Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Blood Quenching Realm Stage 6

Stabilizing his mind, Ye Shang began the impact to his right arm.

This was a tough process as it was almost as painful as arms being broken.

Opening his left and right arms, Ye Shang began to work on both of his legs, and it took him 4 hours to complete the whole process and reach the Blood Quenching Realm Stage 6 of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

Coming out of the room, Ye Shang’s whole body was soaked, and the previous breakthroughs definitely couldn’t compare to it this time.

“What happened to you?” Qing Ji, who came to the courtyard, looked at the soaking Ye Shang.

Every day, the two dined together and she was shocked to see him like this.

“Nothing, just a bit tough during cultivation. I’ll take a shower first.” Ye Shang nodded to Qing Ji and walked towards the creek inside the bamboo forest.

Looking at the back of Ye Shang, Qing Ji started thinking as she could see that his cultivation base wasn’t enhanced, but his internal strength became way stronger.

After the shower, Ye Shang felt refreshed.

“Thirteenth, let’s dine first!” Qing Ji said.

Qing Ji took Ye Shang to her loft and gave him a bowl of gruel.

Ye Shang asked Qing Ji why she still had to cook since now she could solve the problem of physical fitness with Bigu Pills.

Qing Ji answered that she liked to keep everything natural. When she wasn’t cultivating, she felt it was very good to have meals, which made him understand that this was the problem of mindset.

“Martial Sister, what’s on your mind?” Ye Shang looked at Qing Ji and asked.

“Today I went to Master, and Master is in a bad mood since Jinyan Sect came to collect resources.” Qing Ji said.

“Jinyan Sect? Within 100,000 miles, isn’t the Medicine Valley the biggest force?” Ye Shang asked.

“You don’t know the situation, let me tell you.” Qing Ji put down the tableware and told Ye Shang the situation of Dongxuan area.

Dongxuan area was tens of millions of square miles and could be divided into 7 superpowers, i.e. Shengguan Sect, Leiming Sect, Chiyun Sect, Xiaoyao Sect, Xingyun Sect, Jinyan Sect and Nandou Sect.

The Medicine Valley was only at the middle level of the first-class powers, which belonged to Jinyan Sect.

Every year, some resources must be handed over to Jinyan Sect, and they increased the amount in order to expand their power in recent years, thus 30% of the income and the output of various resources of Medicine Valley must be handed over to Jinyan Sect.

Ye Shang was shocked, despite not being long since he arrived at Medicine Valley, he considered Taixuan Peak his home, and now the Medicine Valley was being humiliated, it meant Taixuan Peak was also insulted, this made him uncomfortable.

“Why can’t Medicine Valley become a superpower? What are the preconditions? If we don’t change, it will be difficult to compare with others.” Ye Shang said.

“Why? It’s because of inheritance.” Qing Ji said.

After hearing the explanation of Qing Ji, Ye Shang understood what was going on. Many mediocre powers in Dongxuan area might flourish today, but get destroyed tomorrow, and things could change in an instant.

The reason why Medicine Valley could survive was because Medicine Valley was unique.

Many cultivators needed medicinal herbs, thus they wouldn’t easily provoke Medicine Valley.

The most important thing was that the history of Medicine Valley was shorter compared to the 7 Super Powers, and the inheritance of Medicine Valley stopped at Sheng Ding Scripture as the remaining was lost, hence this prevented it from becoming a superpower.

A long time ago, a group of foreign cultivators suddenly showed up at Medicine Valley, so the ancestors of Medicine Valley fought against them.

After a tough battle, the foreign cultivators were killed, but all the high-level cultivators in Medicine Valley died and core cultivation scripture of Medicine Valley was lost, hence the scriptures they studied were copies rewritten by a disciple based on his own cultivation back then.

“Where did the foreign practitioners come from?” asked Ye Shang.

“The records show that they came from Taichuan, but who knows where Taichuan is? There was one thing that people didn’t understand. According to the records, they also found that there was some kind of problem in Taichuan, so Medicine Valley sent out one of the strongest elders to investigate what happened at Taichuan. When the accident happened, the ancestor who guarded Taichuan did not show up.” Qing Ji explained slowly to Ye Shang.

Ye Shang now understood that the bottomless gully behind the Taixuan Peak might be what was referred as Taichuan, and Feng Chen was probably the guardian sent out by the Medicine Valley to Taichuan.

When the accident happened, Mo Chen might have been contaminated by the nether air.

“I seem to understand a bit more.” Ye Shang said.

“Almost all masters of Medicine Valley died, thus there are no longer cultivators at stage higher than Void Fusion Stage in Medicine Valley. The survivors can only cultivate with the scriptures they wrote down according to their own cultivation experience, so how can they compare with the original? The Sheng Ding Scripture was lost, and even the Tian Ding Scripture wasn’t complete, so it was difficult to reach Void Fusion Stage in Medicine Valley. Those who entered Void Fusion Stage are geniuses, they cultivate using their own comprehension.” Qing Ji explained.

“Martial Sister, don’t worry. Things will eventually develop in the opposite when they reach the extreme. Maybe we will find the Sheng Ding Scripture someday!” Ye Shang said with a smile as he felt that it was inappropriate to talk about the Sheng Ding Scripture, otherwise, Liu Yangyu would have told her.

At this moment, in a loft behind Danding Peak, Liu Yangyu and the Great Elder were sitting opposite each other.

“Yangyu, you haven’t come here for many years, is there anything wrong? The Hidden Space is no big deal, don’t worry about it.” Great Elder said.

“Martial Uncle, I am not here for this matter.” Liu Yangyu reached out and handed the Sheng Ding Scripture to the elder.

When the word ‘Sheng Ding Scripture’ came into his sight, the old man stood up and the muscles on his face were twitching. “This?”

“Yes, it is the authentic one!” Liu Yangyu nodded.

The old man sat down and opened the Sheng Ding Scripture with his trembling hands.

After reading a bit, the old man closed his eyes and was out of breath, showing that he couldn’t calm down.

“Now we can expect the rise of Medicine Valley. The rise is promising! What do you want, Yangyu? If you want to enter the Worshipping Tower, sure, but who will look after Taixuan Peak?” The old man was a little excited, and he even stuttered.

“Martial Uncle, don’t be so excited. I didn’t find the Sheng Ding Scripture, it was Thirteenth who found it.” Liu Yangyu said.

“Your thirteenth disciple Ye Shang? That little guy has good talents, his fate even better. Impressive” The old man said and nodded.

“Martial Uncle, what can you offer Thirteenth?” Liu Yangyu asked with a smile.

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