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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 48 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 48

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Translator: xjshengchen

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Chapter 48: Overbearing

“Martial Great Brother, Martial Second Brother!” Qing Ji went over to Gong Xuan and Wu Qi, along with others.

“Here they are, even Eleventh is back, very good.” Gong Xuan smiled and nodded to them.

“What happened?” Yang Lei asked.

When Gong Xuan answered, everyone understood what was going on.

After Gong Xuan came here, he discovered a golden lion beast and followed it through the natural formation here.

There was originally a hidden formation, after Gong Xuan broke through it, people of Qingshi Peak wanted to enter here, but Gong Xuan didn’t allow them to do so, hence they started fighting.

In the end, they were defeated by Gong Xuan, and then those from Tianyue Peak and Wangyun Peak came over.

“Luo Daoyuan, we Taixuan Peak will stay here today. Just try if you want to enter.” Yang Lei stepped forward and stood on the side of Hua Nan.

“What, do you think you have so many people? Now everyone from other peaks is here, do you still want to occupy it alone?” Luo Daoyuan sneered.

“Such a villain like you. If you think you have the ability, just come, why do you mention other peaks?” Yang Lei looked at Luo Daoyuan with disdain.

“Who are you cursing at?” Being cursed by Yang Lei in front of so many people, Luo Daoyuan was furious.

“I am cursing you. So what? Are you going to bite me?” Yang Lei didn’t even want to save face for Luo Daoyuan.

“Yang Lei, you are over the bottom line! Brother Luo entered the Medicine Valley much earlier than you, he is your martial brother.” Lu Jing, wearing a blue robe, glanced at Luo Daoyuan, who blushed, and said.

“Lu Jing, don’t pretend to be a gentleman. My martial brother took care of the formation. Now you people wish to just enter?” Yang Lei didn’t give Lu Jing a chance to rebuke himself.

Cursed by Yang Lei, Lu Jing didn’t say anything and the situation became deadlocked.

Now except Qingshi Peak, every other 11 peaks was here, but no one dared to confront Taixuan Peak since their disciples were known to be troublesome.

“We should discuss how to deal with it since it’s meaningless to maintain a deadlock.” A man in a white robe stood out and said.

“Li Chen, get away, you’re as fake as your martial brother. If you want to discuss it, let Chu Lingxiao that bastard come over.” Seeing people from Danding Peak come out, Qing Ji shouted.

Li Chen touched his nose and retreated since he knew that there was enmity between Qing Ji and Chu Lingxiao!

“Brother Gong, no one knows the situation in this hidden formation, so let’s explore together. If there are resources, how about you take the most parts?” said a man from Yunhai Peak.

“I don’t have any opinion on Brother Bai’s idea.” Gong Xuan nodded.

Taixuan Peak and Yunhai Peak were relatively close, and the relationship between the two peaks was also relatively good, in addition, Bai Qingshan, the disciple of Yunhai Peak, also made sense.

“What do you mean, Bai Qingshan? We either share the resources in Danding Mountains equally or no one takes it. Are you on the same team with them?” Hearing Bai Qingshan’s words, Luo Daoyuan was unwilling to do so.

“Luo Daoyuan, why are you so mad? If you want it so bad, then you go!” Bai Qingshan originally wanted to find a way to solve it, but was irritated by Luo Daoyuan’s words.

“What are you arguing?” At this moment, an old man showed up with a group of people and immediately reprimanded everyone.

“Young ones are done for, now the old ones have come.” Mo Chen, standing next to Ye Shang, whispered.

The old man was the Qingshi Peak leader Dai Tongnian, and he immediately came over after his disciples got defeated by Gong Xuan.

Seeing Dai Tongnian, Gong Xuan and others all bowed and clasped hands.

“If there’s a hidden formation, then we should go in and explore first.” Dai Tongnian walked towards the entrance of the hidden formation.

Gong Xuan suddenly with a straight face blocked the way of Dai Tongnian.

What Gong Xuan did shocked everyone.

“Gong Xuan, what do you mean by this? You even want to stop me now?” Dai Tongnian stared at Gong Xuan indifferently.

“What do you mean, Peak Leader Dai? Even you want to rob the resources discovered by the younger generation?” Gong Xuan looked calm and directly refuted.

“What do you mean? I just want to go in and see if there is any danger. If there is no danger, then you can go in and explore.” Stopped by Gong Xuan, he was very angry.

“That’s not needed, I just solved the formation, and we can explore it later.” Gong Xuan said indifferently.

“Do you really want to stop me? Aren’t you afraid that I will settle a score with you for injuring Feng Yuan?” Refused by Gong Xuan, Dai Tongnian was furious as his great disciple Feng Yuan was injured by Gong Xuan, which made him lose face.

“I’ll tell you why Feng Yuan was injured. When others solved the formation, he directly rushed inside.” Gong Xuan did not concede.

“Are you overlooking your elders?” Dai Tongnian yelled angrily.

Gong Xuan did not answer, but kept standing in front of Dai Tongnian.

In Fact everyone knew that the hidden formation behind Gong Xuan was unusual since the spiritual aura that permeated from inside was too rich.

“Fine! Fine! Then I will teach you on behalf of your master.” Seeing Gong Xuan not going to concede, Dai Tongnian did not intend to waste his time.

“Over our dead bodies.” Qing Ji waved her arm and the sword appeared in her hand, while Ye Shang also took out his reincarnation spear.

Although his strength was low, he had to fight for the honor of Taixuan Peak.

At this moment, a figure flashed over, and then a palm was landed towards Dai Tongnian, while Dai Tongnian also slapped frontwards.


With a muffled sound, Dai Tongnian was knocked back and was obviously injured.

“On behalf of me, teach my disciple? You don’t have the qualification.” It turned out that he was the Taixuan Peak Leader Liu Yangyu.

“Liu Yangyu, you are crossing the bottom time.” Dai Tongnian pointed to Liu Yangyu, but his arm was trembling as he was obviously injured.

“You know how it is. I never let go of those who dares to bully my disciples despite their generation gap.” Liu Yangyu snorted.

Yang Lei earlier crushed the jade plate given by Liu Yangyu, thus Liu Yangyu managed to arrive in time.

Not paying attention to Dai Tongnian, Liu Yangyu turned back and looked at the hidden formation, then he said. “The aura that is leaking out is suffocating, not suitable for exploration. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have placed the formation.”

“Master, have you been here before?” asked Gong Xuan.

“I have been here before more than a decade ago. This place may be a connection to an extradimensional space, but it is extremely unstable. Entering with the cultivation base at Soul Segregation stage will cause the space to collapse. As for what is inside, I will talk about it later.” Liu Yangyu took out some spirit stones and inserted them underground to patch up the hidden formation.

It became misty in the canyon, then Liu Yangyu pressed the middle of his eyebrows with his finger, and a white light shone in the formation.

“Master just laid a soul mark. As long as someone touched this formation, he will be informed.” Yang Lei explained to Ye Shang.

Ye Shang nodded and was shocked since this was something he had never seen before.

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