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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 65 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 65

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 65: Conscience

“Why are you rushing? Wait for two more days, and we can enjoy her together if she still doesn’t give in.” The bald boss said.

Die! These two must die!

Hearing their conversation, Ye Shang decided to kill these two since they were complete scums.

“Big brother, second brother, forget it since she is unwilling to do it. She’s just a child.” The young man with a scar on his face said.

“Cut it off. It’s up to us.” The bald boss waved and said.

Ye Shang looked over at the woman who was tied up carefully, she was exactly the same as described by the young man with a scar, and she looked at most 17 years old.

Along the mountain wall, Ye Shang slowly crouched inside as he wanted to catch them off guard.

For the safety of the woman, he had to kill them the very first moment he attacked.

This time, Mo Chen didn’t follow him since he already knew the situation in the canyon.

Only the three leaders had real combat power since they just entered Soul-Condensation stage, and the rest of them were just physically strong.

Approaching from behind the bandits along the mountain wall, Ye Shang got down the mountain wall and slowly closed in.

When he was about 20 feet from them, he took out his own knife, threw it towards the bandit leader with a scar on his neck, and stabbed towards the bald leader with his reincarnation spear.

When Ye Shang released the knife, the bandits knew that they had been attacked, hence the leader with a scar on his neck leaped and dodged the knife.

When the bald leader got up, the reincarnation spear also arrived.


In a hurry, the bald leader retreated to avoid, but he didn’t dare to counterattack since he hadn’t understood the situation as of yet.

Standing at the position where the bald boss was sitting, Ye Shang cut off the rope that tied up the woman with his reincarnation spear, and the cloth in her mouth was also picked out by his spear.

“Who are you?” The bald leader became confident after seeing Ye Shang’s young face.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid, stand behind me.” Ignoring the bald leader, Ye Shang blocked the woman behind him with the spear, then whistled, and Tian Yu showed up and landed behind him.

“It’s okay to be a bandit, but you must at least have some principles. Go to hell!” Ye Shang leaped, using Chasing Wind, and stabbed the reincarnation spear towards the bald leader.

“Young blood, who are you yelling at? You are looking for death!” The bald leader pulled out a blade from the waist and slashed towards the side of the reincarnation spear.

At this moment, the boss with a scar on his neck also attacked Ye Shang’s waist with a long spear.


The shock waves on the spear directly knocked away the blade of the bald leader, then he quickly pushed the spear, and pierced his throat with one shot.

Penetrating the throat of the bald leader, Ye Shang retracted his reincarnation spear, slammed it on the long spear of the leader with a terrible scar on his neck, and knocked away his long spear.

Then he quickly retracted his reincarnation spear and stabbed towards the bald leader’s throat.

Since the bald leader had died, and the leader with a scar on his neck took the opportunity to retreat, he no longer wanted to fight since he knew he was no match for Ye Shang.

Ye Shang stretched out his right hand, patted on the end of the spear with his left hand, and the reincarnation spear shot straight out toward the second leader.

The reincarnation spear flew at lightning speed, immediately caught up with the second boss, and pierced his chest.

Exerting force from under his foot, Ye Shang caught up with the reincarnation spear, shook his right hand, and shattered the internal organs of the second boss.

Grabbing the reincarnation spear, Ye Shang stabbed towards the face with the third leader, the one who had a knife scar on his face.

“Don’t kill him!” The woman not far behind shouted.

Ye Shang stopped when he was only a few feet away from the third leader, he was also stepping back.

“He still has some conscience left. If it was not for him, I don’t know what would have happened to me.” The woman said.

Ye Shang stared at the third leader holding the spear in his hands.

“Please.” The third leader kneeled on the ground.

“If you are afraid of death, you shouldn’t have become a bandit in the first place!” said Ye Shang indifferently.

“I’m not afraid of death, I am just afraid that no one will take care of them after I die.” The third boss turned to look at the ragged bandits behind, as there were many women and children.

“Thirteenth, forget about it. They are just emigrants, but their leader was the real scum.” Mo Chen came out and cut down the heads of the two bandits.

“You have many choices in your life, and the most important thing is to strive for self-improvement.” Ye Shang looked at the young man said.

“Brother, please don’t kill my third uncle.” A little girl said.

“Okay, fine.” Ye Shang nodded, he put the reincarnation spear back to his back, and put the two heads away.

“You have a strong body, why did you choose to be a bandit?” Mo Chen shook his head with some helplessness and pointed his finger at Ye Shang. “He was also a hunter before. You see, the choice you make is very important.” 

“I can support myself, but they can’t.” The young man said with some helplessness.

“My family does textile business, and they’re hiring people. If you are willing, you can come to my house for work.” The woman looked at the ragged men and women behind the young man and said.

“Thank you, sister.” The little girl kneeling on the ground bowed.

“In order to take care of these people in the village, I am willing to be a slave.” The man said to the woman.

“No! You are different from those two. I think you should be the same kind of person as your family. In order to thank you for what you have done for me these days, I will help you take care of these people. You should pursue your own life!” Looking at Mo Chen and Ye Shang, she said to the young man.

The woman left the address for the young man and came to Ye Shang. “Thank you for saving my life.”

“It is nothing, let’s go! Thirteenth, your Tian Yu is not suitable for long-term flying, let her sit on my golden-winged eagle.” Mo Chen said.

Nodding, Ye Shang walked to Tian Yu.

“Wait, may I know your name?” The young man screamed at Ye Shang.

“Ye Shang, from Taixuan Peak in the Medicine Valley. Come to me at any time if you want to take revenge.” Ye Shang jumped and landed on the back of Tian Yu.

Mo Chen and Ye Shang took the woman to find a safe place to camp.

After camping, Ye Shang began meditating and cultivating.

“Master, was he really a hunter?” asked the woman who was staying beside Mo Chen.

“Yes, he just became my younger martial brother two months ago. If it wasn’t for him to do the task, you might have been unlucky.” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“I don’t think Yu Luo will take revenge on him. If he really wants to take revenge, he would be in danger then.” The woman said. “Yu Luo is that young man.”

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