Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Endowments of Alchemy

Qing Ji also gave Ye Shang a few spirit stones, which could be used to create fire formations.

From the explanation of Qing Ji, Ye Shang understood spirit stones could be categorized into many groups according to their qualities, i.e. low, middle, top and the best.

Refining the First-Rank and Second-Rank medicinal herbs or pills only required low spirit stones.

When Ye Shang first tried refining, it took him half a day, but he still failed.

Though there was nothing wrong in the process of refining the medicinal juice, purifying, adding catalysts, and condensing, he still couldn’t control the fire formation, which led to the failure.

“Martial Sister, do I have no talent for alchemy?” Wiping the black ash on his face, Ye Shang said.


Qing Ji slapped Ye Shang’s face softly, though she was rarely angry.

“No talent? Continue!” She shouted at Ye Shang and left.

Qing Ji couldn’t describe her feelings since when she first started alchemy, she failed twice when refining the medicinal juice, twice when purifying, several times when adding catalysts, and more than 10 times at the final stage.

Under such circumstances, Liu Yangyu and Tie Tsang still praised her alchemy talent, hence how could she remain calm when Ye Shang reached the final stage on the first try?

At his second try, he still failed, so he kept trying.

Fortunately, in the evening, he successfully refined of a pot of Soul Elixir.

Holding the Soul Elixir, Ye Shang came to the bamboo building of Qing Ji and showed her his result.

“Well, you failed more than 1 time, right?” Qing Ji asked.

“Twice, sorry.” Ye Shang was embarrassed.

“For a beginner, it’s acceptable to succeed in three tries. Go back to cultivate, don’t stop the cultivation because of alchemy.” Resisting the idea of praising him, Qing Ji asked him to leave.

After asking Ye Shang to leave, Qing Ji drank some tea. “Teaching such a younger brother makes me feel such huge pressure.”

In the next half of the month, Ye Shang cultivated the Xuan Ding Scripture and Myriad Dao Treasured Tome at night, and practiced combat skills and alchemy during the daytime.

As he improved his combat skills, his technique of alchemy was also skyrocketing.

He now rarely failed refining Soul Elixir and the speed became much faster as it only took him a bit more than 2 hours to refine a pot of Soul Elixir.

One night, when Ye Shang just finished refining a pot of medicinal herbs, Qing Ji, Yang Lei and Mo Chen came to his place.

“Thirteenth, did you give your servants the Soul Elixir?” Qing Ji asked.

“A bit, I don’t need too much.” Ye Shang said.

“Come on! You have so many medicinal herbs, can’t you give me some? I also have servants!” Yang Lei stared at Ye Shang and said.

“Ninth Sister, you need some? Eleventh Brother, do you also want some?” Ye Shang went to the cabinet where he stored the material behind and opened it, then they saw many bottles of medicinal bottles inside.

“Man! Thirteenth, are you an alchemy machine? So many!” Mo Chen stepped forward, took out a medicinal bottle, and shouted.

“Sixth Sister told me that ‘practice makes one perfect’!” said Ye Shang.

Qing Ji, Yang Lei and Mo Chen became silent, and they all stared at Ye Shang.

“Ninth Sister, what do you think?” After Qing Ji looked at Ye Shang for a while, she turned and asked Yang Lei.

“Exchange some materials in the meritorious hall or some high-level medicinal herbs, otherwise, just save it. We will recruit newcomers next year, so we will need a lot then.” Thinking a bit, Yang Lei said.

“We don’t lack the materials, so just keep it!” Qing Ji nodded and said.

“Martial Sister, these medicinal herbs are not very good in quality, so I think we should exchange them!” Hesitating, Ye Shang told them his opinion.

“Exchange? The more medicinal herbs we have, the better. If we recruit 20 disciples next year, one pill per person per day, then we need 20!” Yang Lei glanced at Ye Shang.

“20 only take 4 hours, and doesn’t the main peak still allocate resources?” Ye Shang couldn’t understand.

“Show me how you refine, I haven’t seen you refining for a few days, you’re on fire.” Qing Ji looked at Ye Shang and said.

There were about 10 soul elixirs in a pot, and it took her 2 hours to refine a pot, she thus couldn’t believe that it only took Ye Shang 4 hours to refine 20 soul elixirs as he had only learned alchemy for less than a month.

Taking out the alchemy furnace, Ye Shang began to refine the medicinal herbs.

Seeing the red-hot spirit fire, Qing Ji frowned since it would become difficult to control once the fire became stronger, and she was worried that Ye Shang refined it in haste.

However, the problem she was worried about did not happen, the process of refining medicinal juice, purifying, adding catalysts, condensing and the final stage was smooth.

In 2 hours, he completed refining a pot of Soul Elixirs.

Holding the Soul Elixir he refined, Qing Ji nodded. “High quality in one go, I have nothing to say.”

“Thirteenth, since your cultivation base is currently at Qi Refining Stage, you don’t have to practice alchemy that much, as the first-rank medicinal herbs you refine are already at such a level.” Yang Lei said as she did not want alchemy to delay his cultivation.

“Sixth Sister, didn’t you say that ‘practice makes one perfect’?” Ye Shang couldn’t understand.

“In the future, you should focus on cultivation and refine just a pot of Soul Elixir every day. If time permitted, you can study other first-rank medicinal herbs.” Qing Ji made arrangements and then left with Yang Lei and Mo Chen.

A few days later, Liu Yangyu also knew about Ye Shang’s situation of alchemy, hence he deliberately came to take a look.

He gave the same suggestion as Qing Ji as medicine refiners couldn’t refine high-level medicinal herbs if they didn’t have corresponding cultivation base, so he wanted Ye Shang to focus on the cultivation of Qi.

After cultivating for 2 days, his cultivation base reached a bottleneck.

He now reached the bottleneck of Blood Quenching Realm Stage 5 and the peak of Qi-Refining Stage 7 and felt as if the breakthrough would come at any time.

To reach the Blood Quenching Realm Stage 5, one must break through the largest tendon at the back. To enter the Blood Quenching Realm Stage 6, one must breakthrough the largest tendons on four limbs.

Holding 2 blood elixirs in his mouth, Ye Shang stopped the cultivation of the Xuan Ding Scripture and began to concentrate on the breakthrough of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

Opening the acupoints of his whole body, he started absorbing the aura into the body, let the energy which was already saturated in the body circulate, and swallowed the blood elixirs after circulating for an hour.

After the blood elixirs melted, a huge amount of energy was generated.

After the energy was introduced into the back ribs and the neck, he controlled the energy in the neck to flow towards the arms, and the energy in the ribs towards the legs.

His whole body was trembling since it was painful when the energy flowed into the new acupoints, hence he didn’t succeed.

Controlling the emotions, Ye Shang launched the impact again, but it still failed, which made him understand that it would be more difficult for the breakthrough this time.

After 2 unsuccessful tries, Ye Shang knew that he could not force it, so he changed his mind as the energy in his body must flow towards only one goal at once.

Ye Shang first controlled the energy to flow into his left arm.

With the buzzing sound, the energy flowed back and forth in his arm like rats running in his sleeve, and he ended up breaking through one of them.

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