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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 59 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 59

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 59: Eliminating the Wolf King

“I understand.” Ye Shang jumped on the back of the big tree and stared at the bloodthirsty wolf king behind the tree.

When the bloodthirsty wolf king approached the old tree, it slowed down and leaped towards Ye Shang, who popped out his head, but he quickly scurried to the other side of the tree.

Then, Ye Shang didn’t attack but kept dodging the attacks of bloodthirsty wolf king by going around the tree.

Since he was more agile than the bloodthirsty wolf king, it couldn’t reach him.

As Ye Shang kept avoiding its attacks, the bloodthirsty wolf king was getting more and more violent, and it jumped higher and higher towards him.

At this moment, Mo Chen had clenched the sword tightly in his hand as he was very worried about Ye Shang.

Ye Shang was very patient as he was waiting for the moment when the bloodthirsty wolf king got anxious since he didn’t dare to play hardball with the bloodthirsty wolf king due to its strong strength.

The bloodthirsty wolf king was getting more and more anxious as time went by, hence he knew that his chance was coming.

At the time when the bloodthirsty wolf leaped again, Ye Shang infused all the energy into the reincarnation spear, exerted 12 layers of shock waves from his Dantian, and stabbed the reincarnation spear towards the heart of the bloodthirsty wolf king.

When he attacked, he threw back his head since he was worried that there would still be quite a big impact.

Seeing Ye Shang attacking, the bloodthirsty wolf king lowered his body, scratched its two claws towards the reincarnation spear, and bit towards him.

“Go to hell!” Ye Shang exerted all the shock waves in the reincarnation spear and stabbed forward.


The reincarnation spear hummed, knocked out its two front paws, and continued to advance until piercing through the chest of the bloodthirsty wolf king.

After penetrating the chest of the bloodthirsty wolf king, Ye Shang punched at the end of the spear with his left hand and then rolled under the body of the Bloodthirsty Wolf King with the reaction force.

When he rolled out, he quickly leaped towards the back of the bloodthirsty wolf king.

At this moment, the bloodthirsty wolf king was finally stabbed by the spear in its abdomen and lost the ability to move fast.

Ye Shang fell onto the neck of the bloodthirsty wolf king, grabbed the ear of the wolf king with his right hand, and landed punches on its head with his left hand.

After several consecutive punches, the bloodthirsty wolf king lowered its body down as its skull was shattered.

With a sigh of relief, Ye Shang got up and pulled out the reincarnation spear, rubbing it on the fur of the bloodthirsty wolf king.

“This was your first fight?” Mo Chen looked at Ye Shang in a way as if he was looking at a monster.

“No, when I was in Zhuyuan Village, I often went out hunting. But I had no cultivation then, so I could only defeat First-Rank monsters, but not the Second-Rank monsters.” Ye Shang was thinking about how to deal with the body of the bloodthirsty wolf king.

“Urrhh…Okay. Can the body of the bloodthirsty wolf king fit in your storage belt?” Mo Chen was speechless to hear that he was able to defeat First-Rank monsters without any cultivation base whatsoever.

“Well, yes.” Ye Shang put the body into the storage belt since his storage belt was chosen by Gong Xuan, which had a relatively larger space.

“Your storage belt is the same as mine. It is top-notch. Until you improve, let’s do Heaven-Level Sect Tasks or complete a Golden Task of Tianji Tower, then we can get a storage ring.” Mo Chen said.

“For sure. Since this area is filled with dead bloodthirsty wolves, Let’s go somewhere else and get some delicious food.” Ye Shang asked for advice.

“Of course, everything is up to you.” Mo Chen nodded.

After leaving the bloodthirsty wolf valley, they flew two hundred miles, hunted two squirrels, and found a campsite.

After eating the roasted meat and drinking for a while, the two started resting.

The golden-winged eagle rested on an old tree, and Mo Chen directly lay on the back of the golden-winged eagle, and let the golden-winged eagle always keep its wing high to provide a shelter for him.

Ye Shang took out the wolf skin and laid them on the ground, letting Tian Yu rest on the top, and he could meditate on one side.

His cultivation base had reached the bottleneck of the 7th level of Qi-Refining stage, and he might enter 8th level at any time.

After cultivating for one night, Ye Shang and Mo Chen flew with Tian Yu and the golden-winged eagle towards the Heilin Mountain since Ye Shang still had another task to collect black iron grass.

The task description suggested that there was no large monster in Heilin Mountain, but only some black scorpions hidden underground, which were troublesome to deal with.

But Ye Shang was not afraid of them since Tian Yu fed on the scorpions.

He had witnessed that the scorpions were afraid instinctively after seeing Tian Yu, showing Tian Yu was a natural predator for them.

“The black scorpions are low in level, but their number is large. You have to be on guard at any time. This is the anti-poison powder. After entering the Heilin Mountain, you should sprinkle some on your body.” Mo Chen said.

The reason why he didn’t object to him when picking this task up was because he had some powder that drove away the poisonous monsters.

“Martial Brother, ordinary scorpions and poisonous snakes don’t dare to move when they see Tian Yu. So I’ll let Tian Yu follow me, and the black poisonous scorpions will not attack me.” Ye Shang said.

“It seems that you are already prepared. Tian Yu has the inheritance of Green Pengs, and he is naturally a predator of snakes and poisonous scorpions. This is indeed a good method. It seems that this task will not be that difficult.” Mo Chen nodded as he did not know that Ye Shang already had a plan.

When arriving at Heilin Mountain, Ye Shang knew how baren the mountain was.

Zhuyuan Village was surrounded by mountains and ancient forests, but here it was filled with black stones, and occasionally there were several thorns.

“There are countless black scorpions hidden underground. The land is full of toxins, which is difficult to grow any vegetation, but it is suitable for the growth of black iron grass. I will patrol in the air with the golden-winged eagle. Always stay close to Tian Yu, so that it can pose enough threats for the black scorpions.” Into the Heilin area, Mo Chen said.

“Good, just wait for me, martial brother.” Ye Shang commanded Tian Yu to land.

After landing, Tian Yu stared at the dark ground, then pecked the land with its beak, and a half-foot-long scorpion was pulled out from the ground as it was swallowed by Tian Yu right away.

“Tian Yu, lead the way. I will look for black iron grass.” Seeing that Tian Yu could suppress the black poisonous scorpions, Ye Shang was relieved.

After an hour, Ye Shang collected nearly 100 black iron grasses, which were enough for the task.

But since he was working on alchemy, he decided to collect more as Tian Yu was also glad to eat some more black poisonous scorpions.

After 4 hours, Ye Shang collected more than 500 black iron grasses, and finally took off with Tian Yu as he was worried that the golden-winged eagle would be exhausted after hovering in the air for too long.

“You collected quite a lot.” Seeing Ye Shang and Tian Yu take off, Mo Chen said.

“Yes, I have collected more than a dozen one-thousand-year-old black iron grasses. The effectiveness of them will surely be very strong.” Ye Shang said with a smile.

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