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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 56 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 56

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 56: No More Tolerance

“You all listen carefully, this is my younger martial brother, my master’s last disciple. Now my younger brother was insulted, will I not stand up for him?” Mo Chen turned and slapped hard on Ao Lie’s face. “Bully you? Now I’m bullying you.”

Ao Yushan looked calm and didn’t say anything.

“Son, I just gave you two choices. Now in front of your grandfather, I will say it again, you either apologize or die!” Mo Chen held the sword in his hand.

Seeing Mo Chen taking out the long sword, Ao Yushan hurriedly guarded Ao Lie.

“Very good! Elder Ao, you have higher cultivation base and more people than me, but I am going to kill him now, and I’ll see how you’ll stop me. The Danding City guards, you all listen carefully, I am Mo Chen of Taixuan Peak. If you are involved in our matter, don’t blame me for killing you.” Mo Chen shook his wrist and the sword came out of the sheath.

When Mo Chen’s sword was unsheathed, Ye Shang shook his right hand and stabbed the reincarnation spear directly towards Ao Lie’s throat.

The speed of the reincarnation spear was extremely fast, it thus whistled.

Mo Chen, was shocked since he did not intend to attack now, as he knew that Ao Yushan will not dare to attack.

But since Ye Shang launched the attack, he could only follow him, and moved the his sword in the middle of Ao Yushan and Ao Lie, preventing Ao Yushan from hurting Ye Shang.

Ao Yushan was stunned, and could only block  Mo Chen’s sword with his sword, while Ao Lie was still in surprise and couldn’t respond.

But an escort who came from Ao Yushan side blocked the reincarnation spear with his blade.

Ye Shang continued to stab forward, and the outburst of Qi in his Dantian allowed him to unleash 12 layers of shock waves.

The escort who was at the 7th level of Soul-Condensation Stage stopped the reincarnation spear, but when he was about to retreat, the shock waves arrived and it hit his blade.

With a crisp sound, he couldn’t clench the blade in his hand tightly, and the blade was thus knocked away.

Ye Shang quickly rushed forward and stabbed the reincarnation spear towards the throat of this guard.

The guard punched the spear body in a hurry. “Get back!”

“No way!” The shock waves broke out again.


The guard’s fist landed on the reincarnation spear, and the spear vibrated and hummed, knocking away the fist and the right arm of the guard, while the spear tip cut a small wound on his chest.

Fortunately, he retreated fast enough, or he might have got himself killed.

Knocking away the escort, Ye Shang twisted his right arm and stabbed towards the throat of Ao Lie since he wanted to make it quick.

Ao Lie pulled out the sword and swung it towards the reincarnation spear.

Ye Shang violently stabbed forward with his right hand, while he raised his left hand, and a light blue qi whirlpool appeared on his left palm, as Ye Shang intended to kill Ao Lie with Heaven Obscuring Palm after unleashing Chasing Wind technique with his spear.

He was now worried that Mo Chen couldn’t stop Ao Yushan for long, so he had to make it quick.

The long sword swung by Ao Lie was knocked away easily in front of the reincarnation spear, and the reincarnation spear still kept going towards his throat.

At this moment, a guard stood out and pulled Ao Lie aside.

He was not a city guard of Danding City, but a guard of the Ao family.

When the guard pulled Ao Lie aside, he changed the direction of the reincarnation spear with his blade.

Ye Shang rushed forward, and while recovering his reincarnation spear, his left hand patted on the guard as the guard blocked him.

It was too late for the guard to swing his blade again, hence he punched against Ye Shang’s left hand since he didn’t believe that he couldn’t stop Ye Shang with his cultivation base of 7th Level at Soul-Condensation Stage.


With a muffled sound, Ye Shang knocked away the guard, and the guard’s left hand turned bloody as he immediately knew that his phalanx was totally crushed.

Ye Shang rushed towards Ao Lie again.

“Stop! We’ll do according to what you said. Just make him stop.” Ao Yushan was anxious since he knew Ao Lie will probably fail to stop the crazy Ye Shang.

“Ye Shang, stop. If they don’t give us a satisfactory answer then we will continue to fight.” Mo Chen did not attack Ao Yushan, and he stopped Ye Shang.

“If you give me enough time, I can kill him!” Ye Shang wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth, stared at Ao Lie, but his organs also suffered from certain aftershocks when he was previously stopped by the guard.

Mo Chen nodded as he knew that his elder martial brothers and sisters were very ferocious, but his younger martial brother was even more ferocious.

“Are you okay?” Mo Chen asked Ye Shang.

“Nothing to worry about.” Ye Shang shook his head and his eyes were still fixed at Ao Lie.

At this moment, Ao Lie was a little scared as he thought about the look in Ye Shang’s eyes which was even more fierce than the demons’.

“Elder Ao, if anything bad happens to my thirteenth brother, you won’t be able to take the responsibility.” Seeing the blood on Ye Shang’s mouth, Mo Chen was really angry.

“Ao Lie, kneel down and apologize to your Thirteenth Martial uncle.” Ao Yushan was embarrassed as he knew that this matter would spread throughout Danding City, and he would certainly lose face.

Even though they could defeat Mo Chen and Ye Shang, but the consequences would be very serious since Taixuan Peak would go after them very soon.

Unable to stabilize his mind, Ao Lie kneeled down against Ye Shang. “Martial Uncle, I’m sorry.”

“Martial Brother, what do you think?” Mo Chen looked at Ye Shang.

“From now on, if anyone insults my family or people close to me, I will fight even if I die.” Ye Shang said indifferently.

“Son, watch yourself, don’t come again. Let’s go, Thirteenth.” Mo Chen waved at Ye Shang.

“Honestly, I don’t even want your apology, I really want to kill you instead.” Pointing the spear tip to Ao Lie, Ye Shang followed Mo Chen onto the beast cart.

“Shame on you!” Ao Yushan kicked on Ao Lie’s head and left as he was furious.

“Interesting.” Sikong returned into a room on the first floor of Tianji Tower, and then an old man came in.

“Master, are you interested in Ye Shang?” asked the old man as he looked at Sikong’s back.

“Knocking away the weapon of a guy at late Soul-Condensation Stage with the cultivation base of 7th level at Qi-Refining Stage more than once, he really is crazy.” Sikong seemed to be talking to herself.

“Was it due to the spear?” The old man asked.

“Enforcer Dong, you’re wrong. Let’s not talk about how strong his spear methods were. Did you notice his palm? That was Heaven Obscuring Palm technique of Liu ‘Heaven Obscuring Palm’ Yangyu. It’s near impossible to learn the Heaven Obscuring Palm with a cultivation base like 7th level at Qi-Refining stage. The most difficult thing is that he was decisive. Mo Chen was bluffing as he wanted the other party to compromise. But Ye Shang seriously wanted to kill Ao Lie.” Sikong shook her head and denied the old man’s analysis.

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