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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 36

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 36: Dual-Cultivation

“You’re back, Eldest Martial Brother.” Qing Ji greeted.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. The worst result would be that the energy destroys their muscles.”

“What’s the matter?” Gong Xuan looked at Wu Qi and others as he didn’t know why these people were so nervous.

“There will be no serious consequences, but if they fail, they will lose an opportunity, which is a blow to them in the initial stage.” Qing Ji said.

“You all can remain nervous. I’ll start drinking.” Gong Xuan took out a pot of wine and slowly drank it.

“Eldest Martial Brother, you always keep it cool! If any incidents happen with Thirteenth, let’s see how you will explain Master.” Yang Lei looked at Gong Xuan and said.

“Wow! It would really be a big deal. Master will surely be angry.” Hearing Yang Lei’s words, Gong Xuan was shocked, but he did not worry about his two disciples since they would only lose this good chance for quick cultivation, if they failed.

Gong Xuan, Wu Qi and others kept quiet and all carefully observed the situation in the Spirit Gathering Formation.

On the spirit gathering platform, Ye Shang circulated the method of Sheng Ding Scripture and the Myriad Dao Treasured rapidly, and absorbed all the energy exuded from the platform, which made his cultivation base and internal energy enhance at a fast speed.

Two days passed, and Ye Shang reached the middle of Level 6 of Qi-Refining Stage, also reaching the peak of the 4th Stage of Blood Quenching Realm.

If Ye Shang couldn’t break through, his body would not be able to continue absorbing energy.

Only when he breakthrough can it continue to enhance his energy absorption, this situation made the Ye Shang wake up from the mediation.

After waking up, Ye Shang, explored the changes in his body, then decided to attempt breaking through since he could not waste this golden opportunity to improve his cultivation base.

In order to make a smooth breakthrough in the realm stage of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, Ye Shang stopped cultivating the Sheng Ding Scripture and accelerated the energy circulation in his body.

Under such circumstances, the speed at which he absorbed energy was reduced.

After all, when energy refined by his Dantian was reduced, half of the energy was absorbed, and those outside noticed the situation immediately.

Gong Xuan stood up and stared at the Spirit Gathering Formation.

“Eldest Martial Brother, is there a problem with Thirteenth?” Yang Lei was also worried.

Gong Xuan waved his hand and did not answer Yang Lei, since he discovered that the body of Ye Shang was stable and there were no negative movements such as swinging and shaking, so he continued to observe.

After circulating the energy in his body for a few laps, Ye Shang controlled the energy in his body to flow towards the acupoint from his waist to his neck.

This acupoint was called the dragon acupoint in the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome. Pouring energy into the dragon acupoint created a bottleneck when entering 5th Stage of the Blood Quenching Realm.

If the cultivation of this acupoint was done properly, the strength of the waist would increase a lot, directly affecting the arms and legs.

As he guided all the energy in his body towards the acupoint, the energy rushed back and forth from his back vertically, and he stabilized his body after a few laps as he successfully entered the 5th Stage of the Blood Quenching Realm.

After his success, he continued to cultivate Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, and the strength of the acupuncture points absorbing the energy increased by 30% in an instant after entering Stage 5 of the Blood Quenching Realm.

“Well, the speed of absorbing energy has recovered a bit, but it has not yet reached the usual level.” Hua Nan whispered.

Just right after Hua Nan said, the white mist around the body of Ye Shang sank because he started the cultivation of the Sheng Ding Scripture, and he began to absorb energy with his Dantian at a great speed.

After Ye Shang started the dual-cultivation, the speed of absorbing energy immediately exceeded that of the previous by exceedingly 30%, which was the achievement from the breakthrough in the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

“Third Martial Brother, after the closure of the Spirit Gathering Formation, should we look into Thirteenth?” Qing Ji said.

“If Master knew about it, the consequences will be serious.” Hua Nan said with a smile.

“He’s on fire now. The height of his spirit gathering platform is way higher than others.” Yang Lei said.

“He should have cultivated  body cultivation method. Not only his Dantian absorbs energy, but his body is also absorbing energy.” Gong Xuan thought for a moment and said.

“Aren’t body cultivation methods extinct? How can he cultivate this?” Yang Lei said with some surprise.

Before Yang Lei had entered the Medicine Valley, she had eaten the strong bone grass, and her body became stronger than others, which was the reason why she could cultivate the Covering Hands.

After she entered the Medicine Valley, she heard about the body cultivation method from Liu Yangyu, but she tried hard to cultivate the qi and relied on the qi to increase the power of the Heaven Obscuring Palm after comprehending the beginner stage.

Nowadays, the mainstream cultivation practitioners was practicing qi since the body cultivation methods were extinct, and it was difficult to achieve a significant accomplishment without training to the top, so no one chose this cultivation method.

“The cultivation speed of his qi is also very fast. It shows that the auxiliary body cultivation method is beneficial to him, enabling him to cultivate the Heaven Obscuring Palm.” Liu Yangyu’s seventh disciple said.

“Hey, I have read it in a classic. In the war of the gods, the fist emperor Li Feng was amazing. He practiced his body to a very strong level, even knives and spears couldn’t hurt his body. He could kill the opponents by just bumping into them.” Gong Xuan sighed and said.

“The times are changing. The body cultivation method has been eliminated after all, and now is the era of Alchemy.” Zhou Zheng said.

“It is not eliminated, but mainly not passed down! Who knows when a body refiner will dominate the world again?” Gong Xuan did agree with Zhou Zheng’s words.

Hearing Gong Xuan’s words, Zhou Zheng did not talk anymore, though he felt that his own thoughts were correct, he had to listen to Gong Xuan’s opinions because Gong Xuan would not do anything which would harm him.

Meanwhile Gong Xuan paid attention on the Spirit Gathering as he found that Ye Shang’s speed of the energy absorption increased further, which made him somewhat worried.

With his cultivation being stable at Stage 5 of the Blood Quenching Realm, his speed of the energy absorption of the acupuncture points was increased, which was also the reason for the tension of Gong Xuan.

After being nervous for a while, Gong Xuan found that the body of the Ye Shang remained stable, so he was assured.

“He’s the one that makes me nervous the most.” said Gong Xuan, who was relieved.

“You’re afraid that Master will get angry!” Yang Lei said with a smile.

“Let him be angry. I don’t want to make Master feel sad. The accident of Twelfth had a great impact on Master. All of you must be careful when you go out and cultivate. You are very important to Master.” Gong Xuan whispered.

Hearing Gong Xuan’s words, even Yang Lei, who was the most talkative, became silent since she could understand Gong Xuan’s words.

Liu Yangyu was their master as he was not only the one who gave them guidance on cultivation, but also cared about them like a father.

After that, the spirit gathering formation was very stable, and thirteen people were quietly cultivating.

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