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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 46 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 46

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 46: Hometown Changed

“Then I will immediately send people to Zhuyuan Village.” Zhao Qing nodded and was relieved since Yang Lei had directly authorized it.

“We will pay attention to Qingnan Town and Zhuyuan Town, if one day you leave, you must remind your successor. If there is a problem in these two towns, then you are done.” Mo Chen looked at Zhao Qing and reminded him again.

After that, they four left the city government’s office and flew towards Zhuyuan Village.

It took them less than a day to travel from Tiannan City to Zhuyuan Village.

When the four flying monsters stopped at the entrance to the village, the villages rang a whistle, and then many people rushed out with weapons in their hands.

“Easy, everyone, it’s me!” Seeing the villagers rushing over, Ye Shang shouted.

“Stop!” shouted Grandpa Gu in the crowd.

Ye Shang came to Grandpa Gu and bowed. “Grandpa, I am back.”

“Ye Shang, you are back, not doing well in the Medicine Valley?” Grandpa Gu frowned and said.

“Doing well. They are my martial brothers and sisters. The monsters are our flying mounts, and they’re not dangerous.” Ye Shang said to the villagers around Grandpa Gu.

Grandpa Gu waved at the surrounding villagers, then returned to his bamboo house with Ye Shang, Qing Ji and others, and asked Aunt Lin to cook for them.

“Very peaceful village, very warm villagers.” Yang Lei looked at the busy villagers and said emotionally.

“Yes, the villagers are very warm, I like it.” Qing Ji also said.

Ye Shang told Grandpa Gu what happened in the past few months and told that Zhuyuan Village would be included in the shelter area by the Medicine Valley, which would be promoted to Zhuyuan Town.

“Great, so Zhuyuan Village no longer has to be afraid of the beasts.” Grandpa Gu said excitedly.

“Grandpa, It’s Zhuyuan Town, not Zhuyuan Village.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

“Masters, Ye Shang is still very young and immature, please take care of him.” Grandpa Gu said to Qing Ji and others.

“Grandpa, don’t worry! Ye Shang is our martial younger brother, sure enough we’ll take care of him. Don’t call us masters, just call our names. My name is Qing Ji. They are my Martial Ninth Sister Yang Lei and Martial Eleventh Brother Mo Chen.” Qing Ji said to Grandpa Gu.

While they chatted, Aunt Lin had prepared the meal, also roasted a few chickens, and Uncle Niu even sent a few jars of wine.

“Sixth Sister, Ninth sister, Twelfth Brother, Uncle Niu is really good at brewing wine, I always brought his wine every time I went hunting.” Ye Shang opened the wine jar and poured some wine for them.

“Thirteenth, when you got accepted as a disciple, I couldn’t make it. Congratulations!” Mo Chen raised the wine bowl high against Ye Shang and then drank it.

Ye Shang nodded to Mo Chen and also drank the wine.

Though he hadn’t talked much with Mo Chen yet, he knew that he was a man with a strong sense of righteousness considering his pursuit of Luo Sihai and everything he did for Guan Ye’s family.

“Wow! I am also a veteran of drinking, but this wine is strong. Thirteenth, you’re good at drinking, let’s continue.” Mo Chen was addicted after drinking a bowl.

“Of course.” Ye Shang smiled and said.

“Eleventh, I remind you that you should just drink and have fun. Don’t try to compete, since your Eighth Brother was even defeated by Thirteenth.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

“Oh……I just want to have fun with Thirteenth, I don’t have the intention to compete. I am not as insidious as Eighth Brother.” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“Brother and Sisters, taste the roast chicken cooked by Aunt Lin. It is absolutely fantastic. Eleventh Brother, let’s just drink freely since we got tons of chances to compete in drinking after returning to Taixuan Peak.” Ye Shang said with a smile.

“Master doesn’t lock you inside the house to cultivate? You have chances to drink?” Mo Chen looked at Ye Shang with a somewhat strange look since he remembered he only cultivated all day long and there was no chance to drink or do anything else when he was was first accepted as a disciple.

“Thirteenth is much better than we were, so Master doesn’t impose any restrictions on him. The main reason is that Thirteenth also strives hard. When he entered the Medicine Valley, he was at Qi-Refining Stage Level 3, but now he’s already in the middle of Qi-Refining Stage Level 7. How fast are his breakthroughs?” Yang Lei said.

“Ye Shang, you’ve reached Qi-Refining Stage Level 7?” Grandpa Gu didn’t have any cultivation base, but he was very shocked to hear Yang Lei’s words.

“Yes, Grandpa. After I left, I met a few good people. They taught me how to use the simple method to condense Qi, so I reached Level 3 of Qi-Refining by the time I entered the Medicine Valley.” Ye Shang nodded and said.

“It’s only been a bit more than 3 months. I always knew that you were not a simple child. If you have the opportunity, don’t forget to investigate your origins.” Grandpa Gu took a deep breath and said.

“I will. I should get my two relatives a bowl of wine now.” Ye Shang touched the jade on his neck, got up, and walked towards the back of the bamboo house.

Sensing that Qing Ji and Mo Zhen did not understand, Grandpa Gu told them Ye Shang’s situation.

“Thirteenth has great talents for cultivation, and it must be related to his origins. Thirteenth should look into it in the future.” Qing Ji said.

Standing in front of the tombstones, Ye Shang gave a bowl of wine each to both tombs. “I will work hard to cultivate and find out who you are in the future. No matter who you are, I will avenge you.”

Looking at the tombstones, Ye Shang once again touched the scar on his waist ribs. If it weren’t for the owners of the tombs, this scar might be at his heart.

Standing for a while, Ye Shang returned to the yard and drank with them.

The villagers in Zhuyuan Village were happy for Ye Shang and also overjoyed when learning that the fate of Zhuyuan Village was about to change.

“Ye Shang, we Zhuyuan Village are proud of you. If you don’t do well in the future, just come back.” Uncle Niu looked at Ye Shang and said.

Ye Shang could only keep nodding his head as everything he experienced in Zhuyuan Village was always in his memory.

When he was a child, he was naughty, but none of them yelled at him as every family gave him the warmth of family.

They kept drinking until midnight as Qing Ji and Yang Lei went to Ye Shang’s room to rest, Uncle Niu took Mo Chen to his house to rest, and Ye Shang went to Grandpa Gu’s room.

He then chatted with Grandpa Gu for more than 2 hours since Grandpa Gu wanted to know everything about him, and the conversation ended when Grandpa Gu fell asleep.

After waking up, Ye Shang first habitually practiced boxing in the yard.

When Qing Ji and Yang Lei got up, Ye Shang got some water from the well for them to freshen up.

“Sixth Sister, you see! Thirteenth is so considerate. Have you seen other younger brothers get us some water to freshen up?” Yang Lei said while washing her face.

“Ninth Sister, do I have the opportunity to do it for you?” Mo Chen showed up and he was completely different from he was yesterday as he no longer looked decadent.

“Even if you do it, it doesn’t make any difference between us.” Yang Lei squinted at Mo Chen and said disdainfully.

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