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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 58 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 58

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 58: On A Rampage

As Ye Shang moved forward, the bodies of the bloodthirsty wolves piled up behind him, which shocked Mo Chen since he originally thought that Ye Shang would run away after attacking.

Since Ye Shang felt no pressure with the group fight, he kept fighting, hence Mo Chen wasn’t worried about Ye Shang.

The reincarnation spear raged like a dragon in Ye Shang’s hands, every time he attacked, more than 30 bloodthirsty wolves got killed right away.

Looking at Ye Shang, Mo Chen shook his head.

The Preliminary Trials ? No newcomer had reached this level yet? Mo Chen could be very sure that only those with cultivation base of about 5 levels higher than his could compete with Ye Shang.

After a quarter of an hour, more than 70 bloodthirsty wolves were killed, but Ye Shang felt a bit tired, hence he kicked the body of a bloodthirsty wolf and got on the tree with the help of its reaction force.

“Thirteenth, I thought you wanted to kill them all in one go!” shouted Mo Chen from another tree.

“If they were all First-Rank bloodthirsty wolves, I might have been able to do it, but the wolf king guards are Second-Rank. I have to keep my state at the peak.” Taking out the wine jar, Ye Shang said to Mo Chen.

“Good, don’t do anything unsure. There’s plenty of time, you can proceed slowly.” Mo Chen also took out the wine jar to drink as he was very satisfied with the performance of Ye Shang since at least he remained cautious after killing so many bloodthirsty wolves.

The wolf king guards were much stronger than the average bloodthirsty wolves, and the most difficult to deal with was the bloodthirsty wolf king at the peak of Second-Rank.

Normally, this task was suitable only for a cultivator at the peak of Soul Condensation or a group of Qi Refining Stage cultivators.

Ye Shang didn’t consume much stamina, but his Qi couldn’t keep up with his pace.

He had to apply shock waves on his spear while attacking rapidly, so he had consumed more than half of his Qi after 15 minutes.

Resting for a quarter of an hour, Ye Shang jumped off the tree and fought against the bloodthirsty wolves again.

Though the bloodthirsty wolves were getting less and less, their intensity of attacks never reduced as they kept finding chances to pounce on Ye Shang.

Fighting again for a while, almost all the bloodthirsty wolves were killed by Ye Shang, and he also arrived at the entrance of the valley, which allowed him to observe the situation inside the valley.

There was a much larger wolf inside the valley, which was the bloodthirsty wolf king, with four smaller wolf king guards guarding in front of him.

As the wolf king roared, the two bloodthirsty wolf king guards rushed towards Ye Shang.

Ye Shang took a deep breath, put the reincarnation spear in an attacking pose, and stared at the wolf king guards running over.

When they were still about one foot away from him, he suddenly moved to the side, and then quickly stabbed on the neck of wolf king guard approaching him with the reincarnation spear.

Ye Shang attacked fast, but the wolf king guard was even faster as it suddenly dodged it by lowering its head.


As Ye Shang missed, he roared and poured all the Qi into his right arm, slammed his right arm down hard, and the reincarnation spear landed on the lower back of the bloodthirsty wolf king guard.

After that, Ye Shang did not continue to attack, but retreated with the spear because the second bloodthirsty wolf king guard pounced itself over, hence he could only retreat and then organize the offense.

The leading beasts had their own pride, even the low-level monsters, which was why the bloodthirsty king didn’t follow other bloodthirsty wolves to attack.

Being attacked by the spear, the first wolf king guard’s one leg was broken, hence it could only support its body with its two front legs, which meant that it wouldn’t pose any threat.

At the same moment, the second wolf king guard posed a greater threat to Ye Shang since the attacks had consumed all his Qi, which made Mo Chen anxious as he could see that Ye Shang had run out of Qi.

When he jumped off the tree to rescue, he saw the Ye Shang suddenly moved aside to dodge its attack, the reincarnation spear made a spin behind him, and he stabbed again.

The attack whistled with a harsh scream, showing how powerful it was, and Mo Chen also stopped as he didn’t feel the need to help him when Ye Shang still had the ability to protect himself, so that he would have the chance to improve.

Ye Shang exerted the energy of the Blood Quenching Realm of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome with the shock waves.

The wolf king guard was very tough as it twisted its body and pounced over with its two claws.

Ye Shang now didn’t dare to push and kill it directly, as he pulled back after piercing through its throat, if not he would be scratched by the claws, and then he would have difficulty facing the remaining two wolf king guards and the bloodthirsty wolf king.

Ye Shang took a step to the side, twisted his waist, and swung the reincarnation spear to its two front paws.


With a crisp sound, the front paws of the wolf king guard was smashed by Ye Shang’s attack, which was infused with all the energy of the Level 6 of Blood Quenching Realm Stage, but Ye Shang was knocked away since the attack of the wolf also weighed more than 3000 pounds.

At this moment, the bloodthirsty wolf king once again screamed, and the last two wolf king guards rushed over.

Ye Shang rushed forward and pierced into the head of the wolf guard which lost its two front paws, and then slammed the spear on the other wolf guard, which broke some bones on its stomach area and was about to climb over and bite him.

After that, Ye Shang quickly climbed the tree, not making sure if they both died or not.

“Thirteenth, good job!” Mo Chen held up his thumb in approval since he sincerely admired that even he himself wouldn’t be able to do this if he only had the cultivation base at 7th Level of Qi-Refining stage.

“I will take a break for a while.” Ye Shang took out a jar of wine and took a few sips, not caring the wandering bloodthirsty wolf guards under the tree.

“What happened to your last attack? You should have already exhausted your Qi.” Mo Chen asked.

“I practice some cultivation methods to strengthen my body, so I exerted my internal strength. How did you feel?” Ye Shang answered and asked.

“It was fantastic.” Mo Chen nodded.

Ye Shang and Mo Chen started drinking and chatting, completely ignoring the bloodthirsty wolf guards under the tree.

After 1 hour, Ye Shang leaped from the tree and killed one bloodthirsty wolf king guard with one blow.

When the other one rushed over, Ye Shang continued to attack with Chasing Wind Spear Technique, and eventually killed it with his sixth attack.

Since all the guards were killed, the bloodthirsty wolf king finally jumped towards Ye Shang.

“Thirteenth, be careful, this guy has the cultivation base at the Peak of Second-Rank stage, you have to play it smart.” Mo Chen shouted on the tree and intended to help Ye Shang since this bloodthirsty wolf king had much higher cultivation base than Ye Shang.

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