Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 54

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 54: Mysterious Woman

In Danding City, it was forbidden to use flying monsters.

This was a very old rule, which was mainly for the sake of safety.

The city was relatively close to the wilderness, and there would be monster invasion from time to time.

If they were ground monsters, there would be time to organize defenses, but flying monsters were more dangerous, so there was no way to allow monsters to fly in the city.

Danding City was big, and it was very inconvenient to move around in the city.

Fortunately, beast carts were allowed.

Outside the inn, they found a beast cart and rushed to the place where Tianji Tower was located.

It took nearly 2 hours for them to arrive at Tianji Tower near the city government building.

The attic where Tianji Tower was situated looked very stylish and could almost be compared with the main city government building.

There were two stone beasts guarding the front of the door, and Ye Shang could recognize that they were very fierce beasts from the aura they emitted.

“Let’s go in.” Mo Chen took Ye Shang from the gate of Tianji Tower.

Entering the hall, a tall woman wearing a purple tight-fitting dress with long black hair showed up, her eyes were very charming, as if she could see through your heart.

Though this woman was beautiful, Ye Shang took a step back because he already felt the woman was dangerous.

“Thirteenth?” Mo Chen looked at Ye Shang as he felt that the moment the woman came up, Ye Shang tensed up and looked prepared for battle.

“Nothing!” Ye Shang shook and let the reincarnation spear behind his back move to a position where it was easy to reach.

“Tianji Tower welcomes two guests. What level of tokens do you have?” The woman asked Mo Chen.

“Register a black iron token for my younger martial brother, and I have a bronze token.” Mo Chen took out his own bronze token and gave the woman a look.

“Please.” The woman in a purple skirt led them to an elegant room on the second floor.

She first asked about the identity of Ye Shang, then got up and left to register the black iron token.

“What happened?” Mo Chen asked since Ye Shang startled when the woman in the purple dress first appeared.

“This woman is dangerous.” Ye Shang said.

“Well, the staff of Tianji Tower aren’t simple. I can’t even see through her cultivation base. Previous personnel I encountered were not like her before.” Mo Chen couldn’t understand.

“What is your cultivation base?” asked Ye Shang, he never asked about it before, but now he just wanted to estimate what cultivation base this woman had.

“Peak of Third Level of Soul Segregation Stage.” Mo Chen said.

“That is to say, this woman’s cultivation base is at least Fourth Level of Soul Segregation Stage, how can such a person be just a mere staff member?” Ye Shang was shocked.

“No, it wasn’t the case before. This woman is really mysterious.” Mo Chen thought for a moment.

Mo Chen looked at Ye Shang. “As you said, There’s no way that a woman at Fourth Level of Soul Segregation Stage would be just a staff member, right?”

“Eleventh Brother, I don’t understand, but I just think she is very dangerous. On our first encounter earlier, I thought she was about to attack me, and felt my life was threatened.” Ye Shang said.

“It doesn’t matter, Tianji Tower is very disciplined. Also, this is Danding City, nothing is going to happen.” Mo Chen said.

In a room on the first floor of Tianji Tower, the woman in purple looked out the window and drank tea, while an old man next to her was busy registering something.

“We must pay attention to Ye Shang. Though his cultivation base is very low, his spirit and core strength aren’t simple, and he has extremely strong perception. When I probed him, he was prepared for a battle.” The woman in purple said.

“Good.” The old man got up and nodded.

Then the woman took the black iron token from the old man, came to the room where Mo Chen and Ye Shang were, and placed the black iron token in front of Ye Shang.

“Do you want to pick up a task, or do you want to register a task?” The woman in purple asked, but her attention was on Ye Shang.

“How should we call you?” Mo Chen asked.

“Call me Sikong.” The woman in purple nodded gently.

“Well, this is my younger martial brother. He is the one taking on tasks. Can you show us some black iron level tasks?” Mo Chen asked.

Sikong touched her waist, and then several pieces of animal parchments appeared in her hand.

She then placed a black one in front of them.

Taking a look, Ye Shang chose a mission to hunt bloodthirsty wolves.

A bloodthirsty wolf was the first-order peak monster, but the difficulty of the task was that the bloodthirsty wolf was a gregarious creature.

The bloodthirsty wolves attacked a caravan, and the wife of a medicinal merchant was killed by the bloodthirsty wolves, so he ordered this task with a reward.

After choosing it, Ye Shang went on and saw a more suitable one, that was, to collect black iron grass from Heilin Mountain.

Though black iron grass was a low-grade material, alchemy and refining equipment was required to do it.

After selecting these two tasks, Ye Shang handed the task scroll to Sikong.

“The time requirement to kill the bloodthirsty wolves is one month, and there is no time limit for collecting the black iron grass.” The woman in purple put away the task scroll and said.

“Thank you for telling me.” Ye Shang clasped his hands and said.

“If there’s nothing else, I will go back to work first. You can enjoy the tea here.” Ye Shang nodded gently and Sikong left.

“You are right, martial brother. This woman is not a normal staff member. I can be sure that she is not wearing a treasure to hide her cultivation base. Her cultivation is definitely higher than mine.” Mo Chen said with certainty.

“When I came in, I saw other staff members. Those women were not prideful in nature. Although the woman in purple was very polite, the pride deep inside her bones is still visible. She was just polite, but still maintained her dignity.” Ye Shang nodded.

“You are very right. The temperament of this woman couldn’t be cultivated in a short time. She is definitely from a big family. Let’s not talk about this. Let’s go back and discuss how to complete the tasks.” Mo Chen stood up and left with Ye Shang.

The two left the room and got out Tianji Tower.

“Thirteenth, wait here, I’ll call a beast cart.” Reminding Ye Shang, Mo Chen went to find a beast cart.

There were many people coming to Tianji Tower, but it was forbidden to park the beast carts near the gate.

Ye Shang was still thinking about the woman in purple robe.

Sikong was so beautiful, charming and stunning.

Her tall and curvy body was very attractive, but Ye Shang wasn’t thinking about it as he felt that Sikong was very young but having the cultivation base at above Forth Level of Soul Segregation, displayed that she wasn’t normal.

“Hey, why are you here?” A very frivolous voice interrupted Ye Shang.

“Coming to complete the task with a cultivation base of Level 7 of Qi-Refining Stage will kill you. I think you should go back to Taixuan and feed the tamed beasts there.” Looking at Ye Shang, Qin Hai said with a smile.

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