Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 39

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 39: The Only Clue

“Tian Yu, you scared me, I thought you were unhappy.” Standing on the back of Tian Yu, Ye Shang understood that Tian Yu had allowed him to ride.

Tian Yu was not just a tamed beast, but a demon, so it had its natural wildness.

Ye Shang and demon had one thing in common and that was, the wildness.

The back was a restricted area, once someone rode on its back, it would get angry, but the fact that Tian Yu now allowed Ye Shang to ride showed that it had recognized him.

Tian Yu’s speed was extremely fast, so they arrived at Ye Shang’s residence after a while.

“Let’s go hunting first, today I’ll make you some food.” Ye Shang said to Tian Yu underneath.

Tian Yu made a sharp chirp, flew above the woods, and soon found a white bear.

After another chirping, Tian Yu’s body swooped down quickly, its claws directly penetrated the back of the white bear, grabbing the spine of the white bear.

Then it grabbed the white bear and took off again.

Ye Shang was shocked since the white bear was a Second-Rank monster, but it couldn’t compete with Tian Yu at all.

Tian Yu’s fighting nature was too strong, the white bear had no chance to even fight back.

Back at the residence, Tian Yu landed outside the yard.

After landing, the white bear was still struggling, so Tian Yu  directly plunged its beak into the head of the white bear.

Ye Shang smiled, went into the bamboo house, and took a sharp knife to deal with the white bear.

Ye Shang peeled off the bearskin and hung it to the side for it to dry as he planned to make Tian Yu’s residence more comfortable.

Peeling the bearskin off, Ye Shang fed the bear gallbladder to Tian Yu, and then started barbecuing.

At the same moment, the two servants came, but Ye Shang didn’t let them help as he cooked personally for Tian Yu before his cultivation session.

Liu Yangyu’s essence gathering pill could enhance one level of someone at the Qi-Refining stage, Ye Shang didn’t intend to use it now since his current cultivation base was in the middle of level 7 of the Qi-Refining stage, and he intended to wait until he reached level 8 of the Qi-Refining stage.

After cultivating in the Sheng Ding Scripture and the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, Ye Shang began to train in the Chasing Wind Spear Method and the Heaven Obscuring Palm.

Now the power of his Heaven Obscuring Palm was no longer the same as that of  the previous.

Although he couldn’t attack a second time, the qi returning to his body after the attack was much more than before, that is to say, after one attack, it didn’t affect his fighting strength.

His biggest improvement was Chasing Wind Spear Method since the first attack of the Chasing Wind became very fierce after reaching Level 5 of the Blood Quenching Realm of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, he could penetrate an old tree with one attack, and the number of shove waves had now reached 12.

By relying on the strength of the body, the shock waves could smash everything in the space of 3 inches around the spear tip.

When he was cultivating, Gong Xuan came over and reminded him to register at Danding Peak a few days later, then he also asked if Ye Shang had plans to return to his hometown.

Ye Shang definitely felt like going back to Zhuyuan Village, but he didn’t understand why he had to register.

However, after Gong Xuan’s subsequent explanation, Ye Shang understood that though the peaks of the Medicine Valley had separate systems, the main peak still managed them.

Though they didn’t care about the outer disciples and the servants, the second-generation and  third-generation disciples must register themselves, so that meritorious hall would be able to issue resources according to the ranks of the disciples.

Hence disciples should re-register whenever their ranks changed, and the treatment of inner disciples and elite disciples was different.

“Okay, I’ll go when martial brother informs me.” Ye Shang nodded and said.

“I may not have time. There is a golden lion beast in the Danding Mountains. It has already hurt a lot of people. It is under the management scope of the Taixuan Peak, so I have to go check it out. Your Sixth Sister will come to take you to the main peak.” Gong Xuan said.

“Got it, be careful, martial brother.” Ye Shang said.

“Ha-ha! Nothing, just a golden lion beast.” Gong Xuan said with a smile.

If it was just a golden lion beast, Gong Xuan wouldn’t even have to go in person, but it was said that there was a natural formation there, which had already shocked many people.

Many peaks already sent people there, but Gong Xuan was worried that they couldn’t control it, so he planned to go in person.

As Gong Xuan left, Ye Shang continued to cultivate, and he was really excited since he would be able to go home after a few days, but he didn’t stop his cultivation since he didn’t want Grandpa Gu to be disappointed.

Qing Ji’s arrival was much earlier than he thought as she came over only 3 days after Gong Xuan’s departure.

“Sixth Sister, sit down and have a cup of tea.” Ye Shang, who had just finished cultivating in Chasing Wind Spear Method, wiped the sweat and brought Qing Ji into the small yard.

“Thirteenth, you’re working too hard. You should cultivate step by step. Come to the place of your brothers and sisters to relax if you have time.” After receiving the tea from him, Qing Ji frowned as she saw the sweat on his hair.

“I know, but my Master has not received any disciple for more than ten years. I don’t want him to be disappointed.” Ye Shang said.

Ye Shang was very grateful to Liu Yangyu, and kept thinking about the repayment as he knew that the way to repay his master was to work hard to make others understand that Liu Yangyu’s decision was correct.

“That’s good. Thirteenth, your jade pendant is very beautiful!” Qing Ji said, looking at the simple jade pendant on his neck.

Looking down at the jade on the neck, Ye Shang hesitated and then took it down. “Sister, you can have it if you like it.”

“Thirteenth, you’ve misunderstood. I just feel that the jade looks extraordinary.” Qing Ji took the jade and gave it back directly.

“I don’t know, this might be the only thing my family left for me.” Ye Shang talked in a low-pitched voice as his origin was his pain.

“What happened to your family?” Qing Ji suddenly felt that he had some trouble.

In the face of Qing Ji, Ye Shang told her how Grandpa Gu adopted him in Zhuyuan Village, and stated that he came here as a cultivator because he wanted his hometown to be blessed by the Medicine Valley.

“Well, you shouldn’t give such an important thing to anyone.” Qing Ji stared at Ye Shang.

“Got it.” Ye Shang said.

“You can’t give away this jade. This is the only clue of your origin that you have. Zhuyuan Village has supported you, so it is right to find a backing for them. This time we go to Zhuyuan Village to get this task done.” Qing Ji patted the shoulder of Ye Shang and said.

“Sixth sister, should we set off after the registration?” asked Ye Shang.

“Well, your second brother and others are waiting for us at the Taixuan Hall.” Qing Ji nodded.

Ye Shang then called Tian Yu. “Tian Yu, I am not too relieved to leave you here, so you’re going to stay in the taming space this time.”

Tian Yu rubbed Ye Shang with its body and did not object to his decision.

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