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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 63 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 63

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 63: A Misunderstanding

While chatting, the two arrived at Tianji Tower.

Since Sikong was absent, Ye Shang submitted the tasks completion proof to the ordinary service staff, and then left with Mo Chen.

After returning to the inn, Ye Shang went to his room for a breakthrough.

Mo Chen moved a chair and rested at the door of Ye Shang.

There was no danger in the breakthrough, since even if he failed, the damage to the body was not very great, so he was not worried.

Ye Shang took half of a Condensation Pill and began to cultivate.

It was the last breakthrough at Qi-Refining stage, and it would be necessary for him to prepare for the breakthrough after this.

Energy could no longer fit in his saturated Dantian after filling with the energy of the Condensation Pill, so he began to shake and expand his Dantian since the volume of Dantian determined how much Qi could be stored, which was what every cultivator had to face.

Everything went smoothly while expanding the Dantian, and then he started condensing the 9th Halo.

In the city government building of Danding City, Ao Yushan was drinking tea and two other people stood in front of him.

“City owner, the shadow brothers heard that Ye Shang is a disciple of Taixuan Peak, so they are somewhat unwilling to pick up the task. After hearing that Mo Chen was now beside Ye Shang, they refused directly.” The man in front of Ao Yushan said.

“If they refused because of Mo Chen, then tell them that there’s no time limitation. They can wait until Mo Chen leaves, and the reward of 10,000 hectograms of gold and 800 middle-level spirit stones would remain unchanged.” Ao Yushan said. .

“Okay, then I will contact them again.” The man, Hua Wuji, left right away.

In Dongxuan area, 100 low-level spirit stones could be exchanged for 1 middle-level spirit stone, and 100 middle-level spirit stones could be exchanged for 1 high-level spirit stone.

Ao Yushan sent Hua Wuji to Tianji Tower to place the task, and they asked for 30 high-level spirit stones for reward, which equaled to 3,000 middle-level spirit stones.

Since Ao Yushan couldn’t afford it, he chose to find other killers.

However, No one dared to take his request after hearing that Ye Shang was a disciple of Taixuan Peak since everyone knew that Liu Yangyu had destroyed Sihai Sect for his one disciple.

Recently, Hua Wuji contacted the famous Shadow Brothers from the killer circle, but they still didn’t agree to his deal.

Ye Shang spent half a day to condense the 9th Halo.

When the 9th Halo rotated autonomously, the atmosphere suddenly changed, and Ye Shang officially reached Level 9 of the Qi-Refining stage.

Feeling the change in the atmosphere, Mo Chen let out a sigh of relief and then started drinking.

After stabilizing his cultivation base, Ye Shang came out of the room.

“It’s a success. Congratulations, Thirteenth.” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“I just advanced, I would like to thank you for helping me by watching my room. Let’s do the tasks after eating something?” Ye Shang said.

“Fine, you have to try your strength after your breakthrough. After finishing the tasks, you should come back and stabilize your cultivation base.” Mo Chen nodded as he knew that he still had many tasks.

After dining, Mo Chen thought about it, then he asked Ye Shang to take a bath and good sleep, and do the tasks tomorrow since he found that Ye Shang was tired.

Ye Shang agreed to Mo Chen’s decision since he knew that Mo Chen was more experienced in these matters.

At night, without cultivating, Ye Shang and Mo Chen chatted for a long time, and Mo Chen even asked a friend to add a bed in Ye Shang’s room.

Ye Shang had a good sleep that night, but Mo Chen woke up in the middle of the night and helped Ye Shang cover himself with a blanket.

Seeing Ye Shang still frowning even in his sleep, Mo Chen shook his head.

After a restful night, Ye Shang woke up early, and Mo Chen asked the servant to cook when Ye Shang freshened up.

“How do you feel after an occasional relaxation?” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“Good, but this will eventually develop into a habit.” Ye Shang said.

“True. But you should relax occasionally.” Mo Chen patted Ye Shang’s shoulder and said.

After having breakfast, the two set off in the beast cart, and Mo Chen opened the window and sang a folk song, making the girls on the way run screaming.

“Martial Brother, impressive.” Ye Shang said with a smile as he found that Mo Chen had changed a lot recently, and he was completely different from who he was at Guan Ye’s tomb.

“Ha-ha! That’s right. When I was at home, many ladies from wealthy families had a crush on me.” Mo Chen said with a smile.

Ye Shang knew that Mo Chen wasn’t lying since Mo Chen looked handsome and talented, and his eyes were charming and looked time-beaten, which was fatal to any women.

“Have you found your love?” asked Ye Shang since he knew that only Wu Qi and Shi Tianlin were married among his martial brothers and sisters.

“Well……you have to keep it a secret for me.” Mo Chen said.

Seeing Ye Shang nodding, Mo Chen told him that he liked a girl, but she was the cousin of the great disciple of Danding Peak, Chu Lingxiao.

When Guan Ye was still alive, the two often went out and traveled.

If it wasn’t because of the conflicts between Chu Lingxiao and Qing Ji, they would have gotten married.

But since Guan Ye had an accident, the two had never seen each other.

“You didn’t see each other even after you came back this time?” asked Ye Shang.

“No, I’m quite embarrassed to meet her. I haven’t seen her in the past decade. I don’t even know what happened to her. If Sixth Sister knew that I have a relationship with Chu Lingxiao’s cousin, she will kill me.” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“Martial brother, these are two different things. If you have a good time, Sixth Sister will feel happy for you.” Ye Shang took out the blue blood spirits that Qing Ji gave him, and poured half a bowl for Mo Chen.

“True. Sixth and Chu Lingxiao don’t really hate each other that bad.” Mo Chen thought about it and felt what Ye Shang said made sense.

“Martial Brother, Chu Lingxiao and Sixth Sister were competing on the ring, so why did they become enemies?” Ye Shang was confused since Qing Ji wasn’t stubborn.

Mo Chen then explained. “Qing Ji has always had with her a piece of jade, which her dead mother left. On the ring, Chu Lingxiao knocked away Qing Ji, who had a lower cultivation base, as well as her weapon, but her precious jade also fell to the ground. Seeing the jade, which was of extraordinary significance to herself, has been dropped, Qing Ji quickly reached out to pick it up. As a result, Chu Lingxiao thought that Qing Ji still wanted to attack, so he attacked to stop her. Seeing Chu Lingxiao was about to step on the jade, Qing Ji extended her leg to stop Chu Lingxiao, hoping to save her jade. But Chu Lingxiao thought that Qing Ji was going to kick him, hence he punched her on her leg, which broke her right leg which lacked protection from Qi, and he also accidentally stepped on the jade and split it into two halves.”

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