Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 44

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 44: To Tiannan City

“Martial Brother Ji.” When the man in a robe uttered, Qin Aoxuan suddenly had a straight face and called him.

“Brother Qin, they are making trouble in my Chiyang City!” The man looked at Qin Aoxuan and said in a serious tone.

“Two martial sisters, I am Qin Aoxuan, Ji Haoran doesn’t know you, so please forgive him if he offended you.” Without caring about Ji Haoran, Qin Aoxuan said to Qing Ji and Yang Lei.

“Brother Qin, it’s alright. But remember, I am Yang Lei from Taixuan Peak, don’t piss me off or I will destroy your city right now! I remember I broke one leg of a disciple of your master previously, so what can you by yourself do to me?” Looking at Ji Haoran, Yang Lei said with some disdain.

Snorting, Ji Haoran went straight away.

When he knew that Yang Lei was from Taixuan Peak, he knew that he couldn’t do anything to her since his martial second brother was still a crippled man now, which was caused by a disciple of Taixuan Peak when he said something inappropriate after Feng Guan Ye died.

“Everyone, please sit down. Ye Shang and Tang Tian, ​it seems that you both have entered Taixuan Peak. Who are your masters?” Seeing Ye Shang and Tang Tian, ​​Qin Aoxuan smiled and greeted.

“My master is Gong Xuan.” Tang Tian went up and clasped hands to Qin Aoxuan.

“Well, Martial Brother Gong is one of the best second-generation disciples in Medicine Valley. It’s your blessing to be accepted as his disciple. Work hard, and win honor for our city.” Qin Aoxuan said to Tang Tian.

“Brother Qin, this is my younger martial brother. Thirteenth, greet Brother Qin.” Yang Lei introduced Ye Shang to Qin Aoxuan.

“Ye Shang here greets the deputy city owner Qin, and also thank you for looking after me before.” Ye Shang said and clasped hands to Qin Aoxuan.

Qin Aoxuan was stunned since he was wondering if he made a mistake hearing.

But Yang Lei placed her hand on the shoulders of Ye Shang, showing that he didn’t misunderstand since Yang Lei wouldn’t be so close to younger-generation disciples.

“Just call me Martial Brother. Thank you for helping Zen-er recover. I also apologize for my two impolite nephews.” Qin Aoxuan said with some embarrassment since Qiu Zen already told him about what Qin Hai and Qin Zhan did to Ye Shang.

“Deputy city owner is too polite, you don’t have to apologize for them.” Ye Shang shook his head.

“Let’s go to my house and have a drink.” Qin Aoxuan saw everyone standing in the city government office, so he immediately invited them.

On the way to Qin’s house, Qin Aoxuan talked about the situation of Chiyang City.

Ji Haoran was the descendant of Danding Peak’s second elder Ji Ming, and he was accepted as a disciple because of his good endowments.

He became a city owner to make his achievements look better.

In addition, Ye Shang and others also learned that the city owner of Chiyang City had changed position many times, but the deputy city owner had always been Qin Aoxuan since the city owner was the position for the descendants of the elders in Medicine Valley to make their resume look better.

After arriving at Qin’s house, Qin Aoxuan and his wife personally served them, and Qin Aoxuan also called Yang Sen, Du Chong, Zhang Xuanzong and Lin Qiao.

Seeing them four, Ye Shang thanked them for bringing him to Chiyang City.

“Brother, you are too polite, didn’t you help us? Congratulations on entering the Medicine Valley.” Yang Sen didn’t know the identity of Ye Shang, but knew that he had entered Medicine Valley, so he was very happy for him.

“Thank you for taking care of my younger martial brother. To you four. I also want to ask if there’s any big city near the place when you met my younger martial brother.” Yang Lei asked after toasting.

“Well, I remember that the place where we met Ye Shang was Gunan Town. The nearest city from Gunan Town is Tiannan City, which is famous for precious cedars.” Yang Sen answered.

Yang Lei didn’t talk, before sighing and sitting down after clasping hands to Yang Sen.

“What happened to Ninth Sister?” Ye Shang felt that Yang Lei was a little sad.

“Tiannan City is the hometown of Twelfth. You are from the same place as Twelfth.” Yang Lei said.

Hearing Yang Lei’s words, Qin Aoxuan was also very surprised since he was from the same era as Mo Chen and Guan Ye, in addition, he also knew about Guan Ye’s accident.

Then Yang Lei smiled and changed to other topics, entrusting Qin Aoxuan to take care of Tang Tian’s hometown.

“Martial Sister Yang, you may not be very clear that Tang Tian’s grandfather is the elder of Chiyang City, also the Enforcement Elder of the Medicine Valley, hence Tang family is stable in Chiyang City.” Qin Aoxuan smiled and said.

“Tang Tian was born in a good family, but is not arrogant. Very good.” Qing Ji patted on the back head of Tang Tian and said.

“Ha-ha, Tang Tian has been a good boy in Chiyang City.” Qin Aoxuan said with a smile.

After the banquet, Qin Aoxuan arranged for them to stay since he still had to talk to Ji Haoran.

If Ji Haoran reported it to the supervisors, it would not be a good thing.

In the house of Ji Haoran, Qin Aoxuan told him about the stakes.

“I understand. I will keep it down.” Ji Haoran said with a sullen face.

Hearing Ji Haoran’s statement, Qin Haoran did not express his opinion, but he understood that even if Ji Haoran had powerful connections, he would still be in trouble if he irritated Taixuan Peak.

Staying for a while in Ji Haoran’s residence, Qin Aoxuan left.

After resting a night in Qin’s house, they planned to leave the next day.

“Tang Tian, go back and accompany your family, we will pick you up later.” Qing Ji said to Tang Tian after packing.

“Thank you, martial aunts, I will wait at my home.” Tang Tian nodded to Qing Ji.

“Hey! You still have a martial uncle here!” Yang Lei reached out and slapped Tang Tian’s face lightly.

“Thank you, Uncle Thirteenth.” Tang Tian said with a grin since he and Ye Shang were both on their way home, but he couldn’t refute.

“Then, you go home! We are leaving. Zhe Zhuang, follow the deputy city owner Qin and then stay in Tang Tian’s house and wait for us.” Looking at Tang Tian’s funny look, Qing Ji smiled and reminded.

Jiannan Town, Zhe Zhuang’s hometown, was under the jurisdiction of Chiyang City.

Yang Lei and Qing Ji delivered the matters of Zhe Zhuang to Qin Aoxuan, it became  the responsibility of Qin Aoxuan.

Out of Chiyang City, the three got on their mounts and flew towards Tiannan City.

Ye Shang and Qing Ji stood on the same blue vulture, and Tian Yu flew itself since Tian Yu was still not an adult and it couldn’t bear too much weight.

“Thirteenth, I’ve been to Tiannan Town once. That time, I was still handling the matters of your Twelfth Brother, Guan Ye. It has been so many years since them.” Qing Ji said emotionally.

“Martial Sixth Sister, we’ve already avenged Martial Brother Guan Ye, and now he can rest in peace.” Ye Shang could see that Qing Ji was still a little upset.

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