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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 49 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 49

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 49: Extradimensional Space

“Liu Yangyu, aren’t you too overbearing? Do you really want to occupy this place?” Dai Tongnian said furiously.

“Once the intersection between this place and the extradimensional space collapses, can you bear the consequences? Besides, what can you do if we occupy it?” Liu Yangyu turned to look at Dai Tongnian, but didn’t put Dai Tongnian in his eyes at all.

“I will find the Valley Master of the Medicine Valley and the elders to preside over justice for everyone.” Dai Tongnian left after flicking his sleeves.

“And all of you, it is now forbidden for anyone to set foot here. If you are dissatisfied, go to your master or the Valley Master of the Medicine Valley. But no one can enter it. Gong Xuan and Wu Qi, go back with your younger martial brothers and martial nephews.” Liu Yangyu reminded as figure flashed away.

“So fast. It is much faster than our flying beasts.” Seeing Liu Yangyu leaving, Zhe Zhuang said as he was surprised.

“He doesn’t even need the flying monsters.” Tang Tian was also shocked.

“When the cultivation base reaches to a certain extent, you don’t need any demon for short-distance travel.” Wu Qi said to Tang Tian and Zhe Zhuang.

“Where did you meet Eleventh?” Seeing people from other peaks leave. Gong Xuan asked Qing Ji and Yang Lei.

“In the hometown of Twelfth, martial brother, this time we have done something big.” Yang Lei said with some excitement.

“I feel glad that you didn’t make any trouble.” Gong Xuan said with a smile.

“Really, I have cooperated with Six Sister and Thirteenth, and killed Luo Sihai. We finally avenged Twelfth.” Yang Lei said.

“Really? This is a good thing. I don’t have to worry about this anymore in the future, but I heard that it was difficult to chase him after he practiced the movement combat skill.” Hearing this, Gong Xuan was also very happy.

“Really, if it wasn’t for Thirteenth’s cleverness and Tian Yu, who slowed him down, he would have run away!” Yang Lei said and patted on the shoulder of Ye Shang.

Yang Lei told Gong Xuan, Wu Qi, Hua Nan and others how they killed Luo Sihai.

“If he didn’t blow himself up, you might be able to get the movement combat skill. It’s a pity, but killing him is a good thing. When we go back, Thirteenth, let’s drink. “Gong Xuan said with a smile.

“Of course, Martial Brother.” Ye Shang nodded.

“Martial Brother, this time you got two disciples, and if we accept newcomers next year, please give me your share.” Mo Chen said to Gong Xuan.

“No problem. Let’s go, let’s go back.” Everyone went to the flying mounts and left.

Back at Taixuan Peak, they went directly to the Taixuan Hall to see Liu Yangyu.

In the hall, Liu Yangyu and Tie Tsang were drinking tea.

“Master, aren’t you worried about those with the higher generations in other peaks picking on us?” Wu Qi asked Liu Yangyu.

“It’s possible, but it doesn’t matter. We need to report to the Valley Master of Medicine Valley and the elders today, and they will send people to take a look, hence we won’t have to worry about it. Thirteenth, how’s your hometown?” Liu Yangyu asked Ye Shang.

“Everything is fine, thank you, Master.” Ye Shang bowed as he could sense the caring nature of Liu Yangyu.

“Master, the hometown of Twelfth and Thirteenth are very close, I have already explained it to the city owner of Tiannan City. There will be no problem after we inform Yunhai Peak later.” Yang Lei reported.

“Twelfth! Ah!” Mentioning Twelfth, Liu Yangyu sighed again and turned to look at the other side since this was still painful for him.

Seeing Liu Yangyu upset, Yang Lei told him that they had killed Luo Sihai, and Liu Yangyu turned his head and looked at Ye Shang and others.

“It finally comes to an end. Thirteenth, if you have time to go home, go by the hometown of your Twelfth Brother to see if there is any need for help.” Liu Yangyu reminded Ye Shang.

Ye Shang nodded, even if Liu Yangyu hadn’t reminded him, he was already planning to do it.

“After you go back, train your disciples hard. We either don’t participate in the newcomer’s games, or participate in and strive hard. This time, we offended the other peaks.” Liu Yangyu said to Gong Xuan and others.

When he was halfway through, Liu Yangyu stood up and an elder with a silver cane showed up at the door of the Taixuan Hall.

“Great elder, here you come.” Liu Yangyu and Tie Tsang bowed to the old man.

“I have to. Why Dai Tongnian, Yuan Tai and Jin Tsan all came to tip you off?” Ye Shang felt that the old man was taking a step at random, then he just sat down in the hall.
“Those with no abilities always complain.” Hearing someone complaining, Tie Tsang said with dissatisfaction.

“Nonsense, but it is also the fact. How much do you know about that place, Yangyu?” The elder looked at Tie Tsang and then asked.

Liu Yangyu directly told him his judgment.

“Those with cultivation base higher than Soul Segregation Stage cannot get in.”

“This is a difficult point. High-level people can’t get in, but low-level ones aren’t safe. Let the disciples go in and cultivate next year.” Hearing that the old man thought for a moment and said.

“Great Elder, we can’t. I have laid the formation to hide it for more than a decade. That is our land. Where are we going to find the disciples at Core Formation Stage?” Liu Yangyu was not willing to do so.

“Reasonable, so I’ll give you more time, It should be able to become a location for cultivation after one and a half year!” said the old man with a smile.

“That’s it! Send some people to guard it!” Liu Yangyu nodded.

“By the way, I heard that you have accepted a new disciple, and is also the last one. Let me take a look?” The old man hit the ground with the cane and asked.

“Thirteenth, he is the Great Elder of the Medicine Valley, but also my Martial Uncle. He stays here since he was worried about the Medicine Valley, otherwise, he would’ve have long gone to the Worshipping Tower!” Liu Yangyu said to Ye Shang.

“Ye Shang here greets the great elder.” Ye Shang walked out from the side of Yang Lei, went to the front of the old man, and bowed.

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