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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 47 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 47

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 47: Conflict

When everyone was having breakfast, Tiannan City sent many resident staff, merchants and pharmacie people over, as well as the construction staff.

Though Tiannan City also sent someone as a mayor over, Yang Lei directly demoted him to the deputy mayor since she decided that Grandpa Gu was the mayor.

The deputy mayor didn’t complain at all since the owner of Tiannan City reminded him that he would be done for if he made any trouble here.

Yang Lei was interested in the construction of Zhuyuan Town. With the deputy mayor, she confirmed the plan of Zhuyuan Town, and Zhuyuan Village would become 20 times larger than Zhuyuan Village.

Qing Ji also emphasized that they must pay the villagers if they wanted to occupy the land during the construction of Zhuyuan Town.

The deputy mayor knew that Yang Lei and others were moguls, so he was completely obedient.

After staying in Zhuyuan Village for 3 days, they found that the construction was on the right track, hence they planned to leave, and after all, Ye Shang couldn’t delay his cultivation.

Although he was reluctant to leave, he knew he should go back.

Hearing that they were going to leave, Uncle Niu pulled them into his house, which was filled with wine jars. “Ye Shang, I don’t know when you will come back next time. I know that you like my wine, so just take as much as you can.”

“Uncle Niu, thank you, I have a storage belt.” Ye Shang patted the storage belt at his waist and said.

“Ye Shang, it’s great if you can take it all. Mo Chen, you should take some with you too.” Uncle Niu said with a smile.

Ye Shang directly put dozens of jars into his storage belt, while Mo Chen also took some, and he left a gold ticket when Uncle Niu wasn’t paying attention.

However, Ye Shang noticed it, but he pretended like he didn’t see it.

If Uncle Niu knew about it, he would be angry, but if he didn’t take the money, Mo Chen might feel bad, so this was for the best.

“Ye Shang, I don’t know if I’d have any chance to make clothes for you. The material isn’t as good as those in the city, but it is made of pure hemp, which is comfortable to wear. I prepared two sets for you, and another larger one for you to wear when you grow up.” Aunt Lin took a stack of robes and handed it to Ye Shang.

“Thank you, Aunt Lin. You have to pay attention to your health. I love your chicken broth, and when I was a child, I often had it with Xiaohu. I will make sure to come back in the future.” Ye Shang was a bit sad, Xiaohu is the son of Aunt Lin, yet she treated Ye Shang more as her son.

“Fine, Ye Shang will come back. Take care of the construction in the village, and I’ll send them off.”

As the villagers waved them goodbye, they left Zhuyuan Village.

“Ye Shang, you must live on your own in the future.” After walking a few miles, Grandpa Gu said.

“I will, Grandpa. Here are some gold tickets, take them. Aunt Lin is not rich, but she still made several sets of clothes for me, same as Uncle Niu. Please give them some. And don’t go hunting anymore.” Ye Shang gave Grandpa Gu all the gold tickets that Qin Aoxuan left to him.

“Okay, I will give them some.” Grandpa Gu didn’t count how many gold tickets there were, but instead directly put them into his pocket, as he knew that Ye Shang would not need to worry about the money in the future, so he didn’t have to refuse.

Bowing to Grandpa Gu, Ye Shang turned and sat down on the back of Tian Yu then took off.

Qing Ji and others also got on the blue vultures and golden-winged eagle next to Ye Shang.

“Thirteenth, rest assured! Robbers and thieves dare not make troubles in places where the Medicine Valley watches over. This place is under the jurisdiction of Yunhai Peak. After going back, just greet Yunhai Peak, and there will be no problems.” Mo Chen said to Ye Shang.

“I know, I just feel sad since I have to leave the place where I have lived for more than a decade.” Ye Shang said.

Qing Ji and others didn’t talk since they all had such experiences.

This time, they did not stop in Tiannan City, but went straight to Chiyang City.

When hearing that all his ten martial brothers and sisters had disciples, Mo Chen didn’t feel good.

“Sixth Sister, if I were there, martial top brother wouldn’t have gotten two disciples. What a shame.” Sitting on the back of the golden-winged eagle, Mo Chen was a little depressed.

“Master said that Taixuan Peak would recruit newcomers. Ask Master to recruit again next year. If he’s unwilling to, we will help you.” Yang Lei said.

“Nice. Thirteenth, you must work hard for the newcomer’s event, which represents the reputation of our peak. We must let others know how good we are.” Qing Ji looked at Ye Shang behind her and said as she was worried that carrying too much of weight was not good for Tian Yu’s growth, so she asked Ye Shang to ride with her.

A few days later, they arrived at Chiyang City, picked up Zhe Zhuang and Tang Tian, ​​and then left directly without staying.

After leaving Chiyang City, they didn’t return directly to the Medicine Valley, but rushed to Luoye Mountain in the Danding Mountains, since Gong Xuan went to Luoye Mountain.

Since they weren’t in a hurry to go back, they planned to check it out, as that incident shocked the Medicine Valley, and many peaks sent people over to take care of it.

In less than 3 days, they arrived at Luoye Mountain.

“Sixth Uncle, how do we find my martial great uncle and master?” asked Zhe Zhuang.

“I don’t know the specific location. We should keep flying in the sky, and your great martial uncle will inform us once he sees the blue vultures.” Qing Ji said.

Entering Luoye Mountain, Qing Ji let the blue vultures fly at high altitude.

Ye Shang jumped off the back of the blue vulture and got on Tian Yu. “Tian Yu, you know my martial great brother, let’s look for him here.”

Flying for 30 minutes in Luoye Mountain, a whistle was heard when the blue vultures flew over a canyon.

Qing Ji and Yang Lei landed the blue vultures, followed by Ye Shang and Tian Yu.

After landing in the canyon, Ye Shang saw many people in the canyon, and Hua Nan from Taixuan Peak was confronting someone.

“Here they are, even Eleventh is back, very good.” Seeing Qing Ji and others, Gong Xuan nodded and then continued to look at the ring.

“This is Danding Mountains. It’s impossible for you Tianyue Peak and Wangyun Peak to occupy this place.” Hua Nan stared at the man in a blue robe opposite him and said.

“Hua Nan, this is Danding Mountains, not Taixuan Peak. You’re not in charge of here.” Luo Daoyuan, who was in a green robe, came to the side of the man in a blue robe.

“Luo Daoyuan, who do you think you are? If you think you can, come on. I will stand here and no one can enter this formation today!” Hua Nan waved his arm and a long sword appeared in his hand.

Luo Daoyuan and the middle-aged man in a blue robe looked at Hua Nan silently.

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