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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 41

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 41: Cunning Man

“What the hell?” Shi Tianlin cursed.

“He’s a cunning man. After Thirteenth injured his younger brother in the ring, he harbours a grudge against us. Listen to me, if any disciple of Tianyue Peak picks on you, just beat them.” Qing Ji said.

“Uncle Thirteenth, the guy who framed you was accepted by him, right?” Tang Tian looked at Ye Shang and said.

“Yes!” Ye Shang nodded.

“What? Thirteenth, you have an enemy?” Yang Lei frowned and looked at Ye Shang.

“Not a big deal, just a little conflict.” Ye Shang shook his head and said.

“In the apprentice ceremony, a guy who came with us framed Uncle Thirteenth during the assessment, hence Uncle Thirteenth was injured and was almost eliminated. But his collarbone was later broken by Uncle Thirteenth, so he couldn’t continue the assessment, and he was taken away by that man.” Tang Tian said.

“Thirteenth, good job.” Yang Lei patted on the shoulder of Ye Shang.

“That’s right, he reacted very fast since he was at level 8 of the Qi-refining stage, otherwise, Uncle Thirteen’s spear would’ve chopped off his neck.”

“Thirteenth, weren’t you afraid of being expelled from the Medicine Valley?” Wu Qi asked.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t be able to face myself if I didn’t fight back.” Ye Shang said.

“Really good. Luo Daoyuan accepted him as a disciple of Tianyue peak, you will meet him in the future, don’t be afraid to fight against him.” Wu Qi said and led them towards the meritorious hall.

The meritorious hall was located on the left side of the main Danding Hall, and was more than 30 miles away from the main Hall.

The meritorious hall was one of the symbols of Danding Peak as the hall was more than ten meters high, and the gate had a width of six or seven meters.

There were tens of thousands of disciples in the Medicine valley, so the meritorious hall was usually crowded as many were releasing or collecting sect missions and some were distributing cultivation resources.

Wu Qi led them to the front of an old man on the left. “Elder Zuo, these are our new disciples, please register them.”

“Taixuan hasn’t accepted new disciples for many years. You should accept more, come! One by one, take out your identity card and report your master.” He waved his hand at Nangong Dai and others.

He was a friend of Liu Yangyu and was happy for Liu Yangyu as he now started recruiting disciples.

“Tang Tian, my master is Gong Xuan.” Wu Qi pushed Tang Tian forward, and ​​Tang Tian reported his master and then took out his own green jade plate.

“Good young man, Gong Xuan got a treasure this time.” The left elder sized Tang Tian up and took out the pen to register.

“Chu Ning, my master is Gong Xuan.” As Tang Tian finished, Chu Ning stood out, reported his identity, and also took out the jade plate.

“Good!” The elder nodded with appreciation.

As the registration of Gong Xuan’s disciples was finished, Wu Qi’s disciple Zhe Zhuang started registering.

“Well, very strong, you might become a tough guy in the future.” The elder looked at him and said.

Next, in accordance with the order of Liu Yangyu’s disciples, Chu Ning and others all registered, and it was Ye Shang’s turn.

“Mo Chen’s disciple?” The elder cocked his head and sized Ye Shang up.

“Ye Shang, my master is Liu Yangyu.” Stepping forward, Ye Shang put his black identity plate on the desk.

“What? You are Liu’s disciple?” Elder Zuo stood up and sized up Ye Shang.

“Elder Zuo, this is the thirteenth disciple of my master, also the last one.” Wu Qi laughed and said as he knew that this news would shock many people.

“His strength is amazingly strong, a really good disciple to inherit your master’s inheritance.” Elder Zuo sat back and registered the name of Ye Shang.

“Elder Zuo, then we shall take our leave now.” Wu Qi bowed to Elder Zuo and left with them.

“Taixuan Peak! After so many decades, it’s going to rise again.” Seeing them leaving, the elder whispered.

Leaving the meritorious hall, they came to the front of the blue vultures.

“Well, we will separate according to the original plan. When things are finished, come back sooner. Their cultivation is important as they’ll attend the newcomer’s event.” Standing in front of his own blue vulture, Wu Qi said to Hua Nan and others.

“Okay.” Hua Nan and others nodded.

Because these 13 people came from different cities centered around the Medicine Valley, as Chiyang City was only one direction. There were too many such cities in the Medicine Valley area, and even Chiyang City could only be considered a Second-Rank city.

Tang Tian, Ye Shang and Zhe Zhuang were from the direction of Chiyang City, and Qing Ji and Yang Lei would lead them to their hometowns, while Hua Nan and Wu Qi would send Nangong Dai and Cheng Jiang since their hometowns were close as they both had some business to do with Gong Xuan later.

Qing Ji and Zhe Zhuang rode on a vulture, Yang Lei and Tang Tian rode on another, and Ye Shang sat on the back of Tian Yu, flying in the direction of Chiyang City.

With their take-off, the speed of the blue vulture got faster and faster.

The size of the blue vulture was much larger than that of Tian Yu as their wings were more than 7 meters wide, but the speed of Tian Yu wasn’t slow either.

Thought its body was small and its wings weren’t large, but it was dexterous, as it flapped its wings very frequently and it flew really fast.

After flying for a day, they stopped to rest, after all, the long-term flight made the demons tired.

Ye Shang caught a takin with Tian Yu and came back to roast it, while the blue vultures of Qing Ji and Yang Lei went hunting separately.

Seeing Tian Yu eating cooked meat and drinking, Qing Ji and others were very surprised as Tian Yu was completely different from other demons.

“It’s still young, so many of its habits will be similar to you. In the future, you’re going to be closer. Flying demons are rare, and Tian Yu is even rarer.” Qing Ji looked at Tian Yu and said.

“Martial Uncle Sixth, where did you get the blue vulture? When I become capable, I also want one.” Tang Tian looked at Tian Yu enviously and said.

“Many years ago, your grandmaster rescued a blue vulture who was fighting to death with other monsters. Before dying, the blue vulture took Master to its nest, and there were ten young vultures, that’s how we have flying mounts.” Qing Ji explained to Tang Tian.

“So, doesn’t it mean that Uncle Eleventh has no flying demon?” said Zhe Zhuang.

“No, he has a very ferocious golden-winged eagle. You will see. When you finish eating, take some rest. We have a long journey tomorrow, and we are about to arrive at Chiyang City the day after tomorrow.” Yang Lei said with a smile.

Ye Shang was surprised that it took him nearly 20 days from Chiyang City to Medicine Valley before, but it was less than 3 days with flying mounts.

Seeing Yang Lei and Qing Ji meditating, Ye Shang also began to cultivate.

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