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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 64 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 64

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 64: Woods Tracking

“It turned out to be a misunderstanding, but it had some serious consequences.” Hearing Mo Chen’s explanation, Ye Shang knew that both sides were not wrong, hence the grudge was a little difficult to resolve.

“Yeah, we can’t deal with it, so even I dare not provoke Sixth Sister.” Mo Chen said.

“I’ll look into it if I have time.” Ye Shang said with a smile.

“Well, maybe not. I don’t know how Chu Lingfei is doing now, maybe she’s married.” Mo Chen sighed and said as he cared for nothing else in order to avenge Guan Ye during these years.

Ye Shang was helpless since no one knew what happened to his lover after years of indifference shown to her by Mo Chen.

Leaving the city, the two sat on their flying mounts, and now they were on a task to save a lady from bandits.

If anything bad happened to this young lady, then they had to eliminate the bandits.

The task introduction showed that they didn’t have a high cultivation base, but they were familiar with the terrain, and the most important point was to find these bandits.

The task introduction indicated that the bandits were last seen near Cloud Pond.

Ye Shang dared to pick this task because he thought it wouldn’t be hard to find the hiding pot of the bandits with the help of Tian Yu.

He also thought that the lady might have not yet gotten killed, but probably had been rap*d.

Ye Shang made decisions when doing tasks as Mo Chen only protected him from behind .

Before picking up the task of Bloodthirsty Wolf King, Mo Chen was cautious as usually black iron tasks were done by the cultivators at Soul-Condensation Stage, and the cultivators at Qi-Refining Stage usually started with easier tasks before their cultivation base improved.

After Ye Shang successfully killed the Bloodthirsty Wolf King, Mo Chen felt that the cultivators at the early Soul-Condensation Stage were not as good as him when it came to combat.

The most important thing was that Ye Shang had an extremely strong fighting instincts as he would find the most effective way to fight according to the scene and the terrain.

Arriving at Cloud Pond, Ye Shang asked Tian Yu to hover at low altitude to look for clues.

Cloud Pond was more than 300 miles wide, and Ye Shang flew at a low altitude.

After an hour, Tian Yu landed because Ye Shang saw footprints on the black sand near the water.

“It shouldn’t be too far from here.” He squatted down and looked at the footprints.

“Why? Perhaps it was left before.” Mo Chen said.

“Impossible, although there is no wave here, it’s very humid. The dew at night is the same as the drizzle, so the footprints cannot stay for more than 3 days.” Ye Shang said with certainty.

Hearing Ye Shang’s speculation, Mo Chen was stunned since he couldn’t judge it from these footprints despite having experience in tracking.

Taking a look at the footprints, Ye Shang started leading the way, followed by Mo Chen, Tian Yu and the golden-winged eagle.

Ye Shang rarely stopped as he never hesitated even when they entered the woods.

Though sometimes he stopped to ponder, but their average speed was absolutely not slow.

Mo Chen was experienced in tracking, he thus knew that Ye Shang’s direction was correct as humans always left traces when walking through the woods.

Even if there was no footprint, traces could be found everywhere, such as fallen leaves or broken tree branches.

Ye Shang winded towards the front, and Mo Chen followed him with the two flying beasts.

After 4 hours, Ye Shang saw traces of fire.

“Martial Brother, they set fire here yesterday. Since they were many people, they couldn’t walk too fast. I estimate that they are now only a few hundreds of miles away from us.” Ye Shang took out the wine jar and said.

“Yes, the animal bones are still very fresh!” Looking at the animal bones on the side of the fossil, Mo Chen nodded.

“If the lady is in trouble, we will kill them all.” Ye Shang wouldn’t think much about killing a few criminals, but he was a bit hesitant while killing them all in such a large number.

The bandits were a group, so there must be children among them.

Even if they didn’t kill the children, there would be no way that these children could stay alive without the care of the adults.

“We’ll see. If the lady has an accident, then kill the three leaders. With the heads of the three leaders, we will still complete the task.” Mo Chen thought for a moment and said.

The task introduction only mentioned the characteristics of the three leaders, so if they couldn’t rescue the lady, they must bring back the heads of the bandits.

“Martial Brother, you said that if the girl was raped, we have to rescue her and kill the bandits?” Ye Shang said.

“We’ll see! But if you do something wrong, you have to bear the consequences. We must kill the leaders.” Mo Chen said.

The two men drank some wine, ate some meat, and continued to move forward since there were still plenty of tasks to do, thus they could not delay too much time.

Tracking until the evening, they still hadn’t caught up yet since these bandits lived in the mountains for life, so they had great survival skills and fast paces.

Looking at the sky, Ye Shang was a bit nervous because it was very unsafe in the mountains at night, and they might get attacked if they kept tracking them recklessly.

“Normally, we should stop, but they should be camping now. We can hover at high altitude for a while. If you can’t find it, we’ll wait until tomorrow.” Mo Chen gave some advice.

“Okay.” Ye Shang considered his advice practical.

“Tian Yu, remember this location. If we can’t find the target, we will come back.” Ye Shang reminded Tian Yu and went onto its back.

Mo Chen flew the golden-winged eagle behind Ye Shang and Tian Yu.

Entering the sky, Ye Shang overlooked the terrain and chose a relatively flat direction to start chasing.

After an hour, Ye Shang discovered the smoke rising from a canyon, which was a sign of the bonfire.

Controlling the landing of Tian Yu, Ye Shang went forward carrying the reincarnation spear.
Ye Shang saw many hunter’s tricks, including traps, animal clips and hoisting plates, which made him understand that those he was looking for were probably in the valley.

If they were cultivators with strong cultivation bases, they wouldn’t do this.

Ye Shang avoided one trap after another, Mo Chen understood that despite his young age Ye Shang was a veteran hunter.

Going into the canyon, Ye Shang was very careful when he explored the front.

He was not sure whether they were bandits, but they were definitely hunters, and he would be discovered if he was not careful.

Carefully touching the side of the canyon, Ye Shang climbed up the mountain wall, and he could see that Mo Chen followed behind down under the mountain wall.

Ye Shang took a look and quickly found that these people were the bandits they were looking for.

According to the information provided by her family, one leader had a knife scar on his face, another one was scratched by demons on his neck, and the other was bald.

Now Ye Shang saw all three of them.

At this moment, the bald leader was sitting on a tree stump and eating barbecue.

A woman’s hands and feet were tied up, and she was sitting on the ground obliquely.

“Boss, if you are gonna surrender the lady, then give her to us for some fun!” The man with a scar on his neck said to the bald guy.

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