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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 57 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 57

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 57: Bluffing

“I recalled that palm. Like you said, he’s mature as he could still fight against his opponent resolutely in front of so many enemies.” Enforcer Dong nodded.

“Red mark, we can raise the attention of Ye Shang to red mark. Notify the top and the family.” Sikong reminded the old man.

When Ye Shang and Mo Chen returned to the inn, a group of people in the inn were surrounding Tian Yu and the golden-winged eagle.

“What are you doing? Ask them to leave.” Mo Chen yelled at Zhang Dechang.

Mo Chen entered the room with Ye Shang. “You were a bit irrational today.”

Ye Shang looked at Mo Chen, and did not understand why Mo Chen said so.

“In that case, it was not suitable to kill him. We should have accepted his deal then, and found a chance to kill him in the future. If something went wrong, what should I tell Master?” Mo Chen patted Ye Shang on the face.

“Martial Brother, didn’t you tell me to do it?” Ye Shang didn’t understand.

“I was just bluffing.” Mo Chen said helplessly.

“Give me a secret signal next time.” Ye Shang said.

“We should be careful now. Ao Yushan won’t dare to fight with us directly, he is not afraid of us, rather he is afraid of Taixuan Peak. But he might set up a trap for us.” Mo Chen said.

“It’s just a conflict in the Medicine Valley, how can he trap us?” Ye Shang couldn’t understand.

“Fool! You have to know that only we thirteen brothers and sisters are a family, those in other peaks aren’t the same.” Mo Chen told Ye Shang the stakes as he found that Ye Shang was indeed very innocent.

“Got it.” Hearing Mo Chen’s words, Ye Shang seemed to understand.

“It might be difficult for you to understand right now. It takes time. When are you going to do the tasks?” Mo Chen didn’t want to put pressure on Ye Shang as he didn’t want to influence Ye Shang’s innocent mind.

“Anytime. Martial Brother, I can do it alone. I’ll deal with the bloodthirsty wolves, then get the black iron grass.” Ye Shang said.

“Thirteenth, do you think I will let you go alone? It would have been possible yesterday, but not today. Never relax the vigilance against your enemies.” Mo Chen said.

“Fine, then martial brother, please follow me.” Ye Shang agreed since he knew that Mo Chen was going to follow him anyway.

After drinking, Ye Shang and Mo Chen set off to hunt down the bloodthirsty wolves.

Shortly after their departure, a special person came to Tianji Tower to issue a task.

“You said that you want to kill the disciple named Ye Shang from Taixuan Peak after one month?” Sikong looked at the person, whose face was covered with a black veil.

This person who ordered the task was wearing a bamboo hat, completely hiding his appearance.

“We can accept your request. The price is 30 high-quality spirit stones.” Sikong said.

“30 high-quality spirit stones? Is it even more expensive than killing a Soul Segregation level cultivator.” The man said.

“First of all, I want to tell you that killing a disciple from Taixuan Peak is very risky. In addition, the disciple named Ye Shang didn’t do anything bad. I think it’s a fair deal.” Sikong said casually.

“Then I will think about it first.” The man got up and left since the price was a lot different from what he imagined.

“Did he arrive from the city government?” Enforcer Dong said after entering the room.

“Well, they don’t dare to do it now, so they postpone the task for a month. A bunch of fools.” Sikong laughed with disdain.

“Will he come again?” Enforcer Dong asked.

“If I am absent next time, just raise the price. Try not to accept this task, even if you take it, find an excuse to back out. We can’t provoke Taixuan Peak. Although we are not afraid of it, but if they’re onto us, it might get very troublesome.” Sikong said to Enforcer Dong.

“Rest assured, I know what to do.” Enforcer Dong said.

Ye Shang and Mo Chen didn’t know that they had been on their radar, but Mo Chen remained very cautious.

However, he was not afraid, after all, Ao Yushan must kill them both if he really wanted to deal with them because he would be done once someone else knew about it.

Ao Yushan had a high cultivation base than him, but Mo Chen was sure that he would be able to escape, so he concluded that Ao Yushan wouldn’t dare to do it.

The two flew the golden-winged eagle and Tian Yu to the Wolf Mountain in a day, where the bloodthirsty wolves were located.

According to the task introduction, there were about 200 bloodthirsty wolves.

Ordinary bloodthirsty wolves were First-rank beasts, wolf guards were Second-Rank, and the bloodthirsty wolf king was the Second-Rank peak beast.

The task required them to acquire the head of the bloodthirsty wolf king.

In fact, this task was no different from eliminating a whole bloodthirsty wolf pack since it was very difficult to kill the wolf king without killing other wolves, hence it was the most difficult task at the black iron level, and even some cultivators at Soul-Condensation Stage wouldn’t dare to pick it up.

Ye Shang thought that he had a high body strength and could endure a long-term fight, also his reincarnation spear was suitable for group fight, hence he picked it up.

The reward points of the task was also very high, which was 500 hectograms and 10 middle-quality spirit stones.

For others, a distance of more than 2000 miles might take them more than half a month to go back and forth, and the time limit of one month was very short, but it was not the case for Ye Shang and Mo Chen.

Drinking a jar of wine and having some dried meat with Mo Chen, Ye Shang set off towards the bloodthirsty wolf valley carrying his reincarnation spear.

Before coming, Ye Shang had already learned about the place where the bloodthirsty wolves were hiding.

Mo Chen ordered the golden-winged eagle and Tian Yu to wait aside, and he followed Ye Shang with a distance of 100 meters.

He didn’t dare to leave Ye Shang alone since there were more than 200 bloodthirsty wolves.

If Ye Shang was bitten by a wolf, he would be killed by his martial sisters and brothers!

When Ye Shang was about 2 miles away from the bloodthirsty wolf valley, the first bloodthirsty wolf came attacking.

Holding the reincarnation spear, Ye Shang leaped up and stabbed towards the throat of the bloodthirsty wolf that pounced over, and cut off the neck of the bloodthirsty wolf.

Then another bloodthirsty wolf showed up, and it was killed before it could get closer to Ye Shang.

With the spread of bloody smell, more and more bloodthirsty wolves were attacking Ye Shang, thus Ye Shang moved quickly, trying to face every wolf that rushed over.

He started a fierce attack against the bloodthirsty wolves.

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