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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 60 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 60

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 60: Resource Allocation

“Let’s rest for a night, and we will return to finish the tasks tomorrow. The speed at which you completed the tasks was really fast. If you keep doing it, you will have a bronze token very soon.” Mo Chen said.

The two found a safe place and camped by a lake.

After dining, Ye Shang began to practice and soon he felt that he had reached the edge of the breakthrough.

After ordering Tian Yu to remain alert, Ye Shang took a third of the Condensate Pill and began his breakthrough.

Ye Shang’s Dantian, which was saturated, could no longer absorb Qi, so he controlled the Qi circulation of Dantian.

When entering a relatively stable state, he introduced the power of the Condensate Pill into his Dantian, and then expanded his Dantian by shaking the Qi.

With the vibration of Qi in his Dantian, the space of Dantian was getting bigger and bigger, and the 8th halo began condensing outside his Dantian when the Qi could no longer vibrate towards outside.

Controlling the steady flow of medicinal herbs into his Dantian, Ye Shang began to absorb Qi and condensed the 8th halo.

Sitting not far away, Mo Chen seemed to be drinking leisurely, but had been watching the surroundings with vigilance, and always paid attention to Ye Shang.

After spending a day, Ye Shang condensed the 8th halo in his Dantian, which was slower than average people, mainly because he broke through too fast before, hence his first 7 halos were not solid, and some energy was taken from the 7 halos when condensing his 8th halo.

This breakthrough solved the shortcomings of the previous cultivation, but Ye Shang was a little scared that if this problem had occurred when advancing to Soul-Condensation stage, it would have been easy for him to fail.

“Thirteenth, your promotion was a bit slow this time, is there something wrong?” Mo Chen saw Ye Shang wake up and asked.

Ye Shang nodded and told him his problem.

“Fortunately, the problem arose early. Don’t rush it during the promotion since it is a taboo for the cultivators to have an unstable foundation.” Mo Chen reminded him.

“I will pay attention.” Ye Shang noticed the seriousness of the problem.

After cleaning up, the two set off, and Ye Shang sat on Tian Yu’s back and worked on stabilizing his cultivation base.

Ye Shang originally intended to take a gathering pill after the promotion, but now he decided to slow down a bit and focused on stabilizing his foundation.

A day later, Ye Shang and Mo Chen returned to Danding City, and they walked towards Tianji Sect after taking a shower and dining.

This time, everything went smoothly, and they directly entered Tianji Sect.

The receptionist was an ordinary woman in black, and she led them into an elegant room.

Entering the room, Ye Shang took out the body of the bloodthirsty wolf king and the black iron grass.

The black woman looked at the task introduction and the time of receiving the task, then she carefully sized Ye Shang up and shook her head before going out to register points and receive rewards.

Both tasks had good monetary rewards and points rewards, but the most valuable was the spirit stone reward.

“Eleventh Brother, why did she shake her head? Is she dissatisfied with the body of the bloodthirsty wolf king or black iron grass?” Ye Shang said.

“No, it’s disdain. She thought that you didn’t actually do the tasks. She regards you as a brat. She feels that I did the tasks for you.” Mo Chen said with a smile.

Ye Shang felt that it was quite possible.

The woman in black sent over the reward.

Receiving the reward, Ye Shang picked another two tasks with high points and which were relatively suitable for them, and then left with Mo Chen.

The woman in black then gave the file of Ye Shang to Enforcer Dong since she noticed that Tianji Sect now focused on him, so she immediately reported the situation to Enforcer Dong.

After flipping through the file, Enforcer Dong came to the top floor of Tianji Sect with the file of Ye Shang.

In an elegant room on the top floor, Sikong, who was wearing a light blue skirt, was drinking tea.

“Master, Ye Shang completed the tasks.” Enforcer Dong handed the file of Ye Shang to Sikong.

Sikong read the file and then stood up. “Go, let’s go to the warehouse and take a look at the body of the bloodthirsty wolf king.”

In the warehouse, Enforcer Dong took a look at the body of the bloodthirsty wolf king, and Sikong also carefully checked it. “Ye Shang killed it alone, Mo Chen did not help him at all.”

“I saw his spear method that day, though it’s very good, it shouldn’t be enough to kill the bloodthirsty wolf king alone, right?” Enforcer Dong shook her head and said.

“Look at the wound on the body of the bloodthirsty wolf king. When the bloodthirsty wolf king pounced on him, he attacked with the spear. The fur on the front paw of the bloodthirsty wolf king was incomplete since he attacked with shock waves. I remember that he could use shock waves that day. The crack on the head of the wolf king shows that he shattered the head with many punches. If Mo Chen really helped him, one punch would be enough. It took them only 4 days to complete two tasks, they’re highly efficient, even though they have flying tamed beasts.” Taking out a handkerchief to wipe her hands, Sikong left the warehouse.

Ye Shang and Mo Chen entered a restaurant and sat on the second floor near the street.
They ordered a few dishes and took out the liquor from Uncle Niu.

“Who are they? The city guards even guided them.” Looking at the street downstairs, Ye Shang asked.

In the sight of Ye Shang, the two teams of the city guards led the way, followed by two middle-aged men and a few teenagers in white.

When Ye Shang was talking, one of the middle-aged men turned to look at Ye Shang, and several youths also looked at him.

“The people of Jinyan Sect, ha!” Mo Chen sighed.

Ye Shang remained silent as the Medicine Valley was the subordinate force of Jinyan Sect, thus they had a strong sense of superiority when visiting Medicine Valley.

“It will change.” After a moment, Ye Shang said as he noticed that Mo Chen was a bit anxious.

“Maybe. They are masters. When you looked at them, they became alert right away. The youths at the forefront are the core disciples of Jinyan Sect.” Mo Chen said.

Ye Shang took a sip of wine and continued to eat.

It was not his first time hearing about Jinyan Sect, and he thought it had nothing to do with him.

“Do you think it has little to do with you?” Mo Chen seemed to know his idea.

“I am a beginner disciple. How does it have anything to do with me?” Ye Shang couldn’t understand.

“Every ten years in the Jinyan Sect area, a contest is held. The contestants are all the disciples in the region. The results of the contest will decide the resource allocation. We Medicine Valley didn’t do well last time, so we had to hand over more resources.” Mo Chen said.

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