disciples is the Soul-Condensation Stage. Upon entering the Soul-Condensation Stage, they are promoted to inner disciples. So as long as you enter Soul-Condensation Stage, you will definitely have a good rank.” Qin Zhan nodded.

The same situation happened in Wangyun Peak as Lu Jing, the top disciple of the peak leader, also had a meeting for the disciples to discuss about the annual contest.

This time, the Spirit Gathering Formation was opened, not only the inner disciples entered, but also two outer disciples with cultivation base of Soul-Condensation Stage.

But for the sect contest, Lu Jing did not report to the sect appraisal hall because these two disciples were now considered inner disciples and wouldn’t be able to participate in the newcomer’s contest if he reported.

Other peaks also opened up their respective Spirit Gathering Formation to give the disciples a chance for cultivation as it was a major annual event of the peaks, also an opportunity for new disciples.

In the past years, Taixuan Peak did not open up its formation because there was no new disciple, but other peaks opened every year and disciples even had to compete for the chance to participate in.

In Taixuan Peak, Ye Shang was cultivating hard, as if he had forgotten everything.

Energy continued to enter his body, and what he had to do was only refining and refining, turning energy into power.

“His speed is twice that of others. What is his cultivation method?” Wu Qi was shocked staring at Ye Shang.

“If he wasn’t our younger brother, instead an outsider, I might have taken him back and tortured him to spell out what it is.” Hua Nan touched the beard and said.

“Well, Second brother and third brother, please take care of him. The demon bird Tian Yu of Thirteenth, is at my place. So I have to go back now.” Thinking of Tian Yu, Gong Xuan was anxious since it would be a mess if Tian Yu got mad.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be watching him.” Hua Nan nodded.

Once again after taking a look at the Spirit Gathering Formation, Gong Xuan left.

“Eldest Martial Brother really got a treasure this time. Chu Ning and Tang Tian’s endowments are also very good. Needless to talk about Ye Shang. I’m so depressed” Qing Ji said as she touched her hair.

“Sixth Martial Sister, Eldest Martial Brother didn’t pick them, but Master assigned them. And don’t be depressed. Ye Shang was accepted by Master, so Eldest Martial Brother didn’t get the benefits. In addition, I went to the main peak to receive the resources of the third-generation disciples a few days ago. When I saw Chu Lingxiao, he asked me why Chu Ning was here. Then I realized that Chu Ning was the best disciple of the Chu Family. Originally Chu Lingxiao wanted to have him on his peak, and you know how it turned out.” Yang Lei said with a smile.

“Good! Let that bastard feel depressed!” Qing Ji laughed.

She and Chu Lingxiao once had a battle on the ring, but Qing Ji had lost, and her leg was injured by Chu Lingxiao’s fist, so she was happy to hear about Chu Lingxiao’s depression.

“Forget about it, didn’t Eldest Martial Brother stand up for you?” Hua Nan said.

“Oh, I just don’t like how he looks.” Qing Ji said indifferently.

“Fine, if we have an opportunity, I will beat him and let him pay.” Hua Nan said.

“Third Martial Brother, I’m just a little frustrated.” Qing Ji shook her head as she knew that Hua Nan was worried for her and he didn’t want her to be wronged, as Qing Ji knew that only Gong Xuan could win against Chu Lingxiao, others from Taixuan Peak couldn’t.

Even Hua Nan and Yang Lei, the strongest disciples, other than for Gong Xuan, couldn’t since Chu Lingxiao was the greatest disciple from the main peak, but it was already very impressive that the Taixuan Peak was on a similar level.

“Well, I see.” Hua Nan nodded.

“Brother and sister, feeling Thirteen’s speed of absorbing energy, I’m really shocked. He’s still only at the Level 6 of Qi-Refining Stage, how big is his Dantian?” Yang Lei said, looking at the direction of the spirit gathering platforms.

“Don’t worry, I have already looked into it. The speed and amount of energy absorbed by him are very stable, and this shows that he can refine and absorb energy into the body.” Wu Qi, who hadn’t said anything yet, explained.

Since Gong Xuan left, as the second martial brother, he was responsible for the safety here, hence he kept observing the thirteen people in the spirit gathering formation and had no time to chat with them.

Since the risk of something unexpected happening was usually in the first 3 days, there would be no problems once they go through the first 3 days.

“Eldest brother and Twelfth aren’t so impressive like him.” Qing Ji said.

“Well, if you are worried about your disciples, then meditate and cultivate.” Wu Qi said to his younger brothers and sisters around him.

Hearing Wu Qi’s words, Hua Nan and others all sat down on the ground, but no one could really cultivate since it was the first time that Taixuan Peak accepted disciples in a while and also the first time they personally accepted disciples, thus they were very worried.

“That strange bird is really hard to satisfy. It wants to eat cooked meat and drink wine after eating! It even broke the wine jar itself, There is no choice but to get some wine. I have never seen such a strange bird.” Gong Xuan muttered and showed up.

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