Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 43

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 43: Defeat the Enemy

Ye Shang saw that he was still roughly a dozen meters away from Luo Sihai, hence he raised his right hand again, and the reincarnation spear whistled, shooting towards the back of Luo Sihai.

What Ye Shang could do was to try to lower the speed of Luo Sihai, allowing Qing Ji and Yang Lei to catch up with him.

Luo Sihai heard the whistling sound behind him, he thus quickly dodged to the side, and Tian Yu got the chance to catch up.

“Go to hell!” Yang Lei snorted and jumped off Tian Yu as her right hand quickly patted towards the back of Luo Sihai, and Ye Shang noticed that a washbasin-sized cyan cyclone was on Yang Lei’s hand, indicating that she was using the Turning Hands of the Heaven Obscuring Palm.

Luo Sihai did not dare to take it head on, so he dodged it, then rushed forward, intending to continue to run as he did not intend to fight Yang Lei.

Yang Lei missed it, so she leaped off for the second palm.

Luo Sihai kept dodging while running, but he couldn’t escape at full speed.

Ye Shang picked up the reincarnation spear, followed Yang Lei and Luo Sihai, while Tian Yu landed on an attic.

Yang Lei kept attacking Luo Sihai, and Luo Sihai still kept dodging.

Luo Sihai, who had avoided a few attacks, couldn’t stabilize his body, hence Yang Lei seized the opportunity, jumped up, and patted towards his head.

“Bitch!” Unable to escape, Luo Sihai punched Yang Lei’s right palm.


With a muffled sound, Luo Sihai was knocked away and his right arm was twisted, which was obviously broken by Yang Lei’s palm.

“Except the movement technique, you are a garbage, a garbage not even worth mentioning!” Seeing Luo Sihai fall to the ground and stand up again, but losing the speed and momentum to escape, Yang Lei slowly walked towards Luo Sihai.

At this moment, Qing Ji jumped off the blue vulture and landed on the other side of the alley.

“When will you stop? For more than a decade, you have been chasing me. Is it not enough for me to compensate a life for the whole Sihai Sect?” Luo Sihai hysterically shouted.

“Can your useless lives compare with my Twelfth Brother? If you killed him in a normal battle, I have nothing to say. But you killed my brother for a ginseng with more than 20 people, you have to pay for this today.” Yang Lei said indifferently and her hair fluttered, showing that she was very emotional.

“I have nothing to lose.” Luo Sihai rushed towards Yang Lei and stabbed towards Yang Lei’s chest with the blade in his left hand.

“Are you qualified to fight against me?” Yang Lei volleyed, her lower body fell back, and reached out her right hand to pat towards him.

At this moment, Yang Lei was like a fairy flying in the air.

When her palm landed on the left arm of Luo Sihai, his left arm was directly smashed.

“Crazy woman! Even if I die, I will take you down with me.” Luo Sihai screamed, his face began to blush, and his body became bigger.

“Self-explosion?” Yang Lei was somewhat surprised and retreated.

When she stepped back, she reached out and grabbed Ye Shang, who was chasing behind, and Qing Ji also stepped back.

When Yang Lei and Qing Ji withdrew about a dozen meters quickly, Luo Sihai turned into a pile of minced meat with a muffled sound, and the stone walls and houses on both sides of the alley were flattened.

“Damn.” Yang Lei said murderously.

“Ninth Sister, was he the murderer of Twelfth Brother?” asked Ye Shang.

“Yes, it was him. After Sihai Sect was eliminated, he spent all the savings of the sect buying a movement combat skill called Chasing Butterfly, so we have been unable to catch him these years.” Yang Lei said.

“If Thirteenth didn’t notice him today, he might have escaped.” After Qing Ji came over, she smiled and said to Ye Shang.

“We could only kill him because of Ninth Sister.” Ye Shang shook his head and said.

“If he didn’t blew himself up, I would have smashed his limbs and killed him slowly. Saying I am a bitch in front of everyone, I would have made him pay.” Being cursed, Yang Lei was very pissed off.

“Oh, Ninth Sister, I didn’t hear anything.” Ye Shang shook his head and said.

“Well, I am happy today, and I will buy a big meal later for you.” Yang Lei said patting the shoulder of Ye Shang.

Just when they were talking, Zhe Zhuang and Tang Tian also came over.

Looking at minced meat everywhere, they didn’t say anything as they never saw such a scene.

“Thirteenth, you were very calm in clutch time. Those two shots were very domineering.” Yang Lei said with a heavy pat on the shoulder of Ye Shang.

“With my cultivation base, I didn’t dare to get close to him, so I could only slow him down, and then let sisters deal with him.” Ye Shang had become accustomed to Yang Lei’s character, though his shoulders became numb as she patted frequently.

Just when they were talking, the enforcement team of Chiyang City showed up, which was led by Qiu Zen.

“It is forbidden to fight in the city. You were fighting in the city without authorization. Now hand over your weapons and you will be handcuffed.” Qiu Zen said with a loud voice.

“You came very fast, but it is impossible to handcuff us. Call the person in charge!” Yang Lei said, looking at Qiu Zen.

Qiu Zen was stunned since he knew that she must be somebody with a background, if she dared to talk like this.

Just when he didn’t know what to do, he saw Ye Shang.

“Captain Qiu, let’s go see the deputy city owner Qin. I will explain it to him.” Ye Shang said since he didn’t want Qiu Zen to be embarrassed.

“Uncle Qiu, they are my Martial Uncle and Martial Aunts. They killed a murderer. Let’s go to the main city government’s office!” Tang Tian also said.

Qiu Zen also saw a golden furnace embroidered on Yang Lei’s skirt at this moment, which made him understand that Yang Lei and Qing Ji weren’t ordinary people, hence he could only lead the way in front.

Yang Lei was in a good mood as she walked forward with her arm placed on the shoulders of Ye Shang and chatted with him.

She felt that Ye Shang was a lucky star as he could catch the murderer who had been fleeing for more than ten years in a random restaurant.

Qiu Zen and Tang Tian were also chatting in a whisper.

When he learned about Ye Shang, he was very shocked as he thought that it would be nice if Ye Shang could enter the Medicine Valley and become an outer disciple, but he couldn’t imagine that he now had become the second-generation disciple of Taixuan Peak Leader?

In the city government’s office, Ye Shang and others met with Qin Aoxuan, and there was also a man in a robe.

“Here you come, Martial Sister Qing Ji and Martial Sister Yang ‘Turning Hands’ Lei.” Qin Aoxuan greeted since he knew the two as he entered the Medicine Valley earlier than them, but his status was far from theirs in the Medicine Valley, otherwise, he wouldn’t become the deputy city owner of Chiyang City.

“Ah, you are a disciple of Martial Uncle Yan from Arctic Peak.” Qing Ji rubbed her forehead and thought for a moment, clasping hands to Qin Aoxuan.

“Report to the city owner and deputy city owner, when we got there, several masters from the Medicine Valley had already killed the murderer.” Qiu Zen went forward to report the situation.

“You are from the Medicine Valley, but you shouldn’t ignore the rules of Chiyang City about killing people? This is Chiyang City not Medicine Valley.” The young man in the robe said.

“Wow, ha-ha! I just killed him, so what can you do?” Hearing his impolite words, Yang Lei laughed and said in an overbearing tone.

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