Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 42

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 42: Chasing the Murderer

It was necessary to refine the medicinal herbs after taking them, since the accumulation of poison from the medicinal herbs would harm the body if cultivators didn’t refine it at the same time, causing the medicinal herbs to remain inside the body.

After cultivating for one night, everyone freshened up near a creek not far from them and then set off towards Chiyang City.

At noon, they encountered a blue-winged eagle, but before Ye Shang could get ready to fight, Qing Ji leaped from his blue vulture and cut the blue-winged eagle into two halves, ending the battle immediately.

Qing Ji, who killed the blue-winged eagle, sat back on her blue vulture with a flip. “Easy.”

“Aunt Sixth, why don’t we go down and check out the spoils?” Seeing Qing Ji and Yang Lei not bothering to stop, Zhe Zhuang said.

“A demon with almost no cultivation base has nothing valuable on its body, forget it.” Qing Ji shook her head and did not even take a look at the body of the blue-winged eagle.

“Zhe Zhuang, do you know that when Uncle Thirteenth and I came from Chiyang City, we also met a blue-winged eagle, which almost killed us.” Thinking of it, Tang Tian was still quite shocked.

“There are also beasts in our hometown, but there are chambers of commerce in the town. If beasts attack, the chambers of commerce deals with them, so it’s quite safe.”

“Tang Tian, you are from Chiyang City, and there are disciples from Medicine Valley stationed in the city. Zhe Zhuang, where is your hometown? We can include your hometown into the protected area this time.” Qing Ji asked.

“It is Jiannan Town, which belongs to Chiyang City.”

“Well, we’ll go to Chiyang City to handle this matter. Thirteenth, what is the biggest city near your hometown?” Qing Ji looked at Ye Shang and asked.

“I don’t know. I found a random town between the mountains before heading to Chiyang City and then directly to Medicine Valley.” Ye Shang was a bit embarrassed.

“It doesn’t matter, we will find it slowly when we know the general direction.” Yang Lei said with a smile as she saw that Ye Shang was apologetic, afraid of bothering her and Qing Ji.

One day later, they arrived in Chiyang City, and they put their blue vultures into the taming space, hence Ye Shang also had to temporarily put Tian Yu into the taming space.

Entering Chiyang City, they did not go directly to the city’s government office, but found a restaurant to dine first.

As they entered the restaurant and sat down, a man at the other table put a bamboo hat on his head and immediately went straight out.

“Sixth Sister, that person was acting very strange. He originally looked very calm, but he was startled after seeing two sisters, and immediately went out.” After sitting down, Ye Shang said.

“How did he look?” Yang Lei drank the tea and asked.

“I didn’t pay much attention. He had a big beard and a scar on his neck!” said Ye Shang.

“Luo Sihai?! Chase him!” Hearing his words, Yang Lei was shocked and then the auro surrounding him suddenly turned murderous.

Yang Lei and Qing Ji left the restaurant right away, followed by Ye Shang.

“Over there!” Ye Shang pointed to the west side of the entrance of the restaurant. Though the man wore a bamboo hat, Ye Shang was still able to recognize him by his figure.

“It is the murderer who killed Eleventh. I must kill him today.” Yang Lei snorted and leaped directly towards the figure in front.

Seeing the rock under Yang Lei’s feet getting shattered, Ye Shang was shocked as it was hard to imagine that Yang Lei’s delicate body could exert such a powerful force.

Qing Ji also started chasing him.

“Let’s go.” Zhe Zhuang shouted and rushed toward the front, while Ye Shang started chasing.

In a blink of an eye, Qing Ji and Yang Lei were many meters ahead of them, and Luo Sihai in the front also accelerated at this moment.

Hitting upon an idea, Ye Shang summoned Tian Yu. “Fly!”

At the moment when Tian Yu took off, Ye Shang leaped off and grasped its right claw.

“Tian Yu, if I pull your left claw, fly to the left; if I pull your right claw, fly to the right. Now, fly as fast as possible.” Ye Shang communicated with Tian Yu and understood what killing Luo Sihai meant to the disciples of Liu Yangyu.

Hearing Ye Shang’s words, Tian Yu screamed and flapped its wings swiftly, flying low but fast.

Soon Ye Shang and Tian Yu caught up with Qing Ji and Yang Lei, and also saw the figure of Luo Sihai as the distance between Qing Ji, Yang Lei and Luo Sihai was getting closer bit by bit.

Tian Yu once again screamed and swept over the heads of Qing Ji and Yang Lei, chasing towards Luo Sihai.

“Thirteenth, come back!” Yang Lei screamed anxiously since she was worried about the safety of Ye Shang, after all, Luo Sihai wasn’t a simple character.

As long as he wanted, he could kill Ye Shang, who was still at Qi-Refining stage, with ease.

“Ninth Sister, hurry up! I will intercept him.” Ye Shang shouted and took the reincarnation spear behind his back, pouring all the energy in his body into his arm.

Tian Yu was getting faster and closer to Luo Sihai.

At the time, Luo Sihai turned, and was about to enter a small aisle.


Ye Shang shouted and released the reincarnation spear in his hand in the direction of the small aisle.

Luo Sihai, who was about to enter the small aisle, heard the whistling sound of the spear, thus quickly changed direction, not daring to enter the small aisle.

When Qing Ji and Yang Lei entered the restaurant, Luo Sihai recognized them, so he rushed out of the restaurant.

After leaving the restaurant, he knew that things were not good when he saw Qing Ji and Yang Lei coming out, hence he started running desperately.

Now delayed by the reincarnation spear of Ye Shang, the distance between him, Qing Ji and Yang Lei was shortened.

Ye Shang’s reincarnation spear penetrated the old trees along the road one after another and stopped at the fourth tree.

Tian Yu rushed to the place where the reincarnation spear was, and Ye Shang jumped down.

“Come back to pick me up.” Ye Shang, who jumped off Tian Yu, shouted.

Ye Shang then punched the rear of the spear, then rushed forward to grab the reincarnation spear that pierced through the trunk, and leaped to grab the claw of Tian Yu, who flew back.

At this moment, Qing Ji and Yang Lei went past him.

Since the street was winded, they couldn’t summon the green vultures since their agility couldn’t compare with that of Tian Yu.

Tian Yu quickly caught up with Yang Lei and Qing Ji.

“Ninth Sister, come up!” Ye Shang found that he could not intercept Luo Sihai, hence simply called Yang Lei up.

Hearing Ye Shang’s words, Yang Lei quickly volleyed towards Tian Yu.

Though Ye Shang didn’t have time to let Tian Yu stretch its claws, Yang Lei grasped the left arm of Ye Shang, which clutched Tian Yu’s claw.

Seeing Yang Lei and Ye Shang chasing him with Tian Yu, Qing Ji summoned the blue vulture and flew high in the air to overlook, so that Luo Sihai couldn’t escape her sight.

Seeing Luo Sihai entering an alley, the speed of Tian Yu was slightly reduced.

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