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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 40

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 40: Really Tough

“It can fly, so we don’t have to put it into the taming space.” Qing Ji looked at Tian Yu and said.

“Great. Let’s go!” Hearing that he didn’t have to put Tian Yu into the taming space, Ye Shang was very happy.

They left the small courtyard, closed the door and walked towards Taixuan Peak, followed by Tian Yu, hovering at the top of Ye Shang and Qing Ji.

Looking at the hovering Tian Yu, Ye Shang knew Tian Yu wanted him to ride on its back, but it was over 3 meters off the ground, and how could he let his martial sister Qing Ji walk?

“I walk really fast, you should ride!” Qing Ji grabbed the shoulders of Ye Shang and threw him a few meters high with ease and Ye Shang landed on the back of Tian Yu.

After Ye Shang landed on the back of Tian Yu, Qing Ji sped up her pace.

“Tian Yu, can we give Sixth sister a ride?” Ye Shang felt very uncomfortable since it was very inappropriate to let his martial sister walk.

Hearing his words, Tian Yu changed the direction and flew above Qing Ji.

“Sixth sister, come up! Tian Yu agreed to let you on his back.” Ye Shang shouted at Qing Ji.

Seeing Tian Yu flying close to herself, Qing Ji knew that Tian Yu agreed to give her a ride, hence she carried her skirt, leaped off and landed next to Ye Shang.

After Qing Ji stabilized her body, Tian Yu made a sharp chirp, spread its wings, and quickly flew towards the front.

“Impressive. Ye Shang, you’re really fortunate.” Qing Ji looked at Tian Yu and exclaimed since she was shocked by the close relationship between Ye Shang and Tian Yu.

Very few demons were willing to stay by the side of humans, but still retain their wildness.

Soon they reached the main hall of Taixuan Peak, and Tian Yu landed on the square in front of the main hall.

After jumping off the back of Tian Yu, Ye Shang saw all of his martial brothers and sisters, as well as the third-generation disciples of Taixuan Peak who had also arrived on ten green vultures behind them.

“Here you come, let’s go!” Seeing them arriving, Wu Qi said.

“Well, Shen Rong, come over.” Qing Ji waved towards the green vultures, and a green vulture went to the side of Qing Ji, and Shen Rong, the disciple of Qing Ji, also came over.

Qing Ji took Shen Rong on the back of the green vulture, and others also went up to the back of the vultures.

Seeing the green vultures take off, Ye Shang nodded to Tian Yu.

At the moment when Tian Yu took off, Ye Shang leaped and jumped onto the back of Tian Yu.

“Thirteenth’s flying demon is really impressive. Though it’s not stronger than the green vultures now, it has great room for development.” Hua Nan looked at Ye Shang and said to Wu Qi, who was not far from him.

“I heard that eldest brother saying that it has the inheritance of ancient green pengs and luans. It has a bright future, but who knows whether this guy is willing to follow Thirteenth?” Wu Qi said.

As they chatted, they went towards the meritorious hall of Danding Peak.

Each peak had a meritorious hall, in fact, there was also a servant hall, dealing with the various matters of disciples.

“Here you come, Brother Wu.” As they landed, a man came from the meritorious hall and greeted them.

“You’re also here, Brother Chu!” Wu Qi greeted indifferently.

This man was Chu Lingxiao, the top disciple of Danding Peak, who also hosted the apprenticeship ceremony.

“Well, we have two disciples who have entered core disciples list, so I have come to register.” Chu Lingxiao said with a smile.

“Don’t show off. If we accepted disciples before, would your disciples enter the core list?” Before Wu Qi talked, Qing Ji said directly.

“Well……right. If you weren’t too picky, maybe the soul list and the core list would have been different.” Stunned for a bit, Chu Lingxiao said.

“Glad you know it.” Qing Ji snorted.

“Third Uncle.” Chu Ning, who was behind Wu Qi, said.

“Work harder. It is just a matter of time to become an inner disciple. If you work hard, you will have great accomplishment.” Chu Lingxiao nodded to Chu Ning.

“This should not bother you. He is now a third-generation disciple of Taixuan Peak, the disciple of my martial eldest brother. Of course, he will.” Yang Lei said.

Hearing her words, Chu Lingxiao was a bit shocked since the newcomers were generally outer disciples, and they would become inner disciples after a period of assessment, so he never thought that Chu Ning was already an inner disciple so quickly and he was even a personal disciple of Gong Xuan.

Among the second-generation disciples in the Medicine Valley, Chu Lingxiao didn’t admire anyone since he had won many times in the sect contest, but there was one exception, that was, Gong Xuan.

Chu Ling lost the match against Gong Xuan, and he was still very clear that Gong Xuan even made concessions for him.

“Ning-er, say hello to your master for me. I will leave first.” Chu Lingxiao left, and he even kept a distance when passing by Qing Ji.

People in Medicine Valley always said that never provoke the disciples of Taixuan Peak, and Chu Lingxiao also thought the same.

In the past, he defeated Qing Ji in the sect contest.

As a result, in the next match, Gong Xuan, who had never participated in any previous sect contest, confronted him and defeated Chu Lingxiao with ease.

Gong Xuan also said that as long as Chu Lingxiao liked to play, he would play, which made Chu Lingxiao know that the disciples of Taixuan were very troublesome to deal with.

In addition, when the 12th disciple of Taixuan had an accident, the Medicine Valley even sent an elder to communicate with Liu Yangyu as they wanted to punish Sihai because it was a subordinate force of the Medicine Valley. However, Taixuan ignored the negotiations and eliminated the whole sect.

Therefore, Chu Lingxiao was like many very reluctant to have any kind of dispute with Taixuan Peak.

“I didn’t make a mistake. He’s really an arrogant guy.” Qing Ji said.

Chu Ning was a bit embarrassed since he knew nothing about their conflicts.

“Sixth sister, though we don’t like him, in a general way this guy is still good. Also, Ning-er is here, don’t make him feel embarrassed.” Wu Qi looked at Chu Ning and said.

“Ning-er, I had a conflict with your uncle, but it doesn’t matter to you. Don’t think too much, I will just kick your third uncle’s ass.” Qing Ji patted Chu Ning’s shoulder and said.

“Okay.” Chu Ning nodded as he understood that Qing Ji and Chu Lingxiao were just being competitive and both wanted to win, but they didn’t really hate each other.

“Very strange this year. Everyone from Taixuan is here.” A man in a green robe showed up, and he was Luo Daoyuan from Tianyue Peak.

“And so?” Yang Lei said indifferently.

“Ha-ha, your Taixuan Peak accepted a lot of newcomers this time, I hope they are fine since our outer disciples are very good this year.” Luo Daoyuan laughed and said.

“Luo Daoyuan, if you want to pick on us, I can have a one-on-one match with you. As for our disciples, you’ll see them in the ring.” Hua Nan said indifferently.

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