Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 53

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 53: Classics

“It’s very simple. In Medicine Valley, we’ll provide him with the resources he needs and promise every demand he comes up with. This is my token, give it to him.” The old man said without hesitation and handed a red token to Liu Yangyu.

“He won’t take advantage of it. I have asked Ye Shang to make a copy of the Sheng Ding Scripture. In addition, 2 of my disciples have reached the peak Soul Segregation Stage, so they need the Tian Ding Scripture within the Sheng Ding Scripture, can I give it to them?” Liu Yangyu asked after receiving the token.

“Sure, but ask him to keep it well. He’d better remember it and destroy it, or it will be easy for it to be leaked if he cultivates the orthodox method from the Sheng Ding Scripture. You need to be careful.” The old man nodded.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle.” Liu Yangyu nodded.

“Even if I didn’t promise you, I don’t believe that you won’t copy it.” The old man looked at Liu Yangyu and directly put the Sheng Ding Scripture away.

Liu Yangyu nodded with a smile as he had already copied it, and he would pass it on to his disciple no matter if Medicine Valley agreed or disagreed.

After chatting with Liu Yangyu, the old man asked him to leave since he had to go back to the worshipping tower to inform the elders of this matter since the elders needed the Sheng Ding Scripture.

Returning to Taixuan Peak, Liu Yangyu summoned his disciples, elders and deputy leader of Taixuan Peak to Taixuan Hall and ordered everyone else to leave from Taixuan Hall.

After entering the Taixuan Hall, Ye Shang found himself to be the youngest and the chairs near Liu Yangyu were occupied.

“To sum up, I have one thing to tell you. We Medicine Valley have recovered the Sheng Ding Scripture. Specifically, it’s Taixuan Peak that found the Sheng Ding Scripture, so we have the top priority to cultivate using it.” Liu Yangyu said after drinking a cup of tea.

“Big Brother, what? Sheng Ding Scripture?” Tie Tsang looked at Liu Yangyu with a weird look.

“Yes, it is the Sheng Ding Scripture. Those entering the fifth stage now have the orthodox scripture to cultivate.” Liu Yangyu nodded.

“Martial Brother, where did you find it?” An old man looked at Liu Yangyu with some excitement.

“I didn’t find it, it’s Thirteenth. We need to keep it a secret. Thirteenth, this is the token of the great elder. But I hope that you don’t use it if you don’t have to. It doesn’t make sense to rely on the prestige of others.” Liu Yangyu handed the red token of the old man to Ye Shang.

“I understand.” After receiving the token, Ye Shang nodded and said.

“We must keep the Sheng Ding Scripture secret. Whoever leaks it will be kicked out of Taixuan Peak.” Liu Yangyu said.

Gong Xuan and others all bowed as everyone understood the importance of this matter.

“Gong Xuan and Ninth, come to find me later. Mo Chen, take Thirteenth to Tianji Tower in Danding City to pick up some tasks. Staying at Taixuan Peak can only improve the cultivation base, but not actual combat abilities. Remember, you don’t need to help him if unnecessary.” Liu Yangyu made a series of explanations.

Hearing Liu Yangyu’s arrangement, Ye Shang didn’t know what tasks he was going to pick up, but he understood what happened to Gong Xuan and Yang Lei.

It seemed that the two now needed the Sheng Ding Scripture since their cultivation base now reached the peak of Soul Segregation Stage.

After that, Gong Xuan left Taixuan Hall with his younger martial brothers and sisters.

“Mo Chen, you have to take good care of Thirteenth.” Gong Xuan told Mo Chen.

“Great Martial Brother, please rest assured. I will protect him.” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“Calculate the time. Thirteenth will participate in the Preliminary Trials this year. Bring some medicinal resources with you, we cannot delay his cultivation.” Yang Lei said to Mo Chen.

After chatting, Mo Chen followed Ye Shang to the bamboo forest to pack up his stuff since they had to do what Liu Yangyu said right away.

Ye Shang had nothing much to pack as he just put the alchemy materials that Qing Ji had prepared for him into a storage ring and stored wine of Uncle Niu in the storage.

When Ye Shang was packing things up, Qing Ji showed up with her servants, everyone of them was carrying a jar of wine.

“Thirteenth, I know that you like to drink, these are grass spirit and blue blood spirit.” Qing Ji let the servants put down the wine and said.

“Sixth Sister, you are biased, you have never given me any kind of drinks before.” Mo Chen said.

“Get out of the way, do you need to be cared for by me?” Qing Ji stared at Mo Chen and said.

Mo Chen laughed and didn’t talk.

After packing up, Ye Shang and Mo Chen left.

Ye Shang and Mo Chen sat on the golden-winged eagle, and Mo Chen told him how tasks were going to be.

There was a division of Tianji Tower in Dongxuan area, and they would release some tasks.

Everyone could do the tasks and get some rewards after completing the tasks.

Tianji Tower had branches in the major cities of Dongxuan area, though it wasn’t a superpower, but the 7 superpowers would never provoke them since Tianji Tower didn’t participate in the power struggle and didn’t have conflict of interests with the 7 superpowers.

In addition, they were very strong, so it was not wise to provoke them as many people even had to fight for a task once they were released.

Tianji Tower had a strict hierarchy and issued tokens to cultivators according to the ranks.

From low to high, there were black iron token, bronze token, silver token, gold token and very rare emperor grade token.

Liu Yangyu allowed Ye Shang to do the tasks, not for the rewards, but for his actual combat abilities.

In half a day, the two arrived in Danding City, and Mo Chen took Ye Shang to a more luxurious inn.

“Eleventh, here you come!” Seeing Mo Chen, the innkeeper came out and greeted him.

“This is my Thirteenth martial brother.” Mo Chen introduced Ye Shang to the innkeeper.

“Zhang Dechang here greets Thirteenth.” The innkeeper bowed to Ye Shang.

“This inn is the business of Taixuan Peak. If you want to come here in the future, you can just take out your identity plate. Arrange 2 of the best rooms for us.” Introducing the situation to Ye Shang, Mo Chen asked Zhang Dechang to lead the way.

There were different businesses of the 12 peaks of Medicine Valley, which were managed by some qualified servants.

Zhang Dechang used to follow Wu Qi, and Mo Chen often tagged along, so he recognized Mo Chen.

“Take a break, let’s go to Tianji Tower after we eat something.” Mo Chen said.

“Martial Brother, I am not tired,” said Ye Shang.

“Fine, then let’s go now, just keep Tian Yu and my Golden Eagle here, and the innkeeper will feed them.” Mo Chen looked at the golden-winged eagle and Tian Yu in the inn yard and said.

When leaving, Ye Shang reminded Tian Yu, otherwise, Tian Yu would not listen to the innkeeper.

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