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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 62 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 62

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 62: Medicinal Herb Restrictions

“Well, thank you for your reminder.” Ye Shang clasped hands to Sikong.

“Good, you may not remember this many tasks, I will write them down for you.” Sikong sat down, took out a paper and pen, and sorted out the tasks according to their time limitations.

“Thank you,” Ye Shang put away the task list that Sikong copied and said.

“No problem, I wish you all the best.” Sikong smiled and nodded.

Ye Shang and Mo Chen then left the Tianji Tower with the task list.

After they left, Sikong handed the task list, of which Ye Shang had chosen half among them, to Enforcer Dong.

“This? How did he pick nearly half of them? The rest are those with low points.” Enforcer Dong looked at the task list in surprise.

“He got those with good rewards. If there are more freaks like him in Danding City, no other black iron token holder would have tasks to do.” Sikong said with a smile.

“Should we reach to other cities to transfer some tasks?” Enforcer Dong asked.

“No, if there are only a few tasks, they will rush to do it.” Reminding her, Sikong left.

After leaving, Ye Shang and Mo Chen came out of the city gate on a beast cart and flew on the golden-winged eagle and Tian Yu to complete the tasks.

Ye Shang chose to do the tasks with the tightest time limitations first, and he also arranged the route between tasks well since he couldn’t waste unnecessary time travelling.

When Ye Shang and Mo Chen went to do the tasks, people in Tianji Tower were outraged since the tasks with good rewards and high points were all taken away, which annoyed the other black iron token holders.

Among them, Qin Zhan, Qin Hai and Kong Jun became furious after seeing the task list as they were only able to complete a few tasks last month, but now they had no good tasks this month too.

At that moment, some requested Tianji Tower for an explanation.

Hearing this, Qin Zhan, Qin Hai and Kong Jun also joined them, and they even became the leaders.

Sikong, who was originally reading an old book on the top floor, went down to the lobby.

“They said that we left the tasks for others under the table.” Enforcer Dong said to Sikong.

“What if we left to them? When there are tasks, you do them. When there’s none, you don’t do it. Did we ask you to do them?” Sikong swept over the lobby and said indifferently.

“We are the holders of the black iron token and the bronze token. Now we have problems with the tasks, can’t we ask?” Qin Zhan said.

“The holders of the black iron token and the bronze token? If you are dissatisfied with us or have any thought, just put down your token and get out!” Hearing the accountability of Qin Zhan, Sikong answered indifferently.

“You are too overbearing. We want to see the man in charge?” After hearing Sikong’s word, Qin Zhan lost his face.

“Enforcer Dong, if they talk nonsense again, just drive them out.” Sikong left even without taking a look at Qin Zhan.

“You are the enforcer here, right? Can you give us an explanation regarding the tasks? If you can’t, then call the man in charge.” Qin Zhan said to Enforcer Dong.

“I’m the man in charge of Tianji Tower, I don’t want to explain to you! or Anyone! We will cancel your identity and grade here if you keep making noise!” Enforcer Dong called the guards, not even looking at Qin Zhan.

Qin Zhan was stunned since he couldn’t do anything.

“Big Brother, let’s go!” Qin Hai pulled Qin Zhan’s sleeve and left.

At the moment, Qin Zhan was really embarrassed.

After Qin Hai pulled Qin Zhan out, he came back and took a mediocre task with Kong Jun.

During the daytime, Ye Shang did the tasks of Tianji Tower, then he worked on the Sheng Ding Scripture and the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome at night, and his cultivation base improved very quickly and steadily.

After taking a gathering pill, Ye Shang had reached the peak of Level 8 of the Qi-Refining stage, and was about to break through, but he decided to wait for a while

Spending nine days, Ye Shang did all the tasks with tight time limitations, and now he planned to make a breakthrough.

After nine days of fighting with the monsters and bandits, Ye Shang felt that his cultivation base was stable.

After returning to Danding City, Ye Shang and Mo Chen sat in the beast cart, chatting while drinking, and rushing toward Tianji Tower.

“Thirteenth, you can upgrade your level or exchange some resources with task points. Do you want to change anything?” Mo Chen said.

“No, if I change, I don’t know when I can upgrade to the bronze token. When I get to the bronze token, I can take the advanced tasks.” Ye Shang shook his head and said.

“I didn’t explain to you well. You can use the points without affecting your upgrade of tokens since the upgrade of the tokens depends on the total points you earn.” Mo Chen said.

“Martial Brother, I have still some medicinal herbs, so I don’t want to exchange them for the time being.” Ye Shang thought about it.

“Some medicinal herbs are necessary. For example, Qi Pills. They will make it easier for you to enter Soul-Condensation stage.” Mo Chen couldn’t imagine that Ye Shang would be so persistent.

“I actually have one Qi Pill.” Ye Shang said.

“Then you don’t need to exchange it. After entering Soul-Condensation Stage, the sect will provide them to you. However, there is a medicinal herb that they don’t issue, which is the Core Pill. You must exchange it with the corresponding sect points. The Core Pills have the same effect as the Gathering Pills during Qi-Refining Stage, and they can upgrade your cultivation base by a stage.” Mo Chen said.

“Core Pills? If I’m wealthy, I can get more Core Pills, and I can improve my cultivation base very soon.” Ye Shang said in surprise.

“You think too much. There are restrictions on the use of such medicinal herbs during each stage. You can take up to 3 Gathering Pills during Qi-Refining stage, also 3 Core Pills during Soul-Condensation stage.” Mo Chen explained.

Medicinal herbs were a must during cultivation, but it was also impossible to fully rely on the strength of the medicinal herbs.

The Qi cultivated by a cultivators’ hard work was much stronger than cultivated by the medicinal herbs.

“Then maybe I should go get a Gathering Pill.” Ye Shang thought about it and said.

He had only taken 2 Gathering Pills and was about to breakthrough from Qi-Refining stage, he thus felt that he couldn’t waste this opportunity, and should directly take a Gathering Pills to reach the peak of Qi-Refining stage.

“You can no longer take it. You shouldn’t take medicinal herbs at the last stage of each stage, since it’s not conducive for the breakthrough.” Mo Chen told Ye Shang the taboo of all cultivators as cultivators would try to stabilize their cultivation base after reaching the last stage of each order, so they wouldn’t take any medicinal herb.

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