Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 37

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 37: End of the Cultivation

After entering Taixuan Peak, the 13 people all cultivated diligently and their cultivation base enhanced very fast, they all reached a breakthrough after cultivating for a while in the Spirit Gathering Formation.

Tang Tian and Chu Ning both reached Level 9 of Qi Refining Stage, followed by Ye Shang.

As he reached the peak of the Level 6 of Qi Refining Stage, he woke up from his mediation.

After checking his own situation, he found that he didn’t lack physical strength, but had reached the bottleneck in his cultivation base.

If he meditated for a long time, his physical strength would fall behind, so he had to consume bigu pills at that time, but now Ye Shang didn’t have any physical problem, but had reached the edge of a breakthrough.

There was no difficulty during the breakthrough in the Qi-Refining stage since it was a matter of time, as long as the accumulation of qi was enough.

Ye Shang stopped his cultivation in the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome , absorbed the energy in his Dantian to the maximum extent, expanded his Dantian and increased the volume of his Dantian.

With the impact of huge volume of energy and his saturated qi, his Dantian became two times bigger.

Outside the original sixth aperture, a new aperture slowly formed, rotating along with the other six apertures.

The formation of the seven apertures was the sign of entering Level 7 of Qi Refining Stage, now the volume of his Dantian was big enough, so what he needed to do was to condense and stabilize the seventh qi aperture.

It took two hours for him to stabilize the seventh aperture in his Dantian, and this aperture showed that he had officially entered level 7 of Qi-refining stage.

With the improvement of the cultivation base, the speed of his Dantian’s energy absorbing had increased.

“Two months, ha! Raising from Level 4 to Level 7 of Qi Refining Stage in 2 months. No one has ever done this in the history of Medicine Valley.” Gong Xuan said with excitement. .

“If he could keep up this speed, he will become very promising candidate for the newcomer’s contest after 6 months.” Zhou Zheng said.

“He now has a Second-Rank combat skill. It would be difficult for the outer disciples from other peaks to compete against him. Even if we find anyone who can compete with Lil Thirteenth, they would be from Taixuan Peak.” Gong Xuan said with a smile.

“That’s right. The other 12 third-generation disciples are also very good. Our disciples must be stronger than the disciples of the main peak.” Qing Ji had a smile, then her face suddenly turned angry.

“Sixth Martial Sister, you don’t have to worry. This is certain.” Yang Lei said.

A month has passed, the spirit stone under the spirit gathering formation had been exhausted, and the white mist  slowly dispersed as the spirit gathering platforms appeared in front of Gong Xuan and others.

13 platforms varied in height, and the most conspicuous one was the platform near the front, which Ye Shang was sitting, was on the top.

At the time, they all woke up because the energy flow had stopped.

Everyone looked around and the atmosphere changed suddenly since the height of each platform was different and the gap was too big.

Ye Shang’s was the highest, a third higher than others’, which proved that he had absorbed way too much energy.

Except Ye Shang, Zhe Zhuang was the highest, followed by Chu Ning, Tang Tian and Nan Gong, while the other nine people, their heights were also quite close.

“You’re all advanced at least nearly two level. Very good. Thirteenth, this is the Essence Gathering Pill.” Liu Yangyu showed up, and directly gave the pill to Ye Shang because it was obvious to see who was the highest, and he might hurt others’ confidence if he compared the result of each disciple.

“Thank you, Master.” Ye Shang nodded.

“Well, don’t pursue the path of speed for improving your cultivation base. You must have a stable foundation first. If you don’t understand anything, find me on Jingxin Cliff.” Nodding to Ye Shang, Liu Yangyu left.

Originally, Ye Shang wanted to return to his place for cultivation, but he was forced to go to the secluded forest by Qing Ji and others since almost all the second-generation disciples and the third-generation disciples went there.

No one asked him about his cultivation method as everyone was just drinking and chatting.

Before Ye Shang entered Taixuan Peak, they also often drank together, so everyone was exceptionally close to each other, and the unity of Taixuan Peak was also famous.

“Thirteenth, you’ve drunk these two bowls of wine, are you okay? How about drinking a jar with me?” Shi Tianlin, Ye Shang’s eighth martial brother, looked at Ye Shang and said.

“Well, why not?” Ye Shang nodded and said.

“Thirteenth, don’t listen to him, he likes drinking with jars.” Yang Lei stopped Ye Shang and said.

“Ninth Martial Sister, Thirteenth is a man, a man should eat and drink like a man.” Shi Tianlin put a jar of wine in front of Ye Shang.

“Ninth Martial Sister, I’m okay with it.” Ye Shang really appreciated Yang Lei since he knew that Yang Lei cared about him.

“That’s fine. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Eldest Martial Brother, should we just watch him bullying Thirteenth?” Yang Lei looked at Gong Xuan.

“Well, he didn’t refuse.” Gong Xuan shook his head and sighed.

“Eldest Martial Brother, don’t join and bully Thirteenth with him.” Qing Ji also said.

“Two Martial sisters, we still don’t know who is stronger yet! Watch!” Gong Xuan whispered to Qing Ji and Yang Lei.

Others didn’t know, but Gong Xuan knew that Ye Shang often drank, and Gong Xuan also had tasted his spirit.

Qing Ji and Yang Lei looked at each other and then looked at Ye Shang and Shi Tianlin, at the time, they both started drinking with their jars.

Soon they finished with the wine in the jars.

“Well, you’re really good at drinking. Although it is a bit unpleasant, if I still keep drinking with you, the two martial sisters will get really angry.” Shi Tianlin said helplessly.

“It’s okay, you can drink if you want. Even if you get drunk, I have an extra room here. We should have fun.” Seeing Ye Shang indifferently finish a jar of wine, Qing Ji now understood what Gong Xuan meant.

“Eldest Martial Brother, we want to drink until our hearts’ content, is it okay for you?” Shi Tianlin looked at Gong Xuan.

“Sure, you should have a good time.” Gong Xuan said with a smile.

“Come! All my martial nephews, let’s drink together. Martial sister, take out your herb spirit!” Shi Tianlin looked at Qing Ji.

“Well, since it’s a special day, someone please take out the blue blood spirit and the herb spirit.” Qing Ji shouted at the servants.

Hearing  Qing Ji’s words, Shi Tianlin was stunned since the blue blood spirit was the best liquor in Qing Ji’s secluded forest as it was made from golden tiger blood and white dragon blood.

It was very rare, also very strong.

Qing Ji was rarely willing to take it out in the past.

The servants quickly brought the liquors, one was the celadon jar, and the other was the purple sand jar.

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