Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 55

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 55: Verbal Diarrhea

Looking up, Ye Shang saw Qin Zhan, Qin Hai and others.

Glancing at Qin Hai, Ye Shang did not talk since he didn’t even want to care about a person like Qin Hai.

After they passed the examination in Medicine Valley, they were outer disciples, and their jobs were feeding tamed beasts and cleaning with other servants.

“Martial Brother Qin, don’t talk to a guy who feeds tamed beasts. He’s just the son of a bit*h.” A youth in a green robe standing next to Qin Zhan said.

“What did you say?” Ye Shang became furious and grabbed the reincarnation spear behind his back with his right hand.

Though Ye Shang could tolerate normal insults, he couldn’t forgive someone insulting his parents, who he had never seen.

“You son of a bit*h, can’t you understand?” The youth in a green robe said with a smile.

“You are dead meat.” Ye Shang was about to attack.

Just when Ye Shang was about to attack, a figure appeared in front of the Ye Shang, stopping him.

It was Mo Chen who came back to stop him.

“Martial Brother, don’t stop me!” Ye Shang was furious.

“Let me help you.” Mo Chen patted the shoulder of Ye Shang.

“Who are you?” The youth in the green robe looked at Mo Chen solemnly.

“I will give you two choices, one is to kneel down and apologize, and the other is to die!” Mo Chen said indifferently as he also wanted to attack despite knowing that fighting was allowed only in a ring in Danding City.

“Do you know who I am? My grandfather is the owner of this Danding City, Ao Yushan. Do you know that only I have the right to tell others to die?” The youth laughed when hearing Mo Chen’s words, and also waved behind as he was followed by several guards.

“Ao Yushan? Am I afraid of him? I tell you, if you don’t apologize now, not only you would die, you will also see your grandfather losing the throne of the city owner before you die.” Mo Chen looked at Ao Lie, the grandson of Ao Yushan, indifferently and said.

“You have now crossed the bottom line.” Qin Zhan looked at Mo Chen and said.

“F*ck off! You don’t even have the right to talk to me!” Mo Chen shouted.

“Go to the main city government building and ask them to come.” Ao Lie told the guards behind him as he was a bit worried after seeing Qin Zhan being cursed.

“My master is Luo Daoyuan in Tianyue Peak, who are you?” Unable to see through the cultivation base of Mo Chen, Qin Zhan began to inquire about Mo Chen.

“Luo Daoyuan? So what? He’s not enough to scare me. Didn’t you call someone out from the city government? Then I will wait here. Thirteenth, I’ll help you today.” Mo Chen patted the shoulder of Ye Shang.

“Ye Shang, it’s our problem, we don’t have to make it bigger.” Qin Hai looked at Ye Shang.

“It was our conflict before. But he humiliated my parents, so he will have to pay for this!” Ye Shang pointed reincarnation spear at Ao Lie’s face.

“It’s fine, Thirteenth, they think that they have strong connections?, then let’s meet their backer first.” Mo Chen pointed to Qin Hai and Ao Lie.

Ye Shang would never back off, much less Mo Chen. Now that Qin Hai and Ao Lie started it, of course, the two couldn’t tolerate them.

Soon a large number of guards came from the main city government, and Tianji Sect also noticed it, hence some staff also came out standing at the gate.

Sikong, in a purple skirt, stepped down near Ye Shang’s side and asked. “Do you need help?”

“You can help? Isn’t it Tianji Sect’s rule to not get involved in any kind of conflict?” Mo Chen looked at Sikong as he was a bit confused.

“I can’t be involved, but I can invite you in for a cup of tea.” Sikong said with a smile.

“Sikong, you still don’t understand. They picked on my younger martial brother, and now we will make them pay.” Mo Chen laughed and said.

“Thank you for your kindness.” Ye Shang clasped hands to Sikong.

“It’s Nothing.” When Sikong finished the sentence, she returned to the stairs.

“Making trouble here? Bring them all back.” With a loud scream, a young man wearing an armor appeared with the city guards.

“Liu Sanhu, if you dare to move, I will kill you!” Mo Chen turned to look at Liu Sanhu, the young man wearing the armor.

“Uncle……Uncle Eleventh?” Seeing Mo Chen, this young man stuttered.

“F*ck off, or call someone in charge out.” Mo Chen snorted and continued to look at Qin Hai and Ao Lie.

Liu Sanhu stood on the side since he knew Mo Chen.

He was a disciple of Danding Peak before, and now he was sent to Danding City as the leader of the city guards because of his outstanding performance, thus he knew that the disciples of Taixuan Peak were ferocious and tough to deal with.

“Call my grandfather.” Ao Lie said to a guard behind him.

More and more city guards came and surrounded them.

“Thirteenth, are you afraid that we will be killed by them today?” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“No! But sorry to drag you into it, martial brother.” Ye Shang found the conflict scaling up, so he knew that it was going to be troublesome for Mo Chen.

“If they kill us, someone will finish them tomorrow. I can guarantee that there will be no one alive in Ao Family.” Mo Chen said.

“Easy.” Ye Shang said.

Mo Chen put his hands on the shoulders of Ye Shang and smiled at Ao Lie.

Soon a lot of people came, led by a few old men in front, and an old man wearing a robe was standing in front.

“What happened?” The old man asked.

“Grandpa, they wanted to kill me.” Ao Lie came to the old man.

The old man glanced at Ao Lie, and then moved towards Ye Shang and Mo Chen.

“Mo Chen? What’s going on?” The old man, Ao Yushan, frowned and asked.

“Elder Ao, should we follow the rules of the Medicine Valley, or the rules from Danding Peak?” Mo Chen asked.

“Well, why did you make your Martial Eleventh uncle angry?” Ao Yushan stared at Ao Lie.

“What?” Ao Lie was a little dumbfounded, as what he expected to happen didn’t happen.

“Mo Chen, he’s still young. Let’s leave it at this!” Ao Yushan said with a smile.

“Elder Ao, if someone insults your parents, will you also forget it?” Mo Chen laughed and said.

“Bastard, hurry to apologize!” Ao Yushan had a straight face and shouted at Ao Lie.

Ao Lie walked to the front of Ao Yushan. “Grandpa, I have no conflict with Martial Uncle. He stood up for Ye Shang and bullied me.” He looked at Ye Shang and said.

“Mo Chen, then this is your fault. If Ao Lie did something disrespectful at you, I will punish him. But it is not appropriate for you to bully him for someone else.” Ao Yushan said.

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