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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 45 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 45

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 45: Meeting Mo Chen

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Tiannan City is really a nice place.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

“When we arrive at our village, I’ll find some wine at Uncle Niu’s house. Though its scent cannot compare with the blue blood spirits, it’s very strong. I used to bring Uncle Niu’s wine whenever I go hunting.” Returning Zhuyuan Village, Ye Shang was very happy.

“You trained drinking with that?” Qing Ji asked with a smile.

“When I was a kid, I ran back and forth in the village. Whenever I went to Uncle Niu’s house, he gave me a bowl of wine to drink. In Aunt Lin’s house, she made me some clothes. Uncle Li made wooden blade and spear for me, but he died in a battle against a beast, few years back.” Ye Shang sighed and said.

“This is life, Thirteenth. How about we go to Brother Guan Ye’s house first before yours?” Qing Ji looked at Ye Shang and asked.

“Okay, I am not in a hurry.” Ye Shang nodded.

The speed of the two blue vultures was fast, and Tian Yu could fly faster since it didn’t have to carry Ye Shang.

On the next day, the three arrived in Tiannan City, but they didn’t enter Tiannan City as they landed in a place called Qingnan Town.

After putting the blue vultures and Tian Yu into taming spaces, they came in front of the door to an ancient courtyard in the town.

“You are the martial sisters of Guan Ye? Come on in.” A white-haired, very kind old woman brought Yang Lei, Qing Ji and Ye Shang into the yard.

“Auntie, how are you?” Qing Ji asked.

“Very good, Guan Ye’s martial brother often visits. He was here a few days ago. Don’t you know that?” The old woman said.

“Eleventh came here!” Qing Ji and Yang Lei looked at each other.

“Is he gone?” Yang Lei asked.

“I don’t know, he disappeared after leaving us some money, but according to my experience in the past, he would stay in front of Guan Ye’s grave for a few days before leaving.” The old woman wiped her eyes and said.

Bowing to the old woman, Qing Ji took Yang Lei and Ye Shang out of the yard and walked outside the town.

“Eleventh is at the grave of Twelfth?” Yang Lei looked at Qing Ji and asked. After the death of Guan Ye, Mo Chen, Yang Lei and others sent his body to his hometown to bury it down.

Qing Ji remained silent as she hoped to meet Mo Chen and tell him that Luo Sihai was already dead, so he would not have to chase him anymore, but she was afraid that she might not be able to see Mo Chen.

Out of the town, the three went into the mountains and entered a canyon after a while.

Entering the canyon, Qing Ji and Yang Lei’s footsteps slowed down because they saw the situation in the valley clearly.

At the end of the canyon, a tomb appeared in front of them, a sword was inserted at the tombstone, and a man in black was sitting beside the sword, while there were some wine jars next to the man.

“Eleventh!” Yang Lei screamed when she saw the figure of the man.

The man turned and looked up, but quickly lowered his head and covered his eyes since he could not adapt to the sun.

Ye Shang noticed that the man was scruffy as his hair was messy, and his chin and his lips looked dirty.

“Get up! What are you doing here?” Qing Ji stepped forward to grab the man’s clothes and lifted the man up directly.

“Sixth Sister, I’m useless. I have been looking for Luo Sihai for more than ten years. Every time I found him, he escaped. If I were Twelfth, I would have long succeeded.” The man in black, Mo Chen, said depressedly.

“Listen to me, Luo Sihai is dead, cheer up!” Yang Lei stepped forward and slapped on his face.

“What?” Mo Chen stood up and asked Yang Lei.

“Luo Sihai died just two days ago. With the help of Thirteenth Brother, Luo Sihai was seriously injured by your Ninth Sister, and he eventually blew himself up.” Qing Ji said.

“Luo Sihai’s movement skill was very strong, you really killed him?” Mo Chen asked with some excitement.

“He blew himself up. Thirteenth, come to meet you Eleventh Brother Mo Chen.” Yang Lei pulled Ye Shang to her side and said.

“Ye Shang here meets Martial Brother Mo Chen!” Ye Shang clasped hands to Mo Chen.

“Thirteenth? Did Master start receiving disciples?” Mo Chen asked as he sized Ye Shang up.

“Yes, the last disciple. Look at yourself, how can you be a role model for your younger brother?” Yang Lei frowned as she was very dissatisfied by the decadent look of Mo Chen.

“I……I’m going to freshen up and come back later.” Mo Chen whistled, suddenly a huge golden flying monster appeared, and Mo Chen flew his flying tamed beast, the golden-winged eagle, away.

“Failing to chase him for so many years, psychologically he must have been pressured greatly, or he would not have been so decadent.” Qing Ji sighed and said.

They stayed in the cemetery for a while, and Ye Shang also went forward to worship.

Though he had never seen him, Guan Ye was still his Martial Twelfth Brother.

After a quarter of an hour, Mo Chen came back as he had already changed into a clean robe and shaved his beard.

“Well, that’s better.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

“Twelfth, Martial Ninth Sister has avenged you, so I will not come here this often henceforth.” Mo Chen clasped hands to the tombstone.

They walked towards the town, and Qing Ji told Mo Chen about what happened in the past few months and the process of chasing Luo Sihai.

“I only found Luo Sihai twice in recent years, but his movement skill was too good and too strange. He just doesn’t fight against me head on, I had no way to catch him.” Mo Chen sighed and said.

“Yeah, if Thirteenth wasn’t so brilliant, we would have difficulty catching up with him.” Yang Lei nodded as she also knew how difficult it was to deal with Luo Sihai.

“By the way, why did two martial sisters come here?” Mo Chen asked as he didn’t think that Qing Ji and Yang Lei were looking for him.

In the past years, he usually stayed outside the Medicine Valley to look for Luo Sihai while cultivating, and people in Taixuan Peak were used to it.

“Thirteenth’s hometown is also in the scope of Tiannan City. We came to send Thirteenth back, so we thought to come by here, since its on the way.” Yang Lei said.

After returning to the town, Mo Chen and Qing Ji left some gold tickets to the old woman and told her to find the mayor if she had any problem as Mo Chen also informed the mayor regarding this matter.

After handling these things, they flew towards Tiannan City on flying beasts.

When they entered Tiannan City, they went directly to the main city government’s office, since Mo Chen knew the city owner, he directly explained his intention.

“Hard to believe that two disciples of Taixuan Peak are from Tiannan City. Martial Uncles, please rest assured. We will get this done, but the resident staff in Zhuyuan Village is a bit troublesome.” Zhao Qing, the city owner, hesitated a bit and said.

“Zhuyuan Village may be small, but it will be fine after some construction. In the future, I hope there are caravans and drugstores there.” Mo Chen said to Zhao Qing.

“I will work hard to report this, but we must wait for the approval of the supervisors.” Zhao Qing hesitated and said that he couldn’t do anything now.

“What approval? I can approve it right here. If anyone has a problem, find me in Taixuan Peak, my name is Yang Lei.” Yang Lei said indifferently.

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