Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Medicinal Elixirs

“Ha-ha, fine. But I will always remember what I said. Just come to me if you ever need any help. Well, let’s go have dinner!” Qin Aoxuan got up and walked outside. It was the deliberation hall, so the banquet wasn’t held here, but a hall on the side of Qin’s mansion. There was a large garden in front of the hall, which was elegant and luxurious.

Du Chong entered the hall with Ye Shang and then sat along with Yang Sen, Zhang Xuanzong, Lin Qiao and two young people.

“Guard Yang and Guard Du, why did you get the black serpent and made Third Uncle owe you such a big favor?” A mean looking young man looked at Ye Shang and said.

“Master Hai, please be cautious.” After hearing his words, Yang Sen changed his attitude.

“Don’t worry, why are you so nervous?” Master Hai, as known as Qin Hai, said with a smile, and looked at Ye Shang as if staring at a rare animal.

“Deputy Qin was the one who mentioned the favor, I didn’t. So please don’t say that.” Ye Shang said indifferently, as he hated how Qin Hai looked at him.

“Well, you know it now, ha! Let’s eat.” Qin Hai laughed aloud and started eating.

Picking up the chopsticks, Ye Shang put them down right away because he had no appetite.

Yang Sen and his group also didn’t touch the chopsticks since they were all very angry, but they couldn’t provoke this young man since he was the son of Qin Aoxuan’s eldest brother.

Ye Shang was very eager to get up, but he didnt want to make a scene in front of everyone. 

While they all were feeling awkward, a middle-aged woman came inside the hall, followed by two maids.

Seeing the middle-aged woman, everyone in the hall stood up.

“This is Mrs. Qin.” Seeing the middle-aged woman, several people near the doorway got up and greeted.

“You are Ye Shang, right? I was at the temple praying for this past two days, so I didn’t have time to see you.” The middle-aged woman walked up to Ye Shang and said. 

“You’re too polite. It’s really not a big deal.” Ye Shang bowed and said.

“Good boy. Get something to eat.” The middle-aged woman said and went to the main seat.

“Don’t pay attention to unnecessary people, let’s eat!” Lin Qiao looked at Qin Hai and took Ye Shang to sit down.

Hearing Lin Qiao’s words, Qin Hai snorted but kept silent since Mrs. Qin had a good relationship with Lin Qiao, so he couldn’t easily provoke Lin Qiao.

Smiling at Lin Qiao, Ye Shang picked up the chopsticks and started eating.

After dining, Mrs. Qin found Ye Shang again and chatted a bit. She kept a good company, hence Ye Shang could feel that Mrs. Qin was a sincere and kind woman.

Then Ye Shang followed Du Chong to leave Qin’s mansion.

“If Qin Hai weren’t a part of Qin’s family, he would have long been beaten up hard by many because he is always so arrogant.” Du Chong was still very angry with Qin Hai’s arrogance.

“There is no need to care about him.” Ye Shang smiled and said.

“It’s a bit of a hassle because that guy will go to Danding Mountain. You may have trouble all the way.” Recalling something, Yang Sen became serious.

Hearing Yang Sen’s words, Du Chong, Zhang Xuanzong and Lin Qiao stopped.

“No need, I won’t provoke him.” Ye Shang smiled and said.

“Ye Shang, you don’t know how much of a douchebag Qin Hai is. Even if you don’t provoke him, he will come looking to make trouble.” Lin Qiao said worriedly.

“Or I can request the deputy city owner to allow me to join the escort, instead of going to Tan Mountain.” Du Chong thought and said.

“Brother Du, you can rest assured! I can take care of myself.” After listening to Du Chong, Ye Shang knew that they still got a lot of things to do.

“You must be careful.” Yang Sen thought for a moment and said.

Ye Shang smiled and nodded. He really didn’t want to trouble them.

Back to Du Chong’s place, Ye Shang started cultivating again. The apprenticeship of Medicine Valley was quite strict. It was difficult to pass without good talent and good foundation, so Ye Shang was trying his best to accumulate strength.

Two days later, Du Chong came to inform Ye Shang that the team heading to Danding Mountain was preparing to leave.

Qin Aoxuan was busy with things, but still asked Du Chong to deliver a bottle of Core Elixir, a Qi Pill and two gold tickets.

Ye Shang obviously didn’t refuse while Du Chong also explained Ye Shang about them and how to use each of them.

A core elixir was an auxiliary medicine for cultivating. Each medicinal elixir contained a certain amount of energy, which was suitable specially for people at the Qi-Refining stage. It made cultivation progress much faster than absorbing the natural Qi. The Qi Pill increased the success rate of breaking through from Level 9 of Qi Refining Stage to Soul Condensation Stage, both these were valuable items.

When Du Chong came out with Ye Shang, they met with Yang Sen, Zhang Xuanzong and Lin Qiao along the way.

“Lets go, we will all send you off!” Yang Sen said with a smile.

Following them, he came to the square in front of the city owner’s mansion.

When they arrived, there were already many people on the square. Some were teenagers with their parents and others were guards wearing black tight-fitting suits.

Ye Shang saw Qin Hai, and the young man who was with him back at the diner.

“He is Qin Shan, the child of Second Brother of the city owner. Qin Hai and he are the same.” Noticing the look of Ye Shang, Lin Qiao said.

While Lin Qiao was talking, Mrs. Qin showed up with two guards and a boy, who was about the same height as Ye Shang but was much thinner.

As soon  as Mrs. Qin appeared, many people greeted her. Mrs. Qin cameover to Ye Shang followed by the guards and the boy.

“Zen’er, this is Ye Shang. He played a bit part in your recovery.” Mrs. Qin said to the boy next to her.

Qin Zen was a little thin but looked very energetic. He looked at Ye Shang and made a bow with hands folded in front.

“This kid is quite reticent.” Mrs. Qin apologized, laughing and talking to Ye Shang.

Ye Shang smiled as he could see that Qin Zen was clearly not a very talkative person, but he was very polite.

After a while, some people came out of the city owner’s mansion. The head of the team nodded to Mrs. Qin and announced that the team would now set off.

Mrs. Qin, Yang Sen and the people all waved goodbye, but the seeming anxious two guards who came with Mrs. Qin went with the team.

Moving out of the city, the question in Ye Shang’s mind was finally answered. There were a few huge beast carts outside the gate. At the beginning, Ye Shang was still wondering how long it would take if they head to Danding Mountain on foot.

Looking at the strange look of Ye Shang, Qin Hai laughed at Ye Shang and took the lead and onto the cart, while others followed closely. Ye Shang didn’t hurry since they wouldn’t leave him here. What’s more, Qin Zen hadn’t gotten on yet and he believed these guards should know the identity of Qin Zen.

There were too many people. Before Ye Shang, Qin Zen and two other teenagers had yet to get on the cart, the cart was already full.

“Don’t squeeze. Sit next to us on the next one.” The captain of the guards said.

The original arrangement was that the teenagers would sit in the middle cart, while the guards would sit in the front and the back. But there were surprisingly too many people, so the guard captain had to re-arranged it. After all, the journey was long, it would be difficult for people to stay squeezed together for so long.

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