Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Learning Alchemy

“Great strength and spirit, you have good talents. I’ll give you a Dragon Elixir as a gift.” Looking at Ye Shang, the old man nodded with satisfaction and then threw Ye Shang a jade bottle.

In the modern era, a weak body was always the weakness of cultivators. Therefore, only Yang Lei had cultivated the Heaven Obscuring Palm in Taixuan Peak, which was related to Yang Lei’s endowments, but the reason why Yang Lei could cultivate the Heaven Obscuring Palm to the stage of Turning Hands was because she had once taken a Dragon Elixir.

“Thank you, Great Elder.” Ye Shang once again clasped hands to the old man to express his gratitude.

Except Yang Lei, everyone was envious of the small bottle in the hands of Ye Shang.

The old man left after smiling at Ye Shang.

“Thirteenth, you’re so lucky. Only your martial ninth sister has taken a Dragon Elixir in Taixuan Peak, and Master even had to ask for the elixir from the Great Elder.” Qing Ji looked at Ye Shang and said with a smile.

“Only the Great Elder has the ability to refine Dragon Elixirs in the Medicine Valley. In addition, if your physical strength is not strong enough, even if you take the Dragon Elixir, it will still be difficult to make progress.” Liu Yangyu explained as he recognized Yang Lei’s physical potential.

“We know that the great elder gave Thirteenth a dragon elixir, indicating that Thirteenth has potential in this respect.” Gong Xuan said as he understood Liu Yangyu.

Later, Ye Shang learned the preciousness of the dragon elixir from Yang Lei as the main material of the dragon elixir was the dragon bones, which were very rare.

“Thirteenth, the cultivation of Medicine Valley has two directions, one is to cultivate Xuan Gong, and the other is alchemy. But I think that you should stick to mystical martial arts.” Liu Yangyu found that Ye Shang was interested in alchemy, he thus explained.

“Master, then can I study alchemy while practicing mystical martial arts?” asked Ye Shang.

“It’s also feasible. Many cultivators also study some fields. Some study alchemy, some study refiners, and some study formations. However, they must decide which they major. Don’t value both equally since you won’t be extraordinary in both fields.” Liu Yangyu reminded Ye Shang.

“I understand.” Ye Shang nodded.

“The level of alchemy of your martial great brother is so-so, and the level of your martial sixth sister is somewhat good. Do you want to go to Jingxin cliff with me, or to the bamboo forest of your martial sixth sister?” Liu Yangyu asked Ye Shang.

“Master, Thirteen will be nervous and not used to it if he keeps on following you, hence he should follow me.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

Liu Yangyu nodded with a smile as he also understood that Ye Shang would be more casual with his martial brothers and sisters, he thus agreed with Qing Ji’s proposal and told Gong Xuan to make alchemy materials in the resource warehouse available to Ye Shang, which made them extremely envious.

“Thirteenth, I used to feel like studying alchemy, but Master only allowed me to use the first-class materials in the warehouse.” Yang Lei slapped heavily on the shoulder of Ye Shang.

“You? Aren’t you embarrassed? How much materials did you ruin?” Liu Yangyu glanced at Yang Lei.

Yang Lei became silent since she knew she didn’t have the talent.

After chatting for a while, Ye Shang followed Qing Ji to the bamboo forest.

“Thirteenth, my servants are all girls, I will pick some beautiful ones for you, but don’t mess around.” After entering the bamboo forest, Qing Ji said.

“Sixth Sister, stop joking, I can take care of myself.” Ye Shang blushed.

Qing Ji arranged a bamboo house for Ye Shang, and then went to the resource hall to collect the furnace and some first-class materials.

In the next few days, Ye Shang cultivated Myriad Dao Treasured Tome and the Xuan Ding Scripture at night, while practicing Heaven Obscuring Palm and Chasing Wind during the daytime, and then Qing Ji would explain the common basics and knowledge of alchemy.

Seeing Ye Shang practicing the Heaven Obscuring Palm and Chasing Wind, Qing Ji was shocked.

Heaven Obscuring Palm was one of the most famous combat art of the Medicine Valley, which was known to every disciple in the Medicine Valley, but few people could cultivate it, even if they reached the Core Formation Stage.

Ye Shang has just reached the beginner stage of a Second-Rank combat skill with the Mid Level Qi-Refining cultivation base, why wouldn’t Qing Ji be surprised?

Qing Ji also couldn’t believe that Ye Shang was cultivating the Chasing Wind.

It was not only a Second-Rank combat skill, but it looked several times stronger than the original one despite his low cultivation base.

Once Ye Shang raised his cultivation base, it would be difficult for Qing Ji to estimate the power of the Chasing Wind.

“No wonder Master accepted you as a disciple after accepting no one for many years. You are truly abnormally strong.” This was the conclusion that Qing Ji came to after seeing Ye Shang practicing his spear.

Qing Ji also had confidence in Ye Shang during the newcomer’s games since his Heaven Obscuring Palm and Chasing Wind could completely dominate the games.

When teaching Ye Shang to identify the medicinal materials, Ye Shang took out his own spiritual illustration, and compared it with Qing Ji’s classics, which made Qing Ji discover the manual.

She discovered the medicinal materials recorded in Ye Shang’s spiritual illustration was more comprehensive and thorough than those in the classics in the Medicine Valley, thus she borrowed it and studied for two days.

In the end, she concluded that it was a rare collection, so she immediately asked where Ye Shang got it from.

Ye Shang could only answer that he got it by accident.

“Okay! I admit that you are lucky. I thought that Master gave you this, if so, then I will find Master now.” Qing Ji said.

“Sixth Sister, I still have an alchemy handbook, do you want to take a look?” Ye Shang hesitated a bit and took out Feng Chen’s alchemy handbook since he felt that he shouldn’t be selfish in front of such a good martial sister.

Reading the alchemy handbook, Qing Ji closed her eyes and handed the alchemy handbook to Ye Shang.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Shang frowned and asked.

“No, this is the inheritance of the predecessors. Since you were lucky to find it, then this inheritance is yours. It is not suitable for me to read.” Qing Ji took a deep breath and said this as the alchemy handbook was very attractive to her as well, but she knew that it belonged to Ye Shang.

“Martial Sister, you think too much?” said Ye Shang with a smile.

“No. Don’t show it to others in the future. This is a disrespect for the predecessors. If I have problems in alchemy, I will come to you for advice. You can help me solve my problem with this handbook.” Qing Ji said.

Informing Ye Shang of the common knowledge and basics of alchemy for a few days, Qing Ji began to teach him how to practice alchemy, and the first refinement was the lowest grade Soul Elixir.

The alchemy furnace that Qing Ji brought to Ye Shang was a Level-Three alchemy furnace, which could refine the medicinal herbs under the fourth rank.

There was a clear difference between a Level-Three furnace and a Level-Four one.

An alchemy furnace lower than Level-Three had a fire formation at the bottom, and it could stimulate the fire once the spirit stones were placed.

The alchemy furnace starting from Level-Four didn’t need the fire formation, instead utilized the cultivation base of the alchemists.

The cultivators who reached the Core Formation Stage had their own Gold cores, which could release a Core Fire which could be used for refining.

But the power of the core fire wasn’t enough for those at Core Formation Stage as it would be very unstable to refine, so only cultivators at the Soul Segregation Stage could truly refine with Core fire, which meant that people above Soul Segregation Stage could use the alchemy furnaces without any fire formations.

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