Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Cultivation

“My name is Ye Shang. It’s okay, Sis Lin.” Hearing Lin Qiao’s words, Ye Shang was a bit relieved since they sounded reliable.

“Let’s drink.” Seeing this, Yang Sen said with a smile.

When the four were drinking the wine, Zhang Xuanzong coughed. “What kind of wine is this. It tastes good, but it is too strong.”

Yang Sen and others also blushed.

“An uncle in our village brewed this.” Ye Shang drank a large bowl of wine as if drinking water.

“Ye Shang, you didn’t eat anything. Let’s eat elsewhere and set off.” Yang Sen said.

“No, it seems that it’s more urgent for you to find that black serpent, so let’s find the black serpent first.” Ye Shang said.

“Well, thank you.” Yang Sen nodded.

Outside the teahouse, Yang Sen and others got on their mounts, but Ye Shang’s cheetah had been eaten up.

“Brother Ye, do you want to ride with me?” Lin Qiao asked with a smile.

Ye Shang blushed. He had never touched any woman before, let alone ride with one.

“Fourth Sis, don’t tease Brother Ye. Come, ride with me.” Du Chong waved at Ye Shang.

Ye Shang jumped onto the Du Chong’s lion.

Ye Shang pointed the way and they started moving.

As they chatted, Ye Shang knew that the four were from Chiyang City. They were guards of the deputy city owner of Chiyang City. This time they were here for the black serpent.

“Brother Ye, after you arrive in Chiyang City, go to the deputy city government to find us if you need anything, we might be able help you.” Du Chong, who had a good impression of Ye Shang, said.

“Thank you Brother Du.” Ye Shang didn’t refuse.

The lions ran very fast. One and a half day later, they reached where Ye Shang got attacked by the black serpent.

“Third Bro, lead the way in the front. Ye Shang, you should stay here.” Yang Sen told Zhang Xuanzong, who had already searched for the traces of the black serpent.

Ye Shang nodded since he knew he couldn’t and shouldn’t participate in.

After drinking some wine, Ye Shang waited under the old tree.

After a while, the sound of fighting came over in the distance. Ye Shang knew that the battle had already started. The size of the black serpent was so large that it was impossible to run too far, hence its nest must have been nearby.

The sound lasted for about a quarter.

After the battle was over, Lin Qiao came over. “We just killed it. I can’t believe that the beast was a 2-rank demon.”

“Are you injured?” Ye Shang asked, when he saw Lin Qiao was stained with a lot of blood.

“At the entrance when Second Bro was responsible for blocking its way, I was swept by its tail. Let’s go there and take a break.” Lin Qiao said.

Following Lin Qiao, he came to a cliff. Under the cliff, the body of the black serpent was still squirming, but half of its head had been cut off, now it was struggling unconsciously.

Du Chong fell to the side, his right arm was wrapped with his clothes, seemingly he was injured.

Ye Shang poured a bowl of wine for Du Chong.

“Ha-ha, nice.” Du Chong laughed.

While Ye Shang and Du Chong were talking, Yang Sen began to cut off its belly. After a while, he got the serpent gallbladder and then took out the fangs and the scales on the neck, as these were the most valuable materials.

“Clean up, take a break and let’s go back.” Yang Sen said.

“It’s a pity that we can’t take its meat.” Ye Shang really wanted to ask some villagers to get the black serpent back. But it was hundreds of miles away and it was inappropriate to delay their time.

“Just cut a few pieces down.” Lin Qiao took a long sword and cut a few pieces on its body.

After taking a break, they set off. This time, Ye Shang and Yang Sen rode together since Du Chong’s arm was injured.

The mounts were tall and mighty lions. As they ran very fast, they returned to Gunan Town soon.

In the inn, Yang Sen got a room for Ye Shang and everyone went to rest.

Ye Shang slept very well, as he knew that it was a lot easier to go to Medicine Valley since Chiyang City was just half way through the journey to Medicine Valley. As for the four, Ye Shang believed that though he barely knew the world outside, his instincts horned through regular hunting and exposure to different type of preys, would allow him to judge whether a person had goodwill or felt malice towards him.

Ye Shang got up early and started practicing boxing in the inn in his room for a while since it was prohibited in the yard.

After freshening up, Ye Shang saw that Yang Sen and others had packed up.

“Let’s go after having some food.” Yang Sen was very energetic since their mission was completed after retrieving the gallbladder of the black serpent.

“Sure.” Ye Shang nodded.

After having some food, they set off in their journey, Ye Shang was still riding with Yang Sen.

It wasn’t very easy to obtain mounts. They were either trained from a young age or must be forced to surrendered to their owner. Many demons would rather die but never surrendered. The lions they rode were trained by an animal trainer from a young age and they had to be purchased from the trainer.

The lion was very fast and stable, as they were able to chat freely while advancing.

During the conversation, Ye Shang came to know more about the world outside. Chiyang City was the city fort of Medicine Valley. The city owner and the deputy city owner were disciples of elders from Medicine Valley and they were incharge of Chiyan City.

Ye Shang didn’t conceal his purpose, saying that his destination was Danding Mountain of Medicine Valley.

After listening to Yang Sen, Ye Shang also understood that he was unlikely to be accepted there as he had no good foundation. Yang Sen also stated that if it didn’t go well, Ye Shang should return to Chiyang City and find them.

As for the foundation, Ye Shang felt somewhat helpless. Daddy Gu had always wanted to raise Ye Shang as an ordinary person, so he didn’t teach Ye Shang any kind of cultivation method, which was Qi based. He only taught Ye Shang normal exercises on how to strengthen his body.

Hearing that Ye Shang never practiced any cultivation method, Yang Sen taught him a basic Qi condensation technique.

During the daytime, they went on with their journey. At night, Ye Shang meditated and practice Qi condensation in accordance with the method taught by Yang Sen. What surprised Yang Sen was that it only took Ye Shang  just one day to feel the Qi and that he could condense the Qi to his dantian the very next day.

“You really have the potential for cultivation. Although you are a little late than the normal cultivators, but it should still be okay.” During the break, Du Chong encouraged Ye Shang.

Their journey was boring, but Yang Sen continued to inform Ye Shang lots of things about the wider world, so now Ye Shang had a broader vision.

Along the way, they encountered lots of beasts and demons, but they easily got through them. Lin Qiao’s attitude towards Ye Shang was a lot better, than their initial meeting.

It took nearly 20 days to arrive in Chiyan City. At this moment, Ye Shang, who had no foundation before, now had surprisingly reached Level 2 of Qi Refining Stage.

The cultivators were divided into many stages according to the level of cultivation. There were seven stages, which were Qi Refining, Soul Condensation, Core Formation, Soul Segregation, Void Fusion, Empyrean, and Divine. All four of them were currently at the peak of Soul Condensation Level.

Similar to human beings, demons were also divided into 7 ranks according to the different cultivation stages. The black serpent was a Second-Rank demon that was close to the Third-Rank. If Yang Sen or others confronted it alone, they could only run since demons were usually stronger than humans of at the same rank.

“Brother Yang, Brother Du, Brother Zhang and Sister Lin, thank you for taking care of me all the way.” After entering the city, Ye Shang didn’t intend to continue bothering them.

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