Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Banquet at the Qin’s Mansion

“Ye Shang, what are you talking about? You did help us. Let’s take a break first, then we will help you find a caravan, so you can go to Danding City and then Danding Mountain easily. Didn’t I tell you that Medicine Valley only recruit disciples only during one month every year? It isn’t too late now.” Yang Sen looked at Ye Shang and said.

“Okay! Thank you.” Ye Shang did not refuse. He knew that Yang Sen was a man of loyalty. Lin Qiao had a bad temper, but it wasn’t hard to get along with her.

Ye Shang didn’t have to stay in an inn, as Du Chong took him to his own house.

After freshening up and dining, Ye Shang began to cultivate.

20 days of cultivation made Ye Shang feel the changes. Before beginning cultivation, the power behind his punch was usually only five or six hundred pounds. But after few days of cultivation with the help of Qi, his strength had obviously increased a lot.

Becoming strong enough to overturn the world, was the dream of Ye Shang. As for his origin, Ye Shang had never given up finding about it, but had to be patient since it was only possible to obtain the clues after leaving Zhuyuan Village.

His cultivation lasted one day. Except dining, Ye Shang would keep meditating. He knew that he had a late start, and he couldn’t compare with other cultivators with better foundation or physique.

The quick growth of a cultivator depended on two factors, one was talent, and the other was resources.

According to Yang Sen and Du Chong told him, Ye Shang knew that his talent was surprisingly very good. According to them, these 23 days of cultivation were worthy of others cultivating for a few months or even six months with resources.

After Ye Shang cultivated for one day, he got news from Du Chong.

“Ye Shang, good news. You don’t have to follow the caravan to Danding Mountain. The team in Chiyang City which will head to Medicine Valley to participate in the apprenticeship hasn’t set off yet. I’ve requested the deputy city owner, to allow you to go with them.” Du Chong, who returned home, said happily.

“This is great!” Being able to go directly to Medicine Valley, Ye Shang was very excited since he wouldn’t need to waste his time with unknown caravans.

“Yeah, those going to Medicine Valley to participate in the apprenticeship are the best of Chiyang City, the city government will send an escort, so you don’t have to worry about safety.” Du Chong patted Ye Shang’s shoulder and said.

“Thank you, Brother Du for your help.” Ye Shang was really grateful. If he hadn’t met them, he would probably spend way more time traveling from Gunan Town  to Danding Mountain, and might possibly miss out on the apprenticeship.

“Ye Shang, don’t be. You really did us a huge favor.” Du Chong shook his head and reminded Ye Shang.

They were originally the guards of the Chiyang City Caravan. They once encountered fierce robbers on a mission. All of them were seriously injured. At the most critical time, Qin Aoxuan, the deputy city owner of Chiyang City, showed up and saved them. Hence since then they became guards of Qin Aoxuan.

Qin Aoxuan only had one son, Qin Zen. Qin Zen was roughly as young as Ye Shang, but for some reason his veins shrank, rendering him unable to cultivate. Qin Aoxuan was really anxious about it, which made Yang Sen and others seriously worried as well. Qin Aoxuan got a method from Medicine Valley to solve his son’s problem , but couldn’t find the main ingredient, the gallbladder of the black serpent.

Black Serpents weren’t too difficult to deal with for Qin Aoxuan. However, due to its scarcity, he hadn’t encountered any for a few years. With Ye Shang’s help they found the black serpent, which not only helped the Yang Sen and others, but also helped Qin Aoxuan.

Now only Ye Shang knew why Lin Qiao wanted him to serve as a servant of Qin Aoxuan at that time. Qin Zen, who was born into a well-known family, was somewhat lonely since he couldn’t cultivate. Hence Lin Qiao had actually wanted to find a companion for Qin Zen.

“Don’t worry, the deputy city owner is busy treating the injured Qin Zen these two days. Master Qin Zen will also be going to the Danding Mountain.” Du Chong looked at Ye Shang and said with a smile.

After chatting with Ye Shang for a while, Du Chong left.

Next night, Ye Shang stayed at Du Chong’s place to continue his cultivation. Ye Shang wasn’t in a hurry, since Qin Zen also wanted to go to Medicine Valley in Danding Mountain, they certainly wouldn’t leave without him.

Two days later, after Ye Shang finished the cultivation, Du Chong came over to his room. “Ye Shang, let’s go! There’s a celebration banquet in the city owner’s mansion. The deputy city lord especially asked me to bring you.”

“Is it appropriate for me to go?” Ye Shang asked a little doubtfully.

Chiyang City was a big city, which was hundreds of times larger than Gunan Town. Zhuyuan Village was even more incomparable. As the deputy city owner of Chiyang City, Qin Aoxuan was an important figure. Ye Shang didn’t feel inferior before, but now they were in two different worlds.

“It’s okay, the deputy city owner treats his enemies and opponents ruthlessly, but is very friendly to the people around him.” Du Chong said with a smile.

Hearing this, Ye Shang didn’t refuse and followed Du Chong toward Qin’s place.

“You now have the temperament that even ordinary rich kids don’t have.” Du Chong walked forward while sizing at Ye Shang up.

“Brother Du, don’t make fun of me.” Ye Shang said with a smile.

“Well, I mean it. I have seen the boys in the city owner’s family. They are arrogant and extravagant…… Oh! Let’s not talk about this.”

The place where Du Chong lived was very close to the Qin’s place. Approaching Qin’s place, Du Chong stopped talking. After all, it would be inappropriate if someone heard them gossiping.

Looking at the tall gate and the two stone lions at the entrance, Ye Shang knew how amazing the power of Qin Aoxuan was in Chiyang City was.

The guards at the gate nodded and greeted after seeing Du Chong, without stopping him.

Du Chong entered Qin’s mansion with Ye Shang and went straight to the lobby.

There were many people in the lobby, all of them looked powerful. A middle-aged man in green robe sat on the main seat. There were several older looking people sitting on the two sides. There were several youngsters behind each old man, including Yang Sen, who were all standing on the side behind the man in green robe.

“Du Chong, this is the teenager who helped us find the black serpent, right?” The middle-aged man looked at Ye Shang and said with a smile.

“Yes, thanks to Ye Shang, we got the gallbladder of the black serpent this time.” Du Chong bowed and said.

“Ye Shang, Ye Shang…… It’s really a good name. Sit down!” The man in green robe, Qin Aoxuan, smiled and nodded at Ye Shang.

“Ye Shang  greets the deputy city owner.” Ye Shang didn’t sit, but retreated to the side of Du Chong after greeting.

“I should ask my son Zen to thank you personally, but he is still recuperating now.” Qin Aoxuan fixed his eyes on Ye Shang.

“Deputy Qin, please don’t be. It’s my pleasure to help you.” Ye Shang said.

“This can be a small matter for you, but it is a big deal for us in the Qin family. So if you need any help, just tell me.” Qin Aoxuan said.

What Qin Aoxuan said shocked everyone in the hall since it was too difficult to gain a favor from Qin Aoxuan. In Chiyang City, there was nothing he couldn’t do, he even had good connections in Medicine Valley.

“Thank you, Deputy Qin. I don’t need any help.” Ye Shang shook his head. He didn’t want to owe him any favor. As Daddy Gu taught him, one could only be austere if one had no selfish desires.

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