Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 38

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 38: Riding Tian Yu

Chu Ning reached out to the purple sand jar, since he was drinking with Zhe Zhuang and Tang Tian!

“Don’t touch this if you don’t want to die.” Gong Xuan reached out and smacked off Chu Ning’s hand.

“You want to drink this? You’re stronger than your third uncle?” Qing Ji looked at Chu Ning, who was stunned.

Shi Tianlin reached for the purple sand jar and poured a bowl for himself and Ye Shang. “Thirteenth, this is the best wine of Sixth sister. I remember the last time I drank this was ten years ago.”

“Thank you, sixth sister, here’s to Sixth Sister and Eighth Sister.” He raised the wine bowl against Qing Ji and then nodded to Shi Tianlin, and drank the wine.

After drinking, Ye Shang took a deep breath since it was way stronger than the wine he brought from Zhuyuan Village.

“Thirteenth, how is it?” Shi Tianlin smiled and looked at Ye Shang.

“It’s hot and very much stronger, but it’s good.” Ye Shang praised.

“Well? Not dizzy?” Hearing his words, Shi Tianlin felt awkward since he got drunk after drinking a bowl ten years ago.

“Or has the alcohol  been volatilized?” Looking at the bowl in his hands, Shi Tianlin smelled and shook his head since he felt the wine was still very strong.

“Ninth, Thirteenth already finished it, what are you waiting for?” Qing Ji looked at Shi Tianlin.

“Oh!” Shi Tianlin finished the bowl at once.

After drinking the wine, Shi Tianlin closed his mouth and took a deep breath. “It is stronger than ten years ago.”

“A few years ago, I put little silver bear gallbladders inside. Why do you use bowls, shouldn’t men drink with jars?” Qing Ji said with a smile.

“Master, I should drink with Uncle Thirteenth.” Seeing his Master couldn’t drink anymore, Su Feng approached and said.

“Thirteenth, you must win against them.” Yang Lei shouted as she saw that Ye Shang was very good at drinking.

Qing Ji poured onto a bowl each to Su Feng and Ye Shang.

Ye Shang raised the bowl against Su Feng and drank the wine.

Su Feng bowed to Qing Ji and also drank the wine.

Su Feng, who put down the bowl, had cold feet. “Why is this table shaking?”

Then, Su Feng fell down.

“You think you are Thirteenth?” Qing Ji smiled, and helped Su Feng up to the chair on one side.

As Su Feng fell on the chair, the chair didn’t even shake at all.

“Sixth sister, we shouldn’t drink the blue blood spirit with bowls, it’s precious. Don’t waste it just because you want to see us lose face.” Shi Tianlin said with a smile.

“Okay! Then use the cups!” Qing Ji nodded, but she did not continue to force Shi Tianlin to make a fool of himself as they were just joking, and she didn’t really want Shi Tianlin to lose face!

“Thirteenth, you’re really good at drinking, unlike him!” Shi Tianlin looked at Su Feng, who slept on the chair, and shook his head.

“Whoever has the guts to drink is good.” Gong Xuan said with a smile, as he was very satisfied with the third-generation disciples.

“Men should learn how to drink.” Shi Tianlin muttered, but he was satisfied with Su Feng.

Tonight, everyone spent the night in the secluded forest.

Ye Shang even had a barbecue since Gong Xuan insisted as he really wanted others to taste Ye Shang’s barbecue.

After a restful night, Ye Shang washed his face and decided to leave.

“Thirteenth, come to me if you have any problems.” When Ye Shang walked out of the secluded forest, he saw Qing Ji standing under an old tree.

“Thank you, Sixth Sister. I will.” Ye Shang nodded.

“By the way, three months after being accepted as a disciple, you’ll have an opportunity to go home as your hometown will also be watched by the Medicine Valley since there will be outer disciples stationed in your hometown. I’ll go with you.” Qing Ji said to Ye Shang.

“Okay, I will come to Sixth Sister at that time.” Ye Shang nodded and left.

Ye Shang actually knew what Qing Ji meant since one of the reasons he came to the Medicine Valley because he wanted Zhuyuan Village be supported by the Medicine Valley.

“Sixth sister, have you found out that Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth are very similar? They are lonely and determined characters. Unfortunately Twelfth passed away.” Yang Lei came to the side of Qing Ji.

“Eleventh and Twelfth were very close. Although the small sect called Sihai was destroyed by Master, the sect leader ran away. In order to find him, Eleventh went out and now it has been more than half a year.” Qing Ji rubbed her eyes and said.

Liu Yangyu’s eleventh disciple Mo Chen and his twelfth disciple Guan Ye were accepted as disciples at the same time, and they always cultivated together.

When they went for the sect missions separately, Guan Ye was besieged and killed by a sect called Sihai.

Guan Ye killed more than 20 people of their sect, but was stabbed more than a dozen times and even broke his arm.

If he had told them that he was a disciple of the Medicine Valley, he wouldn’t have died, but in the end, he did not escape like a coward using the name of the Medicine Valley.

When the disciples of the Medicine Valley found him, the only thing he said was that he didn’t humiliate the prestige of Taixuan Peak, nor did he lose face of his Master.

As Liu Yangyu was furious because of this incident, he eliminated the sect while the sect leader happened to be absent, so he escaped Liu Yangyu’s wrath.

When he found out that the young man who was killed was the disciple of Liu Yangyu, he didn’t dare to show up.

“Well, Eleventh should be back soon.” Yang Lei was a bit choked up since Mo Chen and Guan Ye were younger brothers close to her.

“Well, the reason why Taixuan Peak didn’t accept disciples these years was because Master didn’t want to see disciples getting injured, but the appearance of Thirteenth changed Master’s mind, which is a good thing.” Qing Ji said.

“So you are worried about Thirteenth, and you want to accompany him to his hometown?” Yang Lei said.

“Yes, though  cultivators should go through countless difficulties, but before he grows up, we should do the best to take care of them.” Qing Ji nodded.

“If I have time, I will go with you.” Yang Lei also made a decision.

Now, except for Ye Shang that just got accepted as a disciple, Liu Yangyu’s other disciples could live independently, so they paid all their attention on Ye Shang.

When Ye Shang was just about to arrive at the bamboo peak and was still a little distance from the residence of Gong Xuan, he heard chirping of Tian Yu.

Before Tian Yu appeared and landed in front of Ye Shang.

Gently patting the wings of Tian Yu, Ye Shang was quite worried about it since he hadn’t seen it for a month.

After a month, Tian Yu’s body grew a little, and its white feathers were shining.

“Let’s go home!” Ye Shang patted on its neck and said.

Tian Yu stretched out its wings and soared up into the sky, while Ye Shang leaped and grabbed the claw of Tian Yu with his right hand.

Flying with Ye Shang, Tian Yu swung its claws when they were dozens meters above the ground, Ye Shang, who was unprepared to grab its claw, was thrown out.

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